30 April 2015

Julie Lessman Reviews The Lumberjacks' Ball by Carrie Fancett Pagels - THREE giveaways!!!


Review/Endorsement by Julie Lessman

I'm not exactly sure how she did it (other than raw, unadulterated talent!), but Carrie Fancett Pagels managed to infuse a deep, rich, full-novel feel into her latest novella as few others have been able to do.

I am an author and reader who thrives on a well-woven story, especially one interlaced with a wealth of a colorful cast. You know, those quirky and lovable subordinate characters who surround the hero and heroine -- and the reader -- with a magical feeling of family? This is one of the things I liked best about this remarkable novella, along with the heart-tugging romance, the hint of mystery, and the vivid setting of life and lumber in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, especially Mackinac Island. Not only did I feel like I was there, surrounded by the scent of inland seas, sawdust, and fresh pine, but I missed both the setting and the characters for days on end after turning the last page.

All of Miss Pagels' books are wonderful, but I must say that The Lumberjack's Ball is now my favorite, which tells me not only is Carrie Fancett Pagels a fresh new voice in sweet romance, but an author who simply gets better and better with every single book she pens.

CFP: Thanks SO much, Julie for your wonderful words!!! You've been one of my favorite authors whose work I admire and to receive your endorsement is a huge blessing!!!!

With This Kiss - Historical Collection
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28 April 2015

Diana's Review Of An Empty Cup By Sarah Price

An Empty Cup By Sarah Price                  
Waterfall Press, April 2015

Reviewed By Diana Flowers                  
~5 stars~*****

               Is Your Cup Empty?                

In An Empty Cup, Sarah Price has once again written a unique, heartrending tale of hard lessons learned, and the struggles and burdens of one Amish mother that parallels the harsh realities that many women from all walks of life face as well.

Rosanna Zook was the victim of an abusive and loveless marriage, one in which she totally lost her identity taking care of those around her and trying to keep the peace. Having very little self-esteem or feelings of self worth, Rosanna believes that in order to please God she cannot say "no" to others and wears herself out in the process. When a tragedy occurs she is given a second chance at love with her new husband, Reuben Troyer, a godly man who cherishes her and her two children. But Rosanna lacks the self-confidence and the ability to turn others down and as she gives her life to family, friends, and community there is no time left for herself. She becomes an empty shell of a person, exhausted, and unhappy. When she becomes very ill, she has to confront the ultimate question – can one empty cup fill another? Will she learn the hard way that God wants her life to be blessed by others as well?…and can she unashamedly accept that?

Having lived amongst the Amish, masterful storyteller Sarah Price doesn't present a cookie cutter, cushy view of them but a realistic one. They have problems, vices, and weaknesses just as the Englisch (term used for non-Amish people) do. I know so many well meaning family members, friends, and acquaintances that will thoroughly benefit from reading this wonderfully written, touching novel! God's grace is sufficient and we don't have to work our way into His kingdom. This book is not your typical boy meets girl romance, but it touched me deep down in my soul and will forever remain there. For I also had to overcome many self-esteem issues in my adulthood as the result of growing up under an abusive, alcoholic father. I totally "get" Rosanna and her need for self-affirmation. TOTALLY. Is your cup empty, my friend? Read this compelling story and find out! Highly recommended!


This book may be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local bookstore.

GIVEAWAY: Sarah is graciously giving away a paperback copy of An Empty Cup to one blessed commenter! International entrants -- ebook only.

25 April 2015

Julie Lessman's Grace Like Rain and Pam Hillman's and Cara Lynn James' Novellas Reviewed by Carrie Fancett Pagels

