08 September 2021

Deena Adams' Character Interview with Clayton from "Behind the Scenes"

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The novelette is set in the 1990’s and tells the story of a missionary couple serving the underprivileged in the Mississippi Delta area of Memphis, TN, and seven-year-old Clayton Jenkins. If you’re a fan of foster care and adoption themes laced with a message of faith, hope, and God’s sovereignty, you might like this one. 


Behind the Scenes is a prequel to the novel I’m hoping will be published in the near future. In the novel, Clayton loves his life as a behavioral psychologist and homeless shelter manager but, at twenty-eight, he longs to marry and have a family. When he collaborates on a foster care case with court-appointed special advocate Amanda Wright, a link between Amanda and a shelter resident sends the trio down a path of discovery none of them could have imagined.

When dreams disintegrate, is God really working behind the scenes for good?  

Mississippi Delta missionaries Camille and Raymond Richards are heartbroken over the impoverished people they encounter daily. Having grown up poor in South Alabama, they understand that lifestyle, which compels them to serve families struggling with perpetual poverty. 

At age seven, left to fend for himself, Clayton Jenkins longs to be part of a loving family. A family where his parents never leave him home alone. Where his Mama showers him with attention and his daddy plays with him. 

From the moment she meets Clayton, Camille envisions the waif as their son. But that was ridiculous. The boy had parents. And she was pregnant. Did compassion for the child skew her perspective? 

Or was God working behind the scenes, formulating a plan far greater than they could imagine? 


Get to know Clayton as a boy in Behind the Scenes in this short character interview. I hope you’ll love him as much as I do!


Q: What’s your favorite food, Clayton?


A: For breakfast, pancakes with lots of syrup. But I really like scrambled eggs and bacon too. For supper, probably spaghetti. No, make that pepperoni pizza. 


Q: What about your favorite movie?


A: I’ve never been to the theater but I saw “Homeward Bound” at Desmond’s house last month. He’s my best friend, and his daddy rented the movie from Blockbuster and let me watch it with them. I really like animals, so I guess that’s my favorite right now.


Q: How did you feel when your parents left you home alone for a week?


A: At first, I was scared, but after a couple days, I decided that didn’t help me none, so I kept telling myself to grow up. I was almost eight, so I wasn’t a baby anymore. And we lived on a dirt road with not many people around, so I reckon that helped. I figured most of the bad guys probably lived in Memphis.


Q: What about food? How did you eat?


A: I ate breakfast and lunch at school, and after the first time I had asked to spend the night with Desmond on a Saturday night and go to church with them on Sunday, his parents let me stay over every weekend. They were always happy when I went to church, and I was happy to eat dinner and supper there on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. The only time I was really hungry was night time. 


Q: How did you meet the missionary couple, Raymond and Camille Richards?


A: Every Saturday I played touch football with Des and some neighborhood boys in a field across the street from our house. The missionary people stopped one day giving out toy cars. I got a shiny red truck-looking one. It was sweet!


Q: What did you think about Raymond and Camille when you met them?


A: They were nice, and the lady was pretty and looked a little like my teacher. I got a somersault feeling in my belly being near her. It was weird, but I liked it.


Q: Did you see the couple anymore after that?


A: Yeah. They went to Desmond’s church so I saw them there once, and then again at the clinic down the road a piece. She’s a nurse and helped me when I forgot my inhaler. My life changed forever that day.


Q: How do you feel about the struggles in your life and how everything turned out?


A: It ain’t been easy, that’s for sure, but I’m happy now. Well, most of the time anyway. I don’t understand why things happened like they did, but I figure God must know what He’s doing. It’s like He had a plan all along or something.



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Thanks again for hosting me, Carrie! I’d like to leave readers with my theme verse: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 (NIV)



As a Jesus girl for more than thirty years, Deena Adams understands how important hope is to daily life. That’s why she’s passionate about inspiring others through writing hope-filled fiction and highlighting other Christian authors on her blog. 

Deena is an active member of ACFW and two Virginia writer groups, board member of ACFW Virginia, founder of the Marathon online writer’s group, 2019 Foundations contest finalist, 2019 First Impressions contest double finalist and winner, and 2021 Genesis contest finalist.

She lives with her husband near the coast in beautiful Virginia. When she’s not writing, reading, or serving in her church, you’ll find her hanging out with family and friends and doting on her seven grandchildren.

You can connect with Deena on social media on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestGoodreads, and BookBub.



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18 August 2021

The Cryptographer's Dilemma by Johnnie Alexander -- Review & Giveaway

One of My Top Listens in the Past Two+ Years!!! 

This is such a compelling read! This WWII story, The Cryptographer's Dilemma by Johnnie Alexander, part of Barbour's Heroines of WWII series, Book 1, is a wonderful listen! 

