29 September 2015

Noela reviews THE LOST HEIRESS by Roseanna M. White

The Lost Heiress

The Lost Heiress (Ladies of the Manor, Book #1)
Bethany House Publishers (September 8, 2015)

Reviewed by Noela Nancarrow
5 Stars *****

 A thrilling turn of the century tale of mystery and romance!

How have I not read anything by this author yet?!! I was utterly swept away by this entrancing Edwardian-period tale that unfurls into one of the most intriguing mysteries I’ve ever read! Merged with an enchanting albeit heart-wrenching love story, ‘The Lost Heiress’ enthralls from the beginning to the satisfying end!

The beautiful and carefree Brook Eden is stunned to learn through her long-standing friend Justin Wildon that she is a long-lost Baroness. And so we follow Brook’s journey from the bright and warm Mediterranean atmosphere where she was raised in the palace of Monaco, to the purple-sprigged countryside and dreary weather of England. How will this impulsive and spirited personality fit into her new role as the Earl of Whitby’s daughter and missing heiress? Will she be accepted by her father and his staff when so many before have tried to pass themselves off as the Earl’s long lost daughter? The anxious Brook leans on Justin, her anchor in this new land, and who has traveled to his home country along with Brook to be her mainstay. Numerous questions lay yet unanswered as to why Brook was separated from her family in the first place. When mysteries deepen and danger escalates, Brook needs answers but longs for peace.

Justin, a future Duke himself, has come to realize that his deep affection for Brook goes beyond friendship and longs to court her but cannot while she is only just discovering her true identity. But even so, Brook seemingly only thinks of him as an adored brother. As Brook struggles to adjust to her new life, Justin’s own pressing responsibilities grow. With too much time apart, trouble brewing, and intense emotions surfacing between them, Justin and Brook’s charming, easy-banter relationship becomes tempestuous and unpredictable, whilst simmering in unspoken feelings. This thrilling novel is rife with clandestine meetings, ominous threats, grave deception, and murder. Our two heroes will learn that God moves even in the darkness to accomplish His will.

The varied and vibrant characters all left their mark on me, as did the exquisite and irresistible romance, making this a story one longs to return to. Roseanna M. White has eloquently crafted a tantalizing and riveting novel, and it is my pleasure to highly recommend it to all!

~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~

You can find this beautiful story at these places and others: Amazon, CBD, B&N, BAM

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26 September 2015

Noela reviews A PIONEER CHRISTMAS COLLECTION by Various Authors

A Pioneer Christmas Collection by 9 Authors
Barbour Books (September 1, 2015)

Reviewed by Noela Nancarrow
5 Stars *****

This is a re-release of an extremely popular Christmas collection that showcases some of the best authors in the business! Each of these nine novellas are a wonderful gift illustrating God’s bountiful provision and care, and touchingly wrapped in adversity, adventure and romance. This charming compilation of intriguing tales of pioneer life and love in untamed lands, feature the new pioneers celebrating Christmas in fascinating, unconventional dwellings.

‘Defending Truth’ by Shannon McNear, sees Truth,
Defending Truth
a young woman in western North Carolina,
alone and responsible for her younger siblings after her father had left them to fight the British. What will she do when she comes across a half-starved militia man loyal to the Crown? This is an intriguing and heart-warming story reflecting the battle on King’s Mountain and of God’s grace.

‘The Calling’ by Kathleen Fuller centers around a tavern in Unionville, Ohio, that also doubles as a stagecoach stop. Elijah Montgomery is pushed by his parents to travel and preach. Is he just being obedient to his folks or hearing the calling himself? What part might Milly, the lovely tavern girl who works for her father, have in helping Elijah to find his destiny?

‘A Silent Night’ by Anna Urquhart illustrates the struggles of a mother and young child surviving on their own in the woodlands of Michigan Territory in 1830. Refusing a marriage of convenience that most women would have taken up leaves Lorna vulnerable and unprepared for winter. How can she possibly survive and will they get their Christmas miracle that 6 year old Afton is praying for?

