27 June 2014

Please Pray For Diana Flowers' Surgery and Healing!

Good morning, faithful viewers and friends! I have refrained from saying anything about my health issues until I learned exactly when my surgery date is to be scheduled. A few months ago I started awakening with a heaviness in my kidney area and swelling around my ribcage. I felt nauseated and was certain a big kidney stone was the culprit, as these were the symptoms I experienced before with them. I had to have one zapped in 1999 as it was too big to pass. I waited and drank lots of fluids hoping to pass it, until I started having excessive bloating (some days to the point of not being able to fit into my clothing), nausea, and some lower abdominal cramping.

So after about a month of this, off I went to the doctor to tell him about my kidney stone and my misery. He agreed that it was probably a stone and set me up for a pelvic CT scan. I was right, of course! lol I did have a small stone that is passable, BUT I was also told I had a huge, dark mass on my right ovary and needed to see my ob/gyn right away. To say I was quite shocked at this little piece of info would be an understatement! My ob/gyn informed me that the mass was a tumor about the size of a cantaloupe, and after examining me and doing a pap smear he wanted an ultrasound right away, a C-125 test to detect cancer, and also a biopsy of the uterine wall. All which came back benign, Praise the Lord!

My dr. held hands and prayed with me that first visit, and we were both reduced to tears as we strongly felt the presence of the Lord invade that stark little room. My skin was crawling with the "Holy Ghost bumps" as dear Carrie loves to call them, and I quite like that description! I walked out with a smile on my face which totally surprised my husband, who didn't know I had just left the very tangible presence of the Lord! In a dr's office? My God is everywhere, my friends, and is with us wherever we go!

I just had my pre-op with my dr. and now I'm appealing to you, my dear friends here at OWG, to please pray for me to go through this surgery with flying colors! The dr. is going to try to perform the less intrusive Band-Aid Laparoscopic out-patient surgery through the navel which would involve no more incisions – and healing time would be a week and two weeks until I can drive. He said tumor may be too big, but I told him I knew HE could do it and he laughingly accepted the challenge. If the tumor is tested and it is cancerous he would have to perform a total hysterectomy and my hospital stay would be 3 days and a lot of bucks! Please believe and agree with me for no cancer, a quick recovery, and the less intrusive band-aid surgery (or even better that it will shrivel up and be gone!), in the name of Jesus! Surgery is scheduled for July 8th, 2014.

**I wanted to add one more very important thing, ladies. Please keep up with your ob/gyn app'ts and your mammograms! Ovarian cancer and tumors are often highly overlooked by a primary care dr. If you are experiencing any abnormal abdominal cramping, spotting, nausea and abnormal bloating especially ABOVE the navel from stomach and extending over the ribcage, please see your gynecologist ASAP! Don't just assume that your stomach is simply getting fat, b/c that is what I thought! Better safe than sorry. Actress Jill Ireland died from ovarian cancer many years ago b/c it wasn't caught soon enough. If I had returned to my ob/gyn in two years as he had told me to instead of waiting 3-4, this tumor would not have grown as big as it is.**

In this pic which was taken not too long ago, I knew that my waistline and stomach had grown tremendously in a short amount of time and I just thought I was putting on weight quickly. However, the rest of my body was still the same size. And it is even much larger now! Some days I look eight months pregnant (honestly) and must stay in loose jammies. We have to stay aware of any sudden changes in our bodies, ladies. Thank you and God bless you all!

For unto you that fear My name shall the sun (the son) of righteousness arise with healing in His wings! Malachi 4:2

Here are some links that may better inform you:

UPDATE! Surgery date has been rescheduled to July 22, 2014, due to circumstances that God has under control. :)

26 June 2014


Daniel, Teresa, Carlton, and Joshua Mathews


I want to first say thank you to Carrie for sharing about what our family has been going through the past 3 weeks. I also want to say thank you for the prayers that I know have been going up on Carlton's behalf. I will start at the beginning to inform anyone that hasn't seen my posts on Facebook.

My husband Carlton has been having back pains since mid-May; he thought it was a slipped disc so he visited a chiropractor a few times and when the pain wasn't subsiding I took him to Urgent Care. The UC Doctor suggested he go to see an orthopedic doctor, this was on Sunday June 1st.