I had already read this title in ebook format but when I saw there was an audiobook and with narrator Cecily White, I listened. Cecily had narrated my first audiobook, Mercy in a Red Cloak, and I knew she was an amazing narrator. 

Eloise is a cryptographer, which I loved because my daughter had considered becoming one and I'd never read a Christian Fiction with a female cryptographer. I enjoyed how FBI agent Phillip and Eloise originally weren't really interested in working together. That seemed realistic. I also enjoyed the organic unfolding of their relationship as they get to know one another while working on this unusual case. Please note: I did not hear any Author's Notes at the end of the listen. However, in the ebook and paperback, there is an explanation that this story truly was inspired by a real-life story, which is super cool! I have to say this is one of my favorite listens for the past two years possibly longer. The narration really matched the tone of the book, too.

Johnnie Alexander has a captivating winner with this novel and I highly recommend it!

The Cryptographer's Dilemma is available also in ebook format and paperback formats. 

Giveaway: I'm giving away a paperback copy of this novel. I bet we could get Johnnie to mail you an autograph label to stick in your book, too!

03 August 2021

Release Day for Requilted with Love: A State Fair Novella & Giveaway!

 My new book release Requilted with Love a State Fair Novella, is now out in the world! It's party time, State Fair style!

What's your fave State Fair food? I have to admit that my family loves corn dogs!!! These regularly get into our home via Target, though, rather than a State Fair.

Where we live, in Southeastern Virginia, its usually too hot for me to manage a state fair but I LOVED the state fairs and county fairs of my youth! I even went to the Ohio State Fair one year!

My new release is set at the Michigan State Fair in Lansing, in 1889 where Sarah Richmond has brought her requited quilt to enter for a prize and possibly to sell. She wants to donate the funds to help with the hospital in her Northwoods community--where her second fiancé died. Sarah's fiancé's both perished from engaging in risky activities so when she meets engineer and balloonist, Grant Bentley, it's a good thing that she doesn't know about his real reason for being at the fair! She thinks he's a worker around the grounds.

This novella was my first story published with Barbour five years ago, in the Blue Ribbon Brides collection. It's now out of print and rights were returned.This second edition has an increase of 30% length and is also now part of the Christy Cousins series! The other book in the series is Tea Shop Folly, set in a similar time, in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan where a new lock was being built! 

Guess what? Another new lock is being built now!!! I sense another modern-day story coming on! Speaking of modern day, have you read my other new release, Butterfly Cottage

Copies flew out the door at the Island Bookstore this summer. I was up at the Straits for five full weeks this year! Guess what? There are Christy descendants in that book! And some more Christy cousins!

Giveaway: Leave a comment -- answer the question about State Fair food!--for a chance to win a copy of your choice of ebook Requilted with Love, paperback or ebook of Tea Shop Folly, or ebook of Butterfly Cottage!

31 July 2021

Hearts in Flight Audiobook by Patty Smith Hall

I recently had the chance to listen to author Patty Smith Hall's wonderful WWII audiobook, Hearts in Flight and I loved it!

Here's the synopsis of the audiobook as posted on

Serving her country as one of the Women's Army Special Pilots is Maggie Daniels's dearest wish. But there are obstacles to overcome above and beyond the enemies in the Pacific, including her overprotective family, skeptical fellow pilots - and handsome, distant squadron leader Wesley Hicks. Whatever it takes, Maggie will prove herself to Wesley, until she succeeds in winning his admiration…and love. 

Wesley can see that Maggie's a first-class pilot. She's also too fearless by half. The war has cost Wesley so much already. Can he let go of his guilt for a chance at happiness - and can he learn to trust in Godand Maggie…enough to believe in love for a lifetime?

My thoughts:

I highly recommend this novel on audiobook to readers of Christian Fiction historical romance. Patty Smith Hall’s story, Hearts in Flightwill keep you mesmerized until the end! Narrator was great, too. If you enjoy listening to Christian Fiction audiobooks grab this one right away and listen to I! You won't be disappointed!

27 May 2021

Review & Giveaway of No Man's Daughter by Kathleen L. Maher


No Man's Daughter by Kathleen L. Maher

Book Three in the Sons of the Shenandoah

New May Release!

My review
I had the good fortune of being Kathy's critique partner for this project. As I began getting her stellar chapters in to read, I told my hubs I wondered why I was still writing--this stuff was so good so why was I bothering to write? This is Kathy's best book yet and that's saying a lot. 

Willa is such a sympathetic heroine. She's been through so much.  Ben is the ultimate hero. He's so patient and kind. You'll be rooting for these two! Lots of laughs, some tears, and a strong romance! You'll love this new novel!