A Pony Express Christmas by Margaret Brownley has the bloomer-clad Ellie-May Newman searching across the unforgiving Nebraska Territory for her missing brother who rode for the Pony Express. After saving a man, she informs him he’ll be helping her on her quest. There’s an interesting love triangle in this story and an unexpected outcome for Ellie at the end of the trail. Margaret Brownley is a brilliant storyteller and this tale is a hearty feast for a novella!

A Christmas Castle
‘A Christmas Castle’ by Cynthia Hickey ambushes Annie Morgan with quite a few eye-popping revelations when she arrives at her ranch in Prescott, Arizona, to chase down her new husband who was supposed to meet her in town. This story by Cynthia was fast-moving, delightfully romantic, and especially captivating!

‘The Cowboy’s Angel’ by Lauraine Snelling has a very pregnant woman and her son living on the Dakota Territory plains in 1875 waiting for her husband to return home after leaving weeks earlier to purchase supplies. With a baby coming, a 4 yr. old son, animals to care for, and snowstorms, Belle is in much need of a Christmas miracle from God’s angels. What could have befallen her husband?

‘A Badlands Christmas’ by Marcia Gruversoon has Australian Jonathon Nancarrow 
journeying from sophisticated New York City along
A Badlands Christmas
with his two daughters to the small town of Medora in the heart of the wilderness, still seeking peace and healing after the death of his wife. His eldest daughter Noela takes quite a while adjusting to the overwhelming differences, especially having to live in a house made of dirt and grass called a soddie! Will this little family survive a harsh Dakota winter here and can Noela find love in the wilderness? Marcia Gruver writes an immensely memorable and highly entertaining read, delivering an enchanting story with a very sweet romance.

‘Buckskin Bride’ by Vickie McDonough takes us to Oklahoma Territory in 1889 to where Mattie and her two sisters Milly and Jess are living in a tipi, which unknowingly happens to be on handsome Irishman Conall Donegan’s land. Their father hasn’t returned and Mattie having been left in charge feels a huge responsibility to keep her sisters safe, fed, and sheltered. When Jess is hurt and they are all discovered, Mattie feels like everything is falling apart. Can things come together for Christmas?

The Gold Rush Christmas
‘The Gold Rush Christmas’ by Michelle Ule delivers an interesting and unique story with twins Samantha and Peter Harris travelling to Skagway, Alaska with good friend Miles. What sets out as a search for the twins’ father ends up becoming so much more for all three of these ‘musketeers’. This takes place during the 1897 Gold Rush bringing many unsavoury characters to the region; however this story which is based on a true account ends with an extraordinary Christmas inspired conclusion.

~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~

You can find this new release of A Pioneer Christmas Collection at these places and others: Amazon; CBD 2013 edition & 2015 edition; Barnes & Noble; BAM; and in Australia - Koorong!

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24 September 2015

Bonnie Roof Reviews To Get To You by Joanne Bischof.

Published by Mason Jar Books

Reviewed by Bonnie Roof
5 Stars*****

"There are some things you can't go back from. You just lay the broken pieces down and then there's grace and it's glue, and in a strange way, you're more whole than before, because this time ...  This time it's not by your own doing". ('To Get to You')

'To Get to You' is a story of love on 3 different levels: a teen boy's first love, a parent's love for his child, God's love and grace for mankind. A tender story told from the point of view of a troubled 18-year-old boy, a product of a broken home, who has shut the world out and pain in.

It's Christmas eve - Riley Kane is closing shop at Harmony Farms feed store and Christmas tree lot, in the small mountain town of Idyllwild, southern California. A teenage girl appears, pulling a sled - attempts to load a large left-over Christmas tree Riley has discarded alongside the highway, her feet slipping in the snowy slush from the weight of the tree. Feeling compelled to help, yet his jeep in the shop for radiator repair and the girl on foot - Riley walks 2 miles to her Airstream trailer home, pulling the sled. Along the way, he realizes her to be a church friend, from childhood - Rebecca "Becca" Fletcher.

When Becca's father, a semi-truck driver, is seriously injured driving off the road to avoid hitting a children-filled van, the driver having swerved to avoid a deer - his family drives to a hospital in New Mexico to be with him, taking the trailer with them. Riley is shocked to find an empty lot when he arrives at Becca's - his name written on a grocery bag hanging from a branch of the discarded Christmas tree, a note inside explaining the family's plight. His phone not charged - Becca had tried, unsuccessfully, to call him.

