22 March 2022

Love's Escape -- New Release & Giveaway

Endorsement from award-winning author Kathleen L. Maher:
"Have to share my wow!"
Sweet romance with a flavor of suspense and historical drama. Wonderful storyline, memorable characters and intriguing plot twists. A winning, quick read, but you’ll want to take your time and savor every scene.

Thank you, Kathy!!!

My new release in Christian Historical Fiction is Love's Escape. This novella is part of my James River Romance series now! This is an expanded version of the novella that originally released in Barbour's Captive Brides collection. 

One liner: The son of a funeral home owner and his friend, a sea captain, transport the women they love, two enslaved women from Virginia plantations, North.

Blurb: Letitia, a light-skinned house slave of the prominent Burwell family, learns that her father is the master of the plantation. As she helps them dress and fetches tea for the Burwell women, including her half-sister by blood, Lettie becomes more determined that she’ll not live out her days in servitude. But she's afraid of what could happen. When her mother dies from a beating that Burwell sanctioned, Lettie seeks any means of escape.

Nathan Pleasant, a bookkeeper and son of a well-respected Richmond funeral home owner, is smitten with the Burwells' slave. He meets secretly with Letitia. Nathan begins transporting slaves from Virginia and onto the Underground railroad. His dear friend, a ship captain, has also lost his heart to an enslaved woman. When the women's lives are at stake, the two men risk all by transporting them North. Can they get them to freedom? Who is pursuing them? Once they can shake their shackles of slavery, would the two women even welcome romance with their Underground Railroad conductors? Or will the two men find themselves alone and far from the James River, where they grew up and where their families still live?

Love's Escape is FREE on Kindle Unlimited, if you have that subscription on Amazon! Available for purchase in ebook and paperback versions!

Giveaway: A copy of Love's Escape in either ebook or paperback! Leave a comment to enter.


  1. Wonderful title and blurb about this book! This book has "escaped" me somehow! It sounds very intriguing - plantations, Virginia, historical fiction, romance, ocean, James River, and sea captain! You sure piqued my interest!
    Susan in NC

  2. I hope they "escape to love". I'm sure I'll be AVIDLY reading it and ignoring everything else when it arrives. It sounds mesmerizing.

  3. This book looks very good. Love to advidly read it.

  4. I am avid to read this as quickly as possible. Beautiful cover. Thank you for sharing. Blessings

  5. This is a book I would enjoy reading. I am an AVID reader.
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. Love the Cover and the blurb!! It’s so appealing!! And endorsed by a wonderful author! Would love to read it!

  7. I am an AVID reader, and your book looks so good!

  8. What an intriguing plot! I would love to enter for a paperback version. Thanks for the giveaway!



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