28 April 2016

Giveaway and Review of Sofi's Bridge by Christine Lindsay

Sofi's Bridge

White Rose/ Pelican Book Group (May 1, 2016)

Review by Bonnie Roof

Five Stars *****

Suffering nightmares from the shock of being the only witness to her father's drowning, 16-year old Trina Andersson re-lives the incident, and her inability to save her father, when she flees the house in her nightgown and runs down the beach to the dock. Taking a small boat out into Puget Sound, she stands up and is thrown overboard when a wave nudges the boat. Jumping in to save her, gardener Neil Macpherson looses his grip on the life ring while wind and waves flail at him and Trina. Hand over hand, 21-year old Seattle debutant Sofi Andersson pulls in the rope and throws the ring out again in an effort to save her sister. The tide fights to drag Neil and Trina, but with housemaid Fridas' help - Sofi manages to haul them in.

Thus begins Christine Lindsay's 'Sofi's Bridge', the gripping story of the daughter of a Swedish family (whose wealth had been derived from the paternal immigrant timber baron grandfather) - and their gardener, "on-the-run" from his home in Belfast, Ireland. Fred Andersson was a masterful engineer who had designed bridges, daughter Sofi's dream is to design bridges like her father, daughter Trina, at 16-years of age had surpassed her father in the art of sailing, and has always been a risk-taker, affluent wife Roselle is the daughter of a poor farmer. 

Wanting only the best for his family, Fred had never wanted Sofi to work or have hobbies that interfered with her social obligations. When his unscrupulous business partner, Charles Bolton, coerces Roselle to sign papers to commit Trina to a sanitorium, by keeping Roselle supplied with the drug laudanum - Sofi flees with Trina, Neil, and housekeeper Matilda to an abandoned cabin on her grandparents' property near Orchard Valley in the Cascade Mountains. Neil's caring personality and skills bring calmness, peace, and help to Andersson family members and the town of Orchard Valley - however, what secrets does he hold, and how will they affect his growing attraction to Sofi?

Murder, romance, suspense, mystery, adventure, courage, healing, an unveiling of secrets, and a strong sense of faith are some of the elements included in 'Sofi's Bridge'. The characters are perfectly developed, the settings beautifully described, and nationality customs enlightening. An engaging story that kept me captive to the end - 'Sofi's Bridge' was the first of Christine Lindsay's books I had read. I'm eagerly looking forward to reading her other books, including her next release: 'Finding Sarah, Finding Me' - a memoir releasing August 2016. 

BR: I was provided a PDF of 'Sofi's Bridge' by the author for my honest review and opinion, which I have given.

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26 April 2016

Noela's Review of Sofi's Bridge By Christine Lindsay

Sofi's Bridge

Pelican Book Group (May 1, 2016)

Reviewed by Noela Nancarrow
5 Stars *****

Having read an early introduction to Sofi’s Bridge, my hand went up to give an emphatic yes to reading the rest! And I can assure you, it lived up to its promise. Author Christine Lindsay’s masterful pen delivers a captivating and mysterious atmosphere, gripping emotions, and vivid descriptions—via an exceptional story that will steal away your day, or hours!

Ever since the tragic accident at sea that took the life of sisters Sofi and Trina’s father, Sofi Andersson’s life has never been the same. Their mother is enslaved to a laudanum addiction, and sixteen-year-old Trina is locked away somewhere in her mind, traumatized and bound by a secret that only she knows. At just twenty-one years, Sofi’s small shoulders carry the weight of caring for her family. So when family friend and business partner Charles, who seriously gave me the chills, determines that Trina should be locked away in an asylum, Sofi flees in the night with her sister to what she hopes is a safe place.

While working as a gardener for the Andersson family, Irishman Neil Macpherson discovers Sofi’s clandestine plans, and concerned for the sisters, he insists on accompanying them. Although his admiration for the tenacious Sofi grows, he is simply a common gardener to her. If she knew he was in actual fact a doctor, he imagines she may view him differently. At any rate, he is restrained by his secrets and a past that if caught up with him, could see him clapped in irons and extradited by Scotland Yard. Neil’s honor has him striving to see Trina recovered and assisting Sofi, though by remaining in one place leaves him vulnerable. Can he unlock Trina’s tortured mind before Charles catches up with the sisters? Or will the police catch up with him first? What might it take for Neil and Sofi to cross the bridge over the chasm of secrets and problems that separate them?