Riley is determined to get to Becca, to help the family by bringing their stored generator and water barrels. When his jeep transmission goes out, stranding him - his mother, who is out-of-town, insists Riley solicit his father's help. Jake Kane, a world-famous professional surfer - hasn't seen his son since Riley was in the 3rd grade, nor spoken to him since he was 11 years old. A man Riley hates, one he feels ruined his life.

What follows is a road trip in a rare '65 VW Samba van for Riley, Jake, and Jake's surfer buddy Saul Ramirez. A trip full of adventure, and emotion-filled discoveries about, and for, both father and son. So vivid are the descriptions and life-like the characters, I felt I was along for the ride, and privy to their thoughts. 'To Get to You' is filled with the emotion and beauty I've come to expect from Joanne's writing - a tender, heart-warming story that alternately made me smile and shed tears. My heart ached for Riley, sympathized with Becca, and loved her vulnerable, innocent heart.

An inspiring, sweet story of redemption, acceptance, hope, forgiveness, faith and love. Made even sweeter by the "Behind the Scenes" revelations at the end, 'To Get to You' is book 1 in the Wild Air series. Derived from a short story,'The Balsam Walk', in the '21 Days of Christmas' short story/devotional anthology. 

Both books are available at AmazonBarnes and Noble and Books-a-Million.

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22 September 2015

Teresa S. Mathews Reviews CHIVALROUS by Dina Sleiman

CHIVALROUS by Dina Sleiman
Bethany House Publishers 2015

Reviewed by Teresa S. Mathews
5 Stars*****

If you love tales from the Knights of the Round Table, or if you just love a tale where chivalry is alive and well, then you are going to love this book! Author Dina Sleiman sweeps us away to a time alive with thrilling jousting tournaments, strong, brave knights and subdued, fair maidens.

From the first page, you are quickly drawn into the story with a personal account of what a courageous knight is thinking while facing the opponent. The excitement builds as the two began to gallop full-force at each other with lances at the ready; anyone witnessing this would never know the secret well hidden within the chain mail and armor; the brave well-trained knight is a WOMAN and her opponent, her maid!

Gwendolyn Barnes is not your typical lady in waiting, she is certainly not one to wait on life to pass her by. From climbing trees to sword playing with her two older brothers who are knights, Gwen is always out looking for excitement. There is no need for her to learn the quiet things a lady should know, she is too tall to be a simpering little lady at home waiting for her brave knight to show up; she wants to be that brave knight!! Until Gwen falls under the spell of Allen of Ellsworth, one of the former Ghosts of Farthingale Forest. Could Allen be the one man that could tame Gwen’s restlessness or will he be the one that sets her free to follow her dream?

What an exciting story this is, in my opinion, when Dina Sleiman decided to write the Valiant Hearts Series it was pure genius. The first story in the series, Dauntless was wonderful, but this one is by far my favorite. It may be listed under the young adult genre, but it is just perfect for anyone that loves excitement regardless of age. The characters are endearing and certainly courageous and brave despite being young. Even though it is set in the medieval times they face some of the same challenges young adults face today.  If you are looking for an enjoyable time away from the mundane, grab a copy of this and be prepared to be swept away to an adventure of a lifetime! 

For an explanation of how Ms. Sleiman came up with the idea for this exciting series click on this link; Valiant Heart Series to be taken to the Valiant Heart Series Blog.

You can purchase this amazing treasure and other books by Ms. Sleiman at AMAZONCBD, and BAM.

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17 September 2015

Diana's Review of THE MISTRESS OF TALL ACRE by Laura Frantz

Revell, Sept. 2015
Reviewed by Diana Flowers
~5 stars~
(No spoilers!)

           Exquisitely Breathtaking!

In The Mistress of Tall Acre, author Laura Frantz pens a sweeping epic tale set after the American Revolution–poignant and evocative–beset with betrayal and secrets as twisted as the fragrant wisteria and lovely roses twined about the gardens of Tall Acre.