Monday morning I called the office the UC doc suggested and I was told they only had two back doctors and it would probably be a long wait for an appointment, but the lady double checked and there was a cancellation for the next morning. I had prayed if this was what GOD wanted for Carlton they would have an appointment. We saw the doctor on Tuesday and he scheduled a MRI of Carlton's back and told us to come back on Friday.

Friday when the doctor walked in we were still thinking a slipped disc or maybe just arthritis, we were not prepared when he walked in and said "It's nothing like we thought!" Of course Carlton asks "what is it?" We still had no idea he would tell us "it appears you have two malignancies on your spine." To say we were shocked is a major understatement but GOD put the words in my mouth when I looked the doctor in the eye and said "GOD'S GOT THIS" I also told him "we have been here before fifteen years ago and GOD got us through then and He will again." Did I feel like our world had turned upside down? Absolutely!! Did I break down and cry and wonder why? Yes, I did, but I still KNEW that GOD would take care of us.

That same night our youngest son, Joshua and I prayed for Carlton and while I was praying in the spirit I was impressed to speak the words "You Shall Live and Not Die!" After Carlton went to bed that night I was reading the Bible and I found a scripture that went along with what I had just spoken over him; (Psalm 118: 15-17, 21). During that same time we had been praying for Carlton, our oldest son, Daniel was at our church crying out for his dad. God brought the story of Hezekiah to his mind (2 Kings 20:1-11). Hezekiah had been told by the Prophet Amoz he was going to die, so he started praying and GOD granted him another 15 years. On Saturday morning I was again praying and I heard GOD telling me "stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord" I got up and found the scripture (Exodus 14:13), this was where Moses and the Children of Israel were at the Red Sea and GOD led them through on dry ground. When I read that verse I felt led to replace the word "Egyptians" with the word "cancer". Once again I had gotten confirmation that GOD had everything under control.

On Monday, June 9th, we went to the Oncologist's office and they did blood work and took three bone marrow samples so they could diagnose the type of cancer. We went back on the following Wednesday and we were told it was Multiple Myeloma, (cancer in your bone marrow) stage 2.  I don't think I had ever heard of this cancer before, so being a curious person, and having a stack of books on it given to us by the nurse I researched it. As I was reading about it, it was like I was smacked in the head by GOD and told "stop, you don't need to read all of this if you are praying for me to heal Carlton" and once again I had scripture come to me "it shall be health to thy navel and marrow to thy bones" (Proverbs 3:8) I looked it up and read that verse, then I backed up and read verses 1-7 and continued on through verses 9&10; Carlton's health, our finances and everything we need was covered in those verses.

On Tuesday of last week (17th) when Carlton went for his first chemo treatment I asked the nurse about the x-rays and blood work they had done the previous week; the Nurse Practitioner came to speak with us and told us that Carlton has the least aggressive type of MM and also he was only a stage 1 not the stage 2 that we had been told. She also mentioned that after he is in remission, he will need a bone marrow transplant and then he should be cured! That is so incredible because they don't usually say the word "cured" with MM. I was so excited when she told us that good news, I looked at Carlton and said "I told you GOD'S GOT THIS" Then I wanted to run out of the building and across the parking lot praising God; I figured out what David meant when he said "For by thee I have run through a troop: by my God have I leaped over a wall." (2 Samuel 22:30) There wasn't a physical wall to leap over but we had leaped over the wall of despair that satan had tried to put up in our path!! PRAISE GOD!!

I was talking to my brother on Wednesday of this week and he was telling not to worry about anything, GOD took care of him four years ago (he fell off a roof on his head and was in a coma for 9 days) and GOD will do the same for us. I told him I am not worrying anymore about what is going to happen with Carlton's health, our bills, etc...; because I can't change anything and I do know that GOD is going to take care of us. Then I made mention again of the story of Hezekiah and how GOD proved His word to Hezekiah by turning the sundial back 10 degrees and it hit me out of the blue that GOD had done the same thing for us by downgrading Carlton's cancer from a stage 2 to a stage 1. WOW!! GOD is so good and yes, yes, yes GOD'S GOT THIS!!!

I will be giving updates as we travel down this path that GOD has chosen for us and I appreciate every prayer that you will pray for Carlton. While you are praying for him pray for the other people that have this same horrible cancer that don't have the hope of Jesus Christ. Carlton and I have been praying that someone will come to know Jesus because of this situation and that GOD will receive glory and honor and praise!!