Like the stretch of Sofi’s bridge, ‘twas a tale that spanned the gamut of my emotions. I adored reading about the Sofi and Neil’s sweet and torturous burgeoning love, making my heart clench and my eyes sting. I was inspired by their eventual realizations of needing to stand back and allow the Lord to work and to save. And the unsavory characters kept me on my toes with angst and chills. Sofi’s Bridge is an outstanding tale for which I can heartily recommend! 

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of 'Sofi's Bridge' in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

'SOFI'S BRIDGE' may be purchased through AMAZON, BAM, and B&N

*The e-book of 'Sofi's Bridge' is available right now, and the paperback will be released in a few days time on May 1st, although you may pre-order it now!!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

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23 April 2016

Three Reasons to Read Candace Calvert's "The Recipe"

The Recipe by Candace Calvert
Reviewed by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Adorable Contemporary Novella
Five Stars *****
I am not a contemporary romance reader, in general, but I recently had the opportunity to read this novella as part of a collection in a paperback book. Candace Calvert vividly creates heroine, Aimee, a hospital dietician and pastry chef wannabe, aims to win a bake-off but after an altercation with a difficult nursing assistant leaves her serving extra time at the nursing home, she's short on time.  But, she also gets to spend extra time with the grandson of a frail resident, a lady who seems bent on letting her life ease away.

Why you should read this novella:

1) Crisp writing. Candace Calvert knows how to convey information succinctly but beautifully in this novella!

2) Engaging characters. For her to engage my historical romance loving heart, you know she had to have created a hero and heroine who were compelling, and they are!

3) Lovely voice. That indefinable something that makes the book distinctly a Candace Calvert book. She has a hopefulness and spriteliness in her voice that propels the book forward and reflects a strong Christian World view.

This is an adorable read!

Giveaway: A paperback copy of Chance of Loving You with this 2015 story by Candace Calvert and also a story from Susan May Warren and Terri Blackstock. Answer this question: Do you read contemporary romance and have you read any of Candace's books before?

21 April 2016

Teresa S Mathews Reviews A FLIGHT OF ARROWS by Lori Benton


Waterbrook Press

Reviewed by Teresa S. Mathews
5 Stars*****

Once again the talented author Lori Benton has created a story so powerful, I have to admit I ran a gamut of emotions while reading it. In book one of the Pathfinder series, The Woods Edge, we are told the story of Reginald Aubrey, a grieving father whose love for his wife, causes him to exchange his dead newborn son for a baby boy born to a white mother (Good Voice) and Indian father (Stone Thrower). In this book two, A Flight of Arrows, that story continues.

It has been twenty years since that fateful day that Reginald Aubrey made the choice that forever changed his life and the lives of Stone Thrower, Good Voice and their sons. When the twin now known as William Aubrey, finds out his true heritage he runs away to join forces with the British, leaving behind his grieving family. Now Reginald, and Stone Thrower must put aside any ill feelings so they can find William and bring him home.

Two Hawks, the twin raised with their Oneida people has a reason of his own for wanting to be the one to bring his brother home; he wishes to gain trust and respect from Reginald so he can ask for his daughter, Anna’s hand in marriage. Will they be able to find William before the war snatches him away from them permanently?

Ms. Benton is a stickler for details and I must commend her for her excellent research skills. This story will not only entertain you, it will share details of American history that you may not have known. Some may find the first few chapters a little slow moving as the scene is set for the story line, but I promise if you will continue you will be highly rewarded.

I was moved to tears on more than one occasion as the Love of our Heavenly Father was displayed through-out this dynamic story. I was especially moved by a passage spoken by the character Daniel Clear Day “The path the Creator has laid for us to walk has not been an easy path. Not always straight. And it will not be easy in the coming days. But when Creator said He would make rough ways smooth, I believe He was not talking about moving us to an easy path. He meant He was going to make our stride long enough, our legs strong enough, to carry us through. And when we reach our limits, He puts us on His back and He carries us and shields our eyes and hearts from that which would destroy our souls.” Thank you Lori for including this quote, it spoke encouragement to this new widow that walks such a path.  