Sophie Menzies is on the verge of losing her plantation, Three Chimneys, after her beloved brother is declared missing and her father returns to Scotland. After eight long years of fighting, General Seamus Ogilvy–Sophie's handsome neighbor and owner of the plantation, Tall Acre, has returned home from the war. A widower with an adorable six-year-old daughter, Lily Cate, enlists Sophie's help with the child who doesn't even know him and cries bitterly for her mother every night. Sophie grows to love Lily Cate as her own and makes a rash decision to accept Seamus's proposal, knowing that he could never love again and that it would be a marriage of convenience only. Secrets unfold as Sophie finds an old diary rife with discontent and betrayal, and dangers ensue as someone wishes her gone from Tall Acre. Just as passions begin to ignite, a woman from the past appears at Tall Acre and all loyalties will be tested as the newly formed foundation that binds Seamus and Sophie begins to crumble.

Such exquisite torture as Laura Frantz, the master of romantic tension and angst, weaves her magic web once again and ensnares the reader from page one and will not let go. Be still my racing heart! I found myself lost in another place and time; simply amazed at the author's incredible research and talent of applying descriptive words and prose used exclusively in colonial times...such as a busk (I had to google that one–and when I did it set my heart to fluttering and skipping a beat or two!), types of colonial architecture and clothing, and "ayes", "nays", and "mayhaps." I could see the whole story playing out in my mind's eye as though I were watching a movie. A story rich in faith, obedience and sacrifice, as well as a riveting, tantalizing page turner with copious twists and turns, The Mistress of Tall Acre is sure to be at the top of my 2015 list of faves!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

This amazing book may be purchased through Amazon, CBD, BAM, and your local bookstores.

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15 September 2015

Noela Nancarrow reviews THE MISTRESS OF TALL ACRE by Laura Frantz

The Mistress of Tall Acre
The Mistress of Tall Acre
Revell (September 8, 2015)

Reviewed by Noela Nancarrow
5 Stars *****

The war is over but the battle has only begun..

Amidst the tensions of the Revolutionary War and post-war period, where men and women continue to struggle re-building lives shredded from hardship, persecution, and death itself, emerges a gripping tale birthed from those angst-filled days. Widower and war hero General Seamus Ogilvy came through this horrific battle alive but bearing the consequences of his time at war by having his family torn apart. And now he faces an onslaught of pain incomparable to even the battlefields he fought gallantly upon. Can there be hope and peace for this stalwart but anguished soldier? 

Sophie Menzies, although a Patriot herself, is living in the oft-cruel and oppressive shadows of her Loyalist father who left for Scotland after the war. Neighbor to General Seamus Ogilvy, Sophie meets his young daughter, the candid and guileless moppet Lily Cate, while out collecting chestnuts. They rapidly form an inseparable bond – meeting needs deep within them both. When the General becomes in desperate need of a mother for his beloved daughter, and the impoverished Sophie stands to lose her home, she agrees to marry him. But what is she to do when her affection continues to grow for this man? Dare she hope their tender connection evolves into something more? But will the woman who returns from Seamus’ past shatter this promising new family beyond repair?

The Mistress of Tall Acre is much more than a story… Rather, it is the exquisite telling of a heart-warming and heart-rending tale that has you not only reading with your eyes, but your soul. This tale unfolds as a mystery shrouded in intrigue, deception, and danger, but adorned with a romance that brings a quiver to your heart and a sheen to your eyes. Replete with lushness of prose, tangible characters of such depth you identify with them immediately, and a storyline that flawlessly weaves meticulous historical detail and plot surprises throughout… Makes this a must-read of Laura Frantz’s!

~~ *  ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~
The Mistress of Tall Acre may be found at these stores and others: Amazon, CBD, B&N, BAM 

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13 September 2015

Facebook Party & Goodreads Giveaway!

New Releases of September Facebook Party 
begins at 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on Monday, September 14th, and ends at 7:00 PM. This is an open party, so you don't need an invitation. Go to this event page and indicate that you will attend (Click here to go to the event and then click to show you will be "Going".) Carrie will do introductions at 3:00 PM and will return at 6:15 for her section of the party and will wrap up at 7:00.