Here is several links about Mutiple Myeloma;
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
American Cancer Society
Mayo Clinic

Thank God Carlton did not have any of the normal symptoms; he only had the back pain which was a blessing because this was caught very early, there was NO sign of MM in his blood work. This is a disease that usually plagues older people but Carlton is only 52 so this can happen to younger people. 

24 June 2014

Jill Stengl's New Release "Until That Distant Day"

Paris, 1792
Colette and her brother Pascoe are two sides of the same coin, dependent upon one another in the tumultuous world of the new Republic. Together they labor with other leaders of the sans-culottes to ensure freedom for all the downtrodden men and women of France.

But then the popular uprisings turn bloody and the rhetoric proves false. Suddenly, Colette finds herself at odds with Pascoe and struggling to unite her fractured family against the lure of violence. Charged with protecting an innocent young woman and desperately afraid of losing one of her beloved brothers, Colette doesn’t know where to turn or whom to trust as the bloodshed creeps ever closer to home.
Until that distant day when peace returns to France, can she find the strength to defend her loved ones . . . even from one another? 

Author Jill Stengl
Author bio

Jill Stengl is the author of numerous romance novels including Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award- and Carol Award-winning Faithful Traitor. She lives with her husband in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, where she enjoys her three cats, teaching high school literature classes, playing keyboard for her church family, and sipping coffee on the deck as she brainstorms for her next novel.

Giveaway: A copy of Until That Distant Day. 

22 June 2014

Interview with Jill Stengl, by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Author Jill Stengl
Jill Stengl is the author of Until That Distant Day. When I first seriously started writing historical Christian fiction, I read a couple of Jill's books and loved her writing and her author's voice. But she'd stepped back for a while from her writing. Was glad when she started back again. Welcome, Jill!
Jill, welcome to Overcoming With God.  We appreciate your willingness to share your testimony of overcoming with our readers.  
Thank you so much for hosting me! I have often been blessed by the testimonies shared here. The sense of Christian community, of coming alongside to encourage and edify in love is a rare gift.
Would you tell us about one of the most difficult things in your life you have had to overcome, with God’s help? (transparency appreciated!)
Being a military wife for fifteen years was challenging for me in many ways. My husband, Dean, flew thirty-four bombing missions into Iraq and Kuwait during the first Gulf War while I stayed home with our three young children and wondered if he would be able to return to us. He was deployed frequently throughout his years of military service, which forced me to be a single mother much of the time. And after he left the military to become a commercial pilot, he was still away from home more often than not, which put an extra burden of stress on the family during crucial times in our older children’s teen years. And stress tends to bring out the best and the worst in people.
In most respects I was/am a good wife and mother; but all too often I have failed miserably! Being an airheaded, people-pleasing, know-it-all busybody has its hazards, I can tell you that much. *grin* Yet in His gracious kindness, God uses my failures to humble and discipline me. It is definitely an on-going process. I can always find new ways to embarrass myself, which gives God plenty of opportunity to further His work. 
Holding myself up as an example of how not to do it would not be my first choice for ministry—but whatever God can use is good with me! We Christians so often present only our successes to the world and hide our failures, which builds pressure on other hurting people to do the same. Not one of us is righteous; all of us fall short and desperately need God’s grace. And we need to offer love and grace as generously as God has shown it to us. 
Believe me, my dear husband and children have demonstrated abundant mercy and grace to me over the years! 
Until that Distant Day
Disability friendliness: Is this latest release available in audio format or do you have any other works available on audio?  Do your e-books have audio capability? Do you have any in large print?  
Sadly, no! I would love to offer these formats in future, however. 
In this latest work, do you have any topics useful for bibliotherapy, or therapeutic influence through reading about a disorder or situation? 
One of the central characters in Until That Distant Day suffers from adult-onset epilepsy. Several of my near relatives and friends are afflicted with this condition, yet few novels seem to feature epileptics as major characters. At the time of the French Revolution, victims of epileptic seizures faced being institutionalized (and quite probably experimented on) if their condition were discovered. 
Interesting fact: Napoleon Bonaparte was epileptic, even suffering grand mal seizures, yet managed to keep his condition secret due to devoted servants and officers who recognized that he was neither insane nor demon-possessed.
Also, my heroine, Colette, is dyslexic, another misunderstood condition at that time.
Thank you, for agreeing to answer these questions!
You are most welcome! Thank you, my Christian sisters, for extending love and friendship to me.
Jill’s links:

Until That Distant Day:
Barnes & Noble:

British Brides Collection: 

Giveaway: I'll be giving away a paperback copy of Jill's British Brides collection, with this interview.  We'll also be giving away a copy of Until that Distant Day, later in the week!