Thanks to Waterbrook Press for providing me a copy of this 
book in exchange for my honest opinion

You can purchase this book and others by Ms. Benton at Amazon
CBC, BAM and other bookstores

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19 April 2016

Diana's Review Of 'A Flight Of Arrows' By Lori Benton

Waterbrook Press, April 2016

Reviewed By Diana Flowers
~5 stars~
(No spoilers!)
A Stunning Read!

In A Flight of Arrows, author Lori Benton has written a hauntingly beautiful novel of betrayal, loss, and forbidden love, set amongst the backdrop of the Revolutionary War.

Twenty years have passed since a grief-stricken Major Reginald Aubrey took it upon himself to switch his dead baby for one of an Oneida woman's newborn twins (one born white and the other brown) and raised him as his own. The effects of this horrific act are as far reaching as the ripples in a stream, involving each member of these two diverse families. Two Hawks was born to a white Oneida mother and a full-blooded Native American father—alongside of William Audrey, the twin brother he has been separated from since birth. The handsome and honorable Two Hawks, longs to build a life with Reginald's beautiful adopted white daughter, Anna, but meets with seemingly insurmountable obstacles as he is the dark-skinned sibling who was raised with the Oneidas.

Stone Thrower is determined to get his kidnapped son back, but after learning the circumstances surrounding his true identity, the shattered William joins ranks with the aggressive Redcoats who are preparing to attack the colonials. Will these two families separated by culture and an unspeakable act, discover a way to reclaim the son/brother marching toward them in the ranks of their British enemies—and find reconciliation as well? In a new world rife with prejudice, ignorance, and there any hope for Anna to build a future with her beloved Two Hawks?

There are just not enough adjectives to describe this mesmerizing masterpiece of a novel. Replete with raw, vivid historical details, this story is sure to leave an indelible impression on every reader who loses themselves within its captivating pages. I was never aware that the Oneidas teamed up with the colonials against the British to help preserve this great land which belonged to both of them; always thinking that it was the Indians against the white man and vice versa. Although the romance is intense and poignant (not sexually explicit, however), men will love this book as much as women—with plenty of engrossing, realistic battles and male viewpoints—especially those of the brave, but humanly vulnerable Oneida warriors. A powerful, soul-stirring, unforgettable novel of faith, forgiveness, and breathtaking romance, I predict A Flight of Arrows is sure to win many an award for excellency in Christian literature!

Anna's Beloved Two Hawks Perhaps? ;)


Thanks to Waterbrook Press for providing me with a review copy of this novel in exchange for my honest opinion.

This novel may be purchased through Amazon, CBD, BAM, and your local bookstore.

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17 April 2016

Premature and Orphaned -- Testimony by Melony Teague

Author Melony Teague

“You killed my daughter!” It was shock that caused my grandmother to scream this from the front seat of the old Studebaker. This was directed at the driver behind the wheel of the car which had collided with the car I was in. Well, let me specify, I was safely encased in my mother’s womb, but I was not due to make an appearance for another three months. My mother sat in the back seat of my grandfather’s car, (I don’t think they even had seat belts at the back in those days) and due to the collision I had a rough start to life. Within days, three months too early, I arrived on the scene, all of two pounds and small enough to fit in a shoe box.
I was told that I stopped breathing a few times before my mother even got to hold me, full of tubes and half blue. Were it not for the vigilance of the doctors and nurses, and the prayers of my family, I might not be the 5 ft. 5 inch woman I am today, with size ten feet!

Maybe it was a rough start, but I will forever be grateful that I arrived three months early. That meant I got to be with my mother three months longer than I otherwise would have. My auburn haired, five foot tall mother, Anne was taken too soon due to a car wreck when I was six months old. 

I lived with my heartbroken six foot tall father, Melville until he too died due to a collision. (South African roads are notorious for being deadly) I ended up being half way between, sharing their names and their character traits.