I'll be giving away an adorable moose (my hero's nickname in Lilacs for Juliana is nicknamed "Moose" and I found this cute moose at Kohl's!) 

And I'll be giving away a paperback copy and an ebook copy of my new release, which is Book 3 in The Christy Lumber Camp Series!

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12 September 2015

Blog Hop for Lilacs for Juliana!!! Kindle Fire Giveaway!!!

Starting with Debbie Lynne Costello's Heroes, Heroines, and History blog, on Labor Day, we've begun the official blog hop!!! Leave a comment on THIS blog--Overcoming with God to count as one of your seven required comments to be needed to be entered for the Kindle Fire and cover giveaway! Also, there will be ONE paperback copy given away at EACH blog hop stop!!! 

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September 7th    Heroes, Heroines and History 
September 12th  Overcoming with God 
September 14th   BookBabble
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September 23rd  Sunnie Reviews
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September 30th  Captive Dreams Windows

October 1st           SingingLibrarian Books
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October 7th           Stuff and Nonsense
October 14th        Debbie’s Dusty Deliberations
October 21st       LaneHill House

Question: If I were to add a secret gift to the Grand Prize giveaway, what do you wish it was? Do you wish it was a copy of Sonnets from the Portuguese? My dears, did you know both Moose and Juliana love this book and YOU can download it for FREE on Amazon! (Click here.) That would make a GREAT book to have on the Kindle Fire that you could win!!! Also, leave a comment here for a chance to WIN an autographed paperback copy of Lilacs for Juliana!

10 September 2015

Bonnie Roof Reviews REFUGE OF THE HEART By Ruth Logan Herne


Published by Franciscan Media

Reviewed by Bonnie Roof

When District Attorney Mitchell (Mitch) Sanderson rescues Magdalena (Lena) Serida, and her 5-year-old sister, Anna, from the peril of a flat tire in a store parking lot - little does he realize she could be the rescuer of his heart. Shielding it against loving again, since the loss of his wife and unborn son in a drunk-driving accident, 5 years prior - he still blames God for their deaths.

Lena, a church-sponsored refugee from war-torn Chechnya, Russia, had witnessed the horrors of war firsthand - her strong Christian faith having led her through the loss of the rest of her family. However, Lena is hiding a dark secret - one which causes her nightmares, anxiety attacks, a fear and distrust of law enforcement, and a reluctance to testify on war crimes before the U.S. Senate. Once a near-affluent doctor, she is now being schooled to become a nurse - while working part-time in a nursing home, raising her sister, and living in a poverty-stricken, crime-infested neighborhood. 

Mitch, a caring man from an affluent family, and a relentless worker who has strived for 3 years to remove problems in the justice system that allow criminals to escape incarceration - has earned respect and trust for his conviction rate. Drawn to Lena through her strength, courage, and faith - their relationship is challenged when Mitch's friend spreads rumors about Lena to him, causing a possible obstacle to his re-election, and his doubt of Lena's integrity.

'Refuge of the Heart' is a novel that touched me deeply with it's touching, heart-warming message of faith, trust, courage, redemption, hope, and strength. I read most of it in one sitting - through the night - unable to put it down. It expanded my knowledge of, and compassion for, the plight of refugees from war-torn countries, and aroused sympathy for Lena, in her courageous battle to a better life for she and her sister. Enduring the poverty of less than enough food and a lack of warm clothing and bedding, the struggle for money to put gas in her car. Things many of us take for granted. Lena's misinterpretation of the English language made me smile, as did the sweetness and conversations of Anna. The novel didn't overwhelm me with scenes from Anna & Mitch's past, or jobs - thus allowing me to become totally engrossed in the story of Mitch and Lena: their romance, faith, and lessons to be learned. Lena's resilience, practicality, dreams, and faith through such adversity was truly inspiring.

I love this longer novel from Ruth Logan Herne, her first novel for publisher Franciscan Media. I consider it a "work of art", her best writing to date, deserving of more than a 5-star rating. I became invested in the characters, feeling their pain and joy, thinking of them long after I finished reading the novel. I hope Ruth has plans for a series, a continuation of Mitch and Lena's story.