Blurb from Amazon:
A man with something to prove and a lady with something to hide clash over hotly contested property and a marriage proving anything but convenient.

When the Sharpe’s elderly neighbor passes after the war leaving a vacant farm with no heir, Benjamin Sharpe inquires to purchase the land. What he doesn’t expect to find is a beautiful and stubborn squatter has taken residence. Will her claim on the property prove harder to drive out than her claim on his heart?
Willa looked after Old Mr. Thompson through the war until his death. The late owner promised her a permanent home there, like the daughter he never had, but with some strings attached. When young and ambitious Benjamin Sharpe shows up with intent to evict her, Willa gives him a piece of her mind with a piece of lead aimed at his boots.
The youngest of the Sharpe brothers, Benjamin has been bossed around his entire life by his brothers, and he isn’t about to take it from any girl. All three of his brothers have veterans’ boasting rights in the War, and he must prove his mettle, too. But will his ambitions go so far as to force a waif from her home? As the girl’s resourceful defense of the property frustrates his plans, admiration plucks at his heartstrings. Ben must find a compromise while saving face with his family. But the chit has no intention of playing nice or seeking truce. In Bridgewater, Virginia, the war is still on!

Only $3.99 on Kindle! Coming soon in paperback! Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Kathy and Debbie Lynne Costello and I have all been critique partners and we have a Rafflecopter giveaway going! We hope you'll go by and join in!


Giveaway: Comment on this blog post for a chance to win a copy of No Man's Daughter!

08 May 2021

Review of Butterfly Cottage by Teresa S. Mathews


Butterfly Cottage by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Hearts Overcoming Press

5 Stars*****

I have been following author Carrie Fancett Pagels since she first started writing and her books have always been more to me than just an enjoyable read. During this journey I have come to realize Ms. Pagels’ love for the Straits of Mackinac, and Mackinac Island, flows from deep in her heart, right onto the pages of her books.

Dawn Charbonneau has until September to decide when she is retiring from her travel agency, if it wasn’t for this nagging medical problem, she might hold out a little longer. When her hubby Jim, of almost 50 years suggests that she go a little early to their summer Cottage at the Straits of Mackinac, near Mackinac Island, Dawn once again invites their daughter Tamara and granddaughter Jaycie to come and to her delight they accept. 

Tamara Worth was so ecstatic to have won Teacher of the Year. Wanting to celebrate with her husband of almost 25 years, Brad, she decides to surprise him with a romantic night out. When she goes to pick him up at the local gym, she is the one that is surprised and devastated. Not only is she dealing with an unknown medical problem, now she has another life crisis. When her mom suggests she meet her at their beautiful family cottage for a time of relaxation and perhaps healing, Tamara agrees.

Jaycie Worth, soon to be archaeologist is worried that she hasn’t yet gotten her summer internship, or any assistance for fall classes so she can continue her studies at Oxford. She was also hoping to hear those four little life changing words from her handsome boyfriend. Instead, her life takes a totally different turn, and she finds herself on a plane headed to meet her Mom and Grandmother at Butterfly Cottage, a place that has always been special to her since childhood. 

Butterfly Cottage had my emotions all over the place. I’ve loved all of Carrie’s books but this one spoke to my heart so many times that I continued to reach for my tissues. The characters and storyline enticed me to continue reading just to see if the storms of life each one encountered could turn out to be as beautiful as the flowers and butterflies on Mackinac Island on an enchanting summer day.

Thank you, Carrie, for sharing your heart with us in what I’m sure will be an award-winning novel. If it were possible, I would give this story a 10-star review.

 *I received an ARC of this from Hearts Overcoming Press and the  author but was in no way required to post a positive review. *

You may purchase a paperback or ebook copy of Butterfly Cottage on Amazon.

Carrie is giving away a copy of  Butterfly Cottage to one blessed commenter.  Please leave your email address in case you are the winner! 

27 April 2021

Character Interview for Bent Tree Bride by Denise Weimer


Susanna Moore can’t get him out of her mind—the learned lieutenant who delivered the commission from Andrew Jackson making her father colonel of the Cherokee Regiment. But the next time she sees Lieutenant Sam Hicks, he’s leading a string of prisoners into a frontier fort, and he’s wearing the garb of a Cherokee scout rather than the suit of a white gentleman.

As both Susanna’s father and Sam’s commanding officer, Colonel Moore couldn’t have made his directive to stay away from his daughter clearer to Sam. He wants a better match for Susanna—like the stuffy doctor who escorted her to Creek Territory. Then a suspected spy forces Moore to rely on Sam for military intelligence and Susanna’s protection, making it impossible for either to guard their heart.