19 June 2014

Guest Post by Review Dude: Ender's Game Audiobook Review

Ender's Game Audibook Cover on Kindle Fire

Good but Slightly Disturbing SciFi Book!

Rating: Four and a half stars. Ender is sorry for the aliens he has killed but not as much for the fellow humans he killed.

Narrator: Four. Well in all, but the narrator sounded depressed.

Spoiler alert: Please note this review will include spoilers.

Orson Scott Card spin a yarn about what could happen in a world where everything is based around fear of aliens. Card creates a responsible quick-minded hero who although regretting it later does whatever he needs to do to survive.

Ender Wiggin's story begins with him as a six-year-old in an urban unnamed U.S. city living with his mother, father, and brilliant brother, Peter, and sister, Valentine. As a "third" (third child) Ender shouldn't be alive because third children weren't allowed to live unless the government allows them to be born. His parents got permission because his siblings were brilliant.

Ender is selected for a school for brilliant ambitious and command-worthy kids to be sent up to a space station called Battle School for training. This story is about Ender's Battle School and Command School experiences in defeating the Formix, AKA, "the Buggers". Afterwards, Ender goes to a different world and discovers a hive queen egg and the hive queen communicates mind-to-mind with him and he realizes that the buggers did not come back to invade because they realized humans were sentient beings, after they were defeated in the two bugger wars.

Christian/bibliotherapy aspects: Coping with guilt, being deceived by others, how parents' faithfulness can influence children, wandering from faith, and how not remaining in faith affects people.

We purchased this audiobook at
Ender's Game Audiobook by Orson Scott Card from

Bio: Review Dude is a 12-year-old guest poster who enjoys reading Sci Fi and Fantasy. Thank you Review Dude for your post.

Giveaway contest: Most interesting comment will be the winner, as determined by Review Dude.

17 June 2014

Noela Nancarrow reviews YANKEE IN ATLANTA by Jocelyn Green

Yankee in Atlanta

Yankee in Atlanta
by Jocelyn Green
River North; New Edition editon (June 1, 2014)

Reviewed by Noela Nancarrow
~5 Stars~ *****

“God bless the women and the hardships they endured”, writes author Jocelyn Green. While this powerful novel intermittently dismounts upon the Civil War battlefields, this story is really about the courageous heroines behind the lines and the impact this war bore on them. Jocelyn proficiently and expressively pens an emotive journey into the Civil War era that encompasses families torn apart, the bombardment of shells and musket-fire; terrifying riots; gnawing hunger; reckless disease and injury; prejudices; and the taxing scarcity of sleep and strength. But mostly it is an entrancing story of hope and love amidst destruction, and the survival and victory of the battle-worn yet courageous heart and spirit.

Yankee soldier Caitlin McKae awakens in Atlanta, wounded and recovering from typho-malarial fever. The charade of presenting as a man is over, but she’s now stuck in enemy territory! For the sake of her very life it’s critical she keeps secret that she was a Union soldier. When Caitlin finds need of accommodation, she grasps an opportunity to make a new life in Atlanta as a governess to the beloved daughter of sole-parent Noah Becker. Noah, who is a German immigrant lawyer, enlists with the rebel army leaving his daughter in the care of Caitlin. When the Yankee’s move closer to Atlanta, will Caitlin have her chance to escape the danger that the South represents to her? And when Noah discovers the truth, will duty or love, prevail?

In New York, the character of Ruby - an Irish immigrant mother with a traumatically painful past, laid hold of my heart as she questions if she can ever truly leave the past behind and hope for more. It is with her, and Edward who is in a class above the maid Ruby but loves her all the same, that we see some of the stark differences between the North and the South. Caitlin’s plate was empty and Ruby’s, full. But in both lives, there remains fear, hurts, and a love that threatens to either tear or heal their hearts.