You may purchase this and other books by Ruth at AmazonCBD, and BAM.

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08 September 2015

Diana's Review Of THE INNOCENT By Ann H. Gabhart

The Innocent By Ann H. Gabhart
Revell, 2015

Reviewed By Diana Flowers
5 stars~ (No spoilers!)

Intriguing Historical Fiction!

In the masterful prose she is so well known for, author Ann H. Gabhart has penned another fascinating story of the religious sect known as the Shakers during the post-Civil War era.

It has been two long, lonely years since Carlyn Kearney received news from the Union Army that her husband, Ambrose, was missing. In hopes that he might still be alive, Carlyn waits patiently—but finds herself penniless and at the mercy of the cruel and lascivious Curt Whitlow, the owner of her house. Curt arrives with Mitchell Brodie, the kind and handsome new sheriff in town, to force her from her home. With nowhere else to go Carlyn finds herself seeking refuge at the Shaker village of Harmony Hill.

Under the strict tutelage of Sister Edna, Carlyn learns the strange ways of the Shakers. Marriage and other worldly ties and possessions are forbidden and considered a sin, and instead of living a simple life stringent rules must be learned and obeyed. Soon mysterious deaths disturb the peace of the Shaker village and Mitchell is determined to find the person responsible. Mitchell and Carlyn fight their growing attraction for one another as she is still a married woman—or is she? Will her beloved Ambrose make his way back home to her awaiting arms? And when she finds herself in terrible danger, will either man arrive in time to rescue her from the dark clutches of death?

I have read all of Ann H. Gabhart's books regarding the Shakers and they are truly mesmerizing! From their strange worship dances and furious stomping to the separation of families and earthly possessions, Ms. Gabhart's research and vast knowledge of the Shaker religion is impeccable. Except for the fact that they were a very hard working, devout people who believed in living simply, the Shakers were very much unlike the Amish in that they followed the teachings of Mother Ann and total celibacy. The Innocent is a spellbinding page-turner with everything one could ask for in a novel – a bit of mystery, tenacious characters, a strong spiritual thread, and oh, I musn't forget the romance! A book you won't be able to put down until the climactic sure to order your copy today!


 Spiral Staircase Designed And Built By The Shakers!
  This book may be purchased through Amazon, CBD, BAM, and your local bookstores.

Pics courtesy of author Ann H. Gabhart. Thank you, Ann!

Two staircases were built—one for men and one for women. They would be severely reprimanded if they even glanced at one another!

Centre house where Ann bases her fictional setting of her Shaker village in
Pleasant Hill Shaker Village in Kentucky.

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06 September 2015

Schedule for Lilacs for Juliana Blog Hop

The Blog Hop for Lilacs for Juliana (which is already on the Amazon Christian Historical Romance bestseller list, Praise the Lord!) begins on September 7th, with Carrie's Guest Post on the Heroes, Heroines, and History blog run by DebbieLynne Costello. EACH stop on the hop has a paperback giveaway! Comment on at least SEVEN of the blog posts for a chance to win a Kindle Fire!

05 September 2015

To Mend a Dream by Tamera Alexander - Reviewed by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Sigh-Worthy for All the Right Reasons!
Five Stars *****

I didn't even think about the title - To Mend A Dream -  and how clever that was, until just now when I was ready to review this lovely novella. I mostly read Among the Fair Magnolias as the title, but I believe that is the series name. I have only read this novella so far, in the collection, but the other titles look appealing as well. Tamara Alexander's books have always pleased me and I had to read it all in one night. My poor husband let me keep the little light on by the bedside as I completed my read on my Kindle!

So our lovely seamstress, Savannah, needs to MEND her dream, that has been crushed with the loss of her ancestral home. But something, a treasure of some kind, is hidden at her family's plantation house. What is it? When God gives her an opportunity to legitimately get inside her old home, you want to shout a "hurrah" for her!

You just want to FIGHT for Savannah to have her home restored to her! And for her little family to be blessed by the "Yankee" Bostonian attorney who has purchased her family's estate and is settling in. While his fiancee is not someone most of us would choose as a friend, her behavior is somewhat understandable. 