I came to live with my grandmother who was aged fifty at the time.  I called her ‘mother’ for the rest of my life. She was a women of faith, a survivor and even though she was widowed when I was seven years old and left to raise me on her own, there was no doubt in my mind she overcame all of life’s tragedies and challenges because of her faith. She taught me what real, sacrificial and unconditional love looked like in action. She is the lady who taught me how to pray as a child, through bedtime prayers and grace before meals. She’d always tell me to pray about things when I was worried about something.

Growing up, I have no doubt that it was prayer kept me out of trouble. Neither of my two grandmothers were perfect, no one is, but they were women with a tremendous love for God. Their unwavering faith taught me how to overcome whatever I may face by putting my own faith in my Saviour, Jesus. To me there is nothing more powerful than a grandmother’s prayers and I was blessed with two faith-filled grandmothers. They never stopped praying for me. These ladies taught me that prayer makes a difference. Not only in the situation I am facing or praying for, but in my own heart.

Author Bio:
Melony Teague was born in South Africa and immigrated to Canada in 1999. She is a freelance writer who believes everyone has a story to tell, with each story being unique and sometimes wilder than fiction. Melony loves to uncover the good news in society and writes human interest and community pieces. She is an editorial contributor for newspapers and magazines in the Greater Toronto Area, and has contributed numerous articles for the local media over the years. Her guest columns address issues pertaining to life and health, and she loves to inspire and motivate others through her written words. Melony is also a ghostwriter who has worked with diverse subject matter. Melony also handles communications and PR for two non-profit mission organizations in Canada. Her book, As the Ink Flows, Devotions to Inspire Christian Writers & Speakers released April 1, 2016, was written in collaboration with four local authors. Melony lives in Toronto with her husband and their two children.

Authors: Glenda Dekkema, Melony Teague, Carol Ford, Claudia Loopstra and Marguerite Cummings.
Thanks for visiting with us, Melony, and sharing your powerful testimony of overcoming!!!

14 April 2016

Diana Reviews 'On The Wings Of A Whisper' By Lynnette Bonner

On The Wings Of A Whisper (Sonnets of the Spice Isle Book 1) - A Serialized Christian Historical Romance By Lynnette Bonner
Serene Lake Publishing, Mar. 2016

Reviewed By Diana Flowers
~5 stars~
(No Spoilers!)

Exotic Adventure!

From the beautiful white-sanded beaches of the island of Zanzibar, the gentle sound of aquamarine ocean waves lapping outside of plantation walls, and the fragrant scent of indigo and gardenias—to the darkness of the malodorous, sewer-thickened stench of the docks and surrounding sea—comes an exhilarating tale from the pen of author Lynnette Bonner, set in exotic Africa in the 1800s.

RyAnne Hunter lives with her parents and two siblings on a beautiful indigo plantation on the other side of the island of Zanzibar. Her beloved papa's health is at risk and RyAnne must stop him from traveling to the continent of Africa to start a mission station—at any cost. She attends the Harcourts' Annual Ball as it will be her last chance to talk her papa out of this ridiculous venture, and meets up with the insufferable Captain Trent Dawson. Trent, captain of The Wasp, has agreed to guide Dr. Hunter on his expedition, but only to help put an end to the slave smuggling trade. The handsome and charming Harcourt heir, Brayden, once again proposes to RyAnne at the ball and this time she might consider it...if the daring plan she concocts to keep her father home succeeds and if the exasperating Trent would simply stay out of her hair!

I have never read a serialized book before, and I was delightfully surprised at how much the author squeezed into the first installment! And just when my heart started racing and I flipped the page to see what was going to happen ended! (gasp!) Thankfully the next installment came out in a few days! Due to the fact that Ms. Bonner was born and raised in Malawi, Africa, lends much authenticity to this colorful, dramatic adventure. I was hooked from the very first page with her use of descriptive imagery and the beauteous setting of Africa—with exquisite indigo plantations, the scent of fragrant foliage and the song of cicadas filling the night air, fascinating characters, and of course, the promise of a breathtaking romance! All isn't frivolity and lightheartedness, however, as the heartbreaking issue of slave trading is proficiently and compassionately intertwined throughout the storyline. Be sure to order your copies of Episode 1 and Episode 2 of Sonnets of the Spice Isle today!