This is a Civil War story with enormous heart, effortlessly capturing your senses and absorbing you into the lives of the strong, yet vulnerable characters that Jocelyn has skilfully created. Historical figures that played a vital role in the war also appear in this exceptionally researched novel. Likewise, many notable Civil War events are seamlessly interwoven into ‘Yankee in Atlanta’ - all of it making this novel, an overall feast of stirring history featuring two achingly beautiful love stories.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This book may be purchased through Amazon, CBD, Barnes & Noble, and BAM

GIVEAWAY: Jocelyn is generously giving away a paperback copy of Yankee in Atlanta to someone who leaves a comment below! (US only) An e-book will be available if the winner is international!

15 June 2014

Abba Father by Teresa S. Mathews

This week has been so exhausting for our family after receiving the word that Carlton again has to fight cancer. The last fifteen years we have rejoiced and given GOD glory for him continuing to be cancer free. This was a blow we were not expecting, but we are still praising GOD and giving him glory that He will once again provide the grace and strength for Carlton to be an overcomer.

While praying and seeking GOD this week He reminded me that He wants us to turn to Him in our times of need. He is our mighty GOD and the awesome creator of all but most importantly He is our Abba Father. Abba is an Aramaic word that loosely translates to "Daddy".

So when the cares of life are too hard for you or the path you have to walk is too rocky just call out to Daddy and let Him reach down with His strong arms and pick you up and hold you close and tell you "my child everything is going to be ok I will carry you through this!"


I'm tired of walking this rough and rocky way.
I am so worn out; I just need a quiet place to stay.

I need to be held in your strong and tender arms; 
I need to know you are keeping me safe from all harm.

Cares of life and trials have knocked me to the ground;      
but I know in you and only you, my strength can be found.

When the road seems the longest and the path ahead is bleak;  
you hold out your arms to me; you are the refuge that I seek.

You pick me up and you carry me when I can't go on; 
you tell me that you love me and that I am your own.

You are my Abba Father, my great and mighty king,
I love you and I adore you, for you are my everything. 

Thank you Heavenly Father for being the best Daddy of all!
© Teresa S Mathews 

12 June 2014

Pray for those with Multiple Myeloma

Carlton Mathews, Teresa's husband

This past week we learned our precious Teresa Mathews' husband, Carlton, has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  We are asking our readers to pray for Carlton and the Mathews family and to also pray for others who are battling this disease. On OWG we previously posted about how the Mathews family was given provision by God in 1999 to get through a great many trials, including when Carlton had cancer.

There are several organizations that address this illness One is the International Myeloma Association.  IMA has publications and something called the Myeloma Minute a free email newsletter.  The American Cancer Association also has a section for Multiple Myeloma. Of course we are directing our attention to the Great Healer and His Word, as well.

Will you join me in lifting up Carlton, Teresa, and their sons? Will you commit to praying weekly for them as God brings about full healing?  Let's also pray for other families battling this illness, particularly for those who need to know the Lord.  I don't know why God is allowing the Mathews family to go through this valley but I do know He will be with them. And I know He will use it for their good. Valley times are not fun times they are growth journeys in Christ. Please surround Teresa, Carlton, and their sons with prayers and an encouraging word.

Can you please leave a prayer for Carlton and those suffering with myeloma? 

10 June 2014

Noela Nancarrow Reviews FULL STEAM AHEAD by Karen Witemeyer

Full Steam Ahead
Bethany House Publishers (June 3, 2014)

Reviewed by Noela Nancarrow
5 Stars *****

An Explosive Historical Romance 

Karen Witemeyer was the first author I’d ever read historical romance by, and let me just say – she is still one of the most outstanding Christian Romance writers that I read! ‘Full Steam Ahead’ ploughs through the stream of historical fiction novels, delivering a story loaded with fascinating history about the devastating steamboat disasters in the mid 1800’s due to boiler explosions, and a romance with an intoxicating love that leaves Mr. Darcy in its wake!