How will Savannah's life be restored? Can it happen through a man promised to another or in some other way God has planned? You won't regret reading and finding out!

Giveaway: A copy of the novella in ebook format. Note: This novella is ALSO available in audiobook format!

04 September 2015

Colonial Quills Party Today!!!

#1 Bestselling Anthology Collection Christmas Traditions

Bestselling Christin Historical Fiction Lilacs for Juliana

Multiple books being given away at another one of our FUN parties on Colonial Quills blog!!! These are Carrie's two books being given away at the parties today!

Go on by (click here for Colonial Quills September Tea Party)

We encourage you to come in character, to the blog party,  if you wish! I'll be there as Juliana Beauchamps!!!

Also we have a Colonial Quills Facebook party today from 3-6 pm Eastern Daylight time!  
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01 September 2015

First and Goal by Jake Byrne Reviewed by Bonnie Roof

Jake Byrne dreamed of playing professional football but, at age 14, found out he had type 1 diabetes - determined, he persevered. 'First And Goal', written by Jake and his mother, Holly Michael, is a collection of 90 devotionals. Each titled alphabetically with a football term, and relating a personal experience from his journey to the NFL, enhanced by a related scripture which the reader can apply to his/her own situation. It will appeal to both youth and adults, male and female. I enjoyed reading Jake's story, and was inspired by his courage, determination, and faith. He currently works in Dallas, and has a blog to "educate and encourage others, especially diabetic youth, to be active and achieve goals - regardless of what life throws at them". 

Following are excerpts from 2 of the devotionals:
TWO MINUTE WARNING (A stop in the game clock, 2 minutes before each half. Normally results in a TV commercial.):
Jack relates his first year of tackle football, as a 3rd grader, and in his awkward chubby stage. Constantly being yelled at because of his mistakes, he hated football - yet his father forced him to complete the season. Just as the 2 minute warning is a time for the team to regroup, he needed 2 years to regroup and decide if he would continue the sport. Two years later, when his friend encouraged him to sign up for youth football because of his size, and knowing all his friends would be playing - he decides to try it again. It was the right decision and time.

When pushing oneself, or being pushed by another, and it doesn't work out - he urges that it not be counted as a failure. "Is there anything that you gave up on because of poor results, thinking you weren't good at it? Have you given it a season of rest? Maybe it's time to try again."
(There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecclesiastes 3:1)

EXTRA POINT (After a touchdown, the offense has a chance to kick the ball through the goal posts to earn an extra point, which is also known as the point after touchdown or PAT.): 
Lying in her hospital bed, the doctor confirmed what Holly Michael already knew - she was miscarrying. She argued with, and questioned, God. Why would He take her first child? A nurse entered the room and encouraged her to "always have hope", leaving without physically examining her. Considering the cramps and huge loss of blood, hope seemed useless. Yet, contemplating the nurse's encouraging word, Holly realized hope meant giving one's trials to God, and trusting the outcome to Him. Obstacles can prevent an extra point after a touchdown, yet an attempt is made. Scared and sad, Holly made an attempt by giving her situation to Him - dedicating the baby to Him in prayer, trusting Him for the outcome, and understanding that a miscarriage would be His decision. Immediately after, she was filled with a peace, bleeding ceased, and the baby was okay! Hearing the baby's heartbeat, for the first time, brought her to tears, also surprised looks from the medical staff - she never again saw the nurse who had comforted her.

A few months later, looking into her newborn's eyes for the first time, he stared at her with what she can only describe as "wisdom from heaven", cooed, then just as suddenly, his gaze switched to one of an innocent newborn. She knew from that moment, God had big plans for Jake's life. "Like the football soaring into the end zone for the extra point, hope - rising up to heaven - always brings the best results. It's never pointless." (You have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth. From birth I have relied on you; you brought me forth from my mother's womb. I will ever praise you. Psalm 71: 5-6.) 

Quotes taken from 'First And Goal' (Jake Byrne and Holly Michael, Harvest House Publishers), and Jake Byrne's blog:

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