Today on the blog, I believe we may have a first. Rather than the plucky heroine, Susanna Moore, of Bent Tree Bride, Denise Weimer’s newest Southeastern frontier romance, I’ll be chatting with someone who witnessed most of her adventures in Creek Territory during the Red Stick War … her twelve-year-old brother, George Moore. Welcome, George. What brings you here today?


George: Well, the lady who wrote down our story told me your readers might want to hear about it. Susanna is always distracted with Sam these days. I’m sure readers wouldn’t be interested in how they fell in love, because who wants to know about that, but there is a lot of adventure in Bent Tree Bride. I’m the best person to interview. Sam’s too modest. He’d rather talk with you about all the books he’s read than how brave he was in battle. And how he saved Susanna’s life. 


Well, George, I have a feeling you may be wrong about our readers wanting the details of Sam and Susanna’s romance, but for now, tell us how the novel starts. When did you first meet Sam Hicks? And do I understand correctly that he is the son of a Cherokee chief?


George: He is both Cherokee and white, but we didn’t know that at first. When he showed up at our house in the fall of 1813, all we knew was that he was a clerk for Indian Agent Colonel Meigs. He dressed and looked and spoke like a white man, all proper. He brought the commission that made my father a colonel of a new Cherokee Regiment that was being formed to join General Andrew Jackson’s Tennessee militia to go fight the Red Stick Creeks, the Creek Indians allied to the British. 


You see, Father was chosen partly because my mother, Polly, is a Cherokee. Susanna’s mother was a white woman, but Sam didn’t know that either. He kept making eyes at Susanna at dinner, especially when Father gave his permission for Dr. Hawkins to court her and she almost choked on her food. I was just trying to get Father to let me sign up.


I take it Susanna did not care for Dr. Hawkins?


George: Dash it, no. He was a lot older and had a bunch of children from his first marriage. I helped us figure out a way to follow Father to Creek Territory after he got sick that fall. Mother is a great healer, and she agreed we might accompany her. But who should insist on escorting us but Dr. Hawkins? He said he wanted to volunteer his services, but I know he really wanted to be with Susanna. We went to Turkey Town, where my mother’s family lived, then to Fort Strother to find the army. We also found Sam Hicks. And boy, was Susanna in for a surprise.


Why was that?


George: Because Sam had signed up as a lieutenant in a Cherokee spy and scout company. He knew four languages and had been trained to fight by chiefs even though he’d never been in battle. He’d spent more time in his father’s library. His father had been a clerk for the army before him. Susanna got into a bit of a scrap with a militiaman, and Father assigned Sam to be our bodyguard. Susanna convinced him to teach us how to defend ourselves. We both wanted to show Father we could survive on the frontier so he wouldn’t send us home. Mostly, Susanna didn’t want to be forced to marry Dr. Hawkins. 


How did that work for her?


George: Not so well. Sam didn’t want to teach her for some reason … I think after he realized her mother had been white, so Father wouldn’t let him court her. Father was scared of the Cherokees losing their land even though they were fighting with the Americans, so he wanted our plantation to go to Susanna and a white husband. But I could tell Sam and my sister really liked each other. He kept getting close to her, like on the range when he showed us tomahawk and knife throwing. Her face turned all red. I got between them like any good brother would. And once, I caught him holding her hand—even though he claimed it was only because she needed salve from doing too much hospital laundry. Then when she got sick, he had me take her some kind of poem. Yuck! Once she got better, she rode with him on the way back to Turkey Town. They were betwattled for sure, after that.


Did your story end once you left the fort for Turkey Town?


George: Not hardly. Someone was trying to kill our principal chief, and Sam and his men had to help guard him. Sam and the doctor were at odds all the time too. I wished they’d just fight it out. I know who woulda won. But eventually, Sam had to go off to fight a real battle. Then, Susanna got abducted when she walked right in on the man trying to kill our chief. And Sam had to leave the army to rescue her from deep in Red Stick Territory. But that’s where the lady who wrote our story down said I should stop talking, so’s folks want to read the book.


All right, then. We’ll stop there. Thank you, George, for joining us today. You sound like a wonderful brother. 


George: I try to be. Folks don’t give me enough credit for what I can do. Did I tell you I can bark chip a squirrel out of a tree at sixty paces and not lose an ounce of meat?


No, but thank you for sharing that with us. I’m sure that’s just the sort of thing our readers are most interested in. They’ll look forward to getting to know more about you … and Susanna and Sam, of course … in Bent Tree Bride. And the author, Denise Weimer …


Represented by Hartline Literary Agency, Denise Weimer holds a journalism degree with a minor in history from Asbury University. She’s a managing editor for the historical imprints of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and the author of almost a dozen published novels and a number of novellas. A wife and mother of two daughters, she always pauses for coffee, chocolate, and old houses!

Connect with Denise here:

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