21 February 2022

Song for the Hunter by Naomi Musch

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Tragedy brought them together. Now truth might tear them apart.

Wed to a trading company partner to escape life in Montreal under her harsh father's thumb, Camilla Bonnet finds herself widowed and pregnant in the Upper Country frontier. When her brother fails to return for her from Fort William, she is cast on the mercy of the trading post owner's family. She also draws comfort from Bemidii Marchal, a M├ętis hunter who soothes away her misgivings as he finds his own refuge on Lake Superior's Madeline Island.

Bemidii’s thoughts of courting a maiden are cut short when he raises his knife against a company man at Fort William’s Great Rendezvous. No one will believe he killed to protect his sister—least of all the beautiful Frenchwoman on Madeline Island who stirs his affections—not when she learns that her brother is dead and Bemidii stands accused of his murder. As the sharp blade of truth divides them, will Bemidii survive the justice of powerful men who are a law unto themselves?


I had the opportunity to read this novel for endorsement. I loved the fact that it was set in the area where my MIL grew up and I've been there to Madeline Island in Wisconsin. The setting, the time frame, and the characters are unique and compelling. This is a strong historical Christian fiction book that fans of Lori Benton, Pegg Smith, and Shannon McNear will love! In fact, Benton and McNear both offered endorsements for the book:

"What a beautiful tapestry Musch weaves of loss and longing, risk and reward!"

~Shannon McNear
Award-winning author of 
The Blue Cloak and Daughters of the Lost Colony: Elinor

"Hope triumphs in this latest offering from gifted wordsmith and lover of history, Naomi Musch."

~Lori Benton
Christy Award-winning author of 
Burning Sky

Giveaway: Choice of ebook or paperback copy of this new release by the talented Naomi Musch!


  1. This promises to be an exciting read. I like the tag line.


  2. Sounds so good. Would love to read. I’m adding to my wish list.

  3. I don't think I've read anything by Naomi but the book sounds wonderful. Thank you for the chance to win a print copy of this book.

    wfnren at aol dot com

  4. I have thorough enjoyed all of Naomi’s books that I have read, so Song for a Hunter is already on my official wishlist.

    Luvthots at gmail dot com


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