Nicole Renard, daughter of esteemed King Star Shipping’s owner Anton Renard, is on a mission to fulfill a promise to her ailing father by traveling to New Orleans to choose a worthy and capable husband, who will become heir to the family’s shipping enterprise. But Nicole is also on another secret mission. She has covertly taken her father’s treasured Lafitte Dagger with her, in a plan to draw the attention of the brutal and dangerous Jenkins brothers away from her parents. They will do anything to get their hands on this legendary item, so will this decision of Nicole’s be to her great peril? Her plans take an unexpected detour when she ends up penniless before she arrives in New Orleans and is forced to look for work. Somehow, she soon finds herself working as a secretary to a madman that seemingly likes to blow up things!

Darius Thornton, held captive by his past, is on an obsessive quest to understand why some boilers blew up and others didn't, striving to make steamboat traveling safer for everyone. This was his passion and only purpose in life, and having a beautiful and keenly intelligent woman apply for his position of secretary, was a distraction he didn't need nor want. She may be skilled with numbers and proves to be an amazing help in his work, but there is absolutely NO way he was going to allow this beguiling, fascinating, skirt-swishing woman to divert his focus!

Darius does not qualify for Nicole’s plans nor the promises she made to her father, so what is she to do when she falls in love with him? And will the nefarious Jenkins brothers ever catch up with Nicole? This outstanding, page-turning, full-throttled novel, is packed with suspense, romance, and a reassuring message to remind us that we can never atone for our failures or mistakes ourselves, but that we can indeed, shed our guilt for God’s grace. Karen Witemeyer skilfully breathes life into her engaging and amiable characters, lacing them with humor, spunk, and the ability to love oh so well! Highly recommended!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This book may be purchased from Amazon; CBD; Books A Million; Barnes & Noble; and other good bookstores.
* * * * * * * * * * * 
GIVEAWAY: Choice of any of Karen's books, including this one, your choice of format. Leave a comment, and check back in one week in the upper right-hand corner for winners.

08 June 2014

Karen Witemeyer on Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown

Author Karen Witemeyer
Overcoming the Unknown
I'm a planner. When our family goes on vacation, I know exactly which hotels we will stop at (reservations were made months in advance), I know which attractions we will visit on which days, and which activities we will engage in. For me, life is much less stressful if I know what to expect. If a crisis emerges, the first thing I do (besides pray) is to start planning how to get through it. Not surprisingly, one of my greatest fears is the fear of the unknown.

In 2003, I was a stay-at-home mom with three children under the age of five. And in 2003, my husband learned that his position was being cut at the university where he worked. When he broke the news to me, I tried to be a good wife. I stayed calm, assured him everything would work out. But inside, the panic button was flashing in red neon and sirens were blaring. What were we going to do?

Thankfully, we were given 6 months' notice, so we had time to plan. Plan? Ha! Putting in applications and praying did not constitute an adequate plan. Too many pieces of the puzzle were out of our control.

Month after month passed. No job offers. My faith became fragile. So I turned to the Word and put my hope in the parable of the persistent widow found in Luke 18. Jesus used this story to teach his disciples that they needed to pray and never give up. So that's what I did. I prayed constantly throughout the day, begging the Lord to provide a job for my husband. Then, when more months went by with no answer, I started praying for the Lord to provide a job for me as well.

I prayed and prayed and prayed. And even when God was silent, I told myself that I would trust him. I repeated that litany to myself constantly, desperate to shore up my flagging faith. No matter what came, God would see us through. That core belief was the lifeline that kept me afloat.

Six months to the day that my husband discovered his position had been cut, he started a new job at the same university. A month later, I started one as well. At the same university. No move required. No need to purchase a second car. Godly grandparents to provide child care. And one other seed took root as well.

God used this time of uncertainty to shock me into following a dream that I had been putting off for years. The dream to write. Thinking I might somehow be able to supplement the family income by writing, I picked up my pen and put it to paper. Even after I re-entered the workforce, the dream refused to die. I kept after it, and six years later, my first novel, A Tailor-Made Bride, hit the bookshelves.

Only God could use my biggest fear to bring about one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Karen's newest novel just released, "Full Steam Ahead."
Christy Award finalist and winner of both the ACFW Carol Award and HOLT Medallion, CBA bestselling author, Karen Witemeyer, writes Christian historical romance for Bethany House, believing the world needs more happily-ever-afters. She is an avid cross-stitcher, and makes her home in Abilene, TX with her husband and three children. Learn more about Karen and her books at:   

Buy links for Full Steam Ahead:
Purchase at Amazon - Click here – Click here
Barnes & Noble – Click here

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