What a pleasant surprise! On the Wings of a Whisper is one of those rare books that kept me up late at night. It has everything I love in a story: a dashing hero, romance, intrigue, high-seas adventure, not to mention excellent characters and a riveting plot. Rarely have I been so caught up in a story. I can't wait for the next installment!
 ~MaryLu Tyndall, best-selling author of The Legacy of the King's Pirates series~ *Used With Permission*



This series may be purchased through Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble

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12 April 2016

Bonnie Roof's Review Of 'A Twist Of Faith' By Pepper Basham

A Twist of Faith
A Twist of Faith
by Pepper Basham
Firefly Southern Fiction (April 6, 2016)

Reviewed by Bonnie Roof
5 Stars *****

"Education is important. But I reckon a person can't get by without some food for the heart."

Handpicked for an experimental satellite program at Blue Ridge University in the rural Appalachian town of Ransom, Va., accent reduction specialist Adelina "Dee" Roseland, PhD is appointed the Assistant Chair of the Department of Communicative Disorders.  Feeling her inexperienced, Dr. Alexander "Alex" Murdock - her immediate supervisor and research assistant of 4 years - plans to present Dee's research at the National Conference of ASHA, an annual speech-language pathologists' and audiologists' convention.

Driven and obsessed to achieve her dream job of full professor at UVA Charlottesville, Dee accepts a wager with Alex: take any hillbilly in town and pass her off as a sophisticated individual within the span of 10 weeks. The prize: the opportunity to present the research herself, with hopes of the coveted job offer. When unshaved, burly, rugged-looking Reese Mitchell arrives at Dee's job, clad in overalls and cap, to escort her to her new home at his family's rental house - his vowel mutilation convinces Alex that Reese is the perfect subject for the wager.

With the death of his stepfather from cancer and brother Trigg being unable to work due to cancer, both within 2 years - Reese feels the need to secure a more lucrative job to help pay bills and alleviate any danger of losing the family farm. Even though protesting, "I ain't up for feeling like an idiot to learn lessons on how to talk right" - Reese is convinced by Dee to participate in her "research" with a promise it will help him secure a position for which he has an interview scheduled in Chicago.

Having had a deceased father who worked long, hard hours, an alcoholic mother who spent too much time away from home, and only having felt the tenderness of love from her Granny Roseland - Dee has a different view of home and parenthood than Reese. Fearful of recreating her past, she instead focuses on her work.

Since the betrayal of deceased wife Jana, Reese has been both mother and father to 7-year old daughter Lou and toddler son Brandon. He fears becoming involved with another woman he can't trust. As Dee becomes attracted to Reese's gentleness and the safe feeling he provides, she feels guilt over the deception of the wager she has made.

Pepper Basham's first contemporary, 'A Twist of Faith', is a beautiful literary adaptation of My Fair Lady. Filled with realistic characters (including some 4-footed ones, such as Gypsy the cow and Haus the smiling hound), humor, forgiveness, reconciliation, love, faith, tenderness, amazing quotes, and realization of new dreams only God could provide - I found 'A Twist of Faith' heart-warming and a joy to read!  

 * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of 'A Twist of Faith' for my honest opinion, which I have given.

A TWIST OF FAITH by Pepper Basham may be purchased through AMAZON .

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07 April 2016

Bonnie Roof Reviews 'The Cowgirl's Lasso' By Jaime Jo Wright

The Cowgirl's Lasso By Jaime Jo Wright (From The Cowboy's Bride Collection)
Barbour Publishing, Mar. 2016

Reviewed By Bonnie Roof
~5 stars!~

1895 - New Mexico

Needing a foreman to help run the Desert Pony Ranch inherited from his uncle, godly British transplant Jonah Sparks - a man of strong ethics - asks mentor and previous Desert Pony foreman, 74-year old Charlie. Being far past his prime after helping friend Mr. Matheson on his ranch, Charlie instead recommends his protégé foreman of 8 years - C. J. Matheson.

Little does 6'3" Jonah realize C. J. stands for Celia Jo and his new foreman will be a 5'8" female with a confrontational and combative mind of her own. The two immediately lock horns and sparks fly. Jonah with nerves constantly on edge, unable to relax, and feeling he can't have a woman running his ranch - plots to contrive unbearable situations to make C. J. quit, thinking this a way he will feel less guilt in letting his old pal Charlie down than if he fires C. J.. Foremost a businessman, Jonah fails to see C. J.'s talent at being a foreman - a talent Charlie recognizes.

C. J. has been told "no" all her life - as if she has no intelligence or know-how. From her father who had dwindled the family ranch away in debt and mismanagement to her 4 older brothers who always think they know better than her. Being denied her dream and passion of running a ranch, C. J. runs from her brothers and their suggestions of an arranged marriage, living with an aunt in Chicago, taking a position as a seamstress, and a train ticket to an elite school in Boston for young women in transition.

Neither C. J. or Jonah are aware that lovable, gruff Charlie has an ulterior motive in bringing the two together. One of the numerous realistic and heart-warming characters in 'The Cowgirl's Lasso', Charlie is based on one of the author's uncles. The wording and imagination with which the novella is written is exquisite - I laughed out loud at the scene in which C. J. is greeted with a spider invasion.

'The Cowgirl's Lasso' is Jaime Jo Wright's debut published work. I've followed her journey from writer to published author for several years via her Facebook posts and her blog with 3 other writer/authors: Coffee Cups and Camisoles. 'The Cowgirl's Lasso' was more than worth the wait - a charming, witty, entertaining novella laced with tender, touching moments of faith and love. I'm looking forward to Jaime's next work: 'Gold Haven Heiress' from The California Gold Rush Romance Collection - releasing August 1st, 2016.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
 This book may be purchased through Amazon, CBD, BAM, and your local bookstore.
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05 April 2016

Noela reviews THE RELUCTANT DUCHESS by Roseanna White

The Reluctant Duchess
The Reluctant Duchess
Bethany House Publishers (April 5, 2016)

Reviewed by Noela Nancarrow
5 Stars *****

Exquisitely enthralling and enchanting 

Och, what a tale! In 'The Reluctant Duchess', I was whisked away to the rugged Scottish Highlands to dip my toes in the chilling Loch and in the heartbreaking and frightening plight of a dispirited young woman. Mercifully though, a visiting English Duke comes to the terrified lassie’s rescue by marrying her. However, she feels anything but safe—either from this hero with a flirtatious reputation, her tragic past, or her uncertain future.

Lady Rowena Kinnaird, daughter of the barbaric chief of the clan Kinnaird, suddenly finds herself married into England’s high society after having no choice but to marry the Duke of Nottingham for freedom from a fate worse than death. As much as she desperately needed to escape Loch Morar and the wretched man who attacked her in the worst way, the scarred and fragile Rowena will tug at your heart as her fears cause her to feel frightened of her husband—a tender-hearted man who spends hours on his knees for his new wife. Wounded in heart and body, I ached for Rowena’s feelings of despair and worthlessness. The author writes so beautifully poignant, you cannae help the tears!

When God impressed upon Brice Myerston, The Duke of Nottingham, to protect Rowena by wedding her, he could do no less. But back in England and with his wife being so stressed already, Brice keeps hidden the fact he plans to try and flush out the treacherous villains seeking the rare jewels that are now in his possession. Is he about to place his traumatized wife in further danger? Will Brice be able to protect both the jewels and Rowena from treachery all around? And will his broken wife ever trust again?

Author Roseanna White has breathed so much depth and heart into the personalities of ‘The Reluctant Duchess’, although the Duke was a standout for me. He's a hero in every sense of the word; rescuing the lady in more than one way. Brice is utterly charming, powerfully gentle, and possessing extraordinary patience and insight! Did I mention he also had a sense of humor—that surfaces in even the most trying of times? Roseanna White’s writing was as usual, perfectly exquisite. The history, accents, and suspenseful unpredictability are enthralling. I could read this again and again! Aye, this book comes highly recommended! 


Loch Morar

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this novel for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review.

This novel may be purchased through AMAZON, CBD, BAM, B&N and your local bookstore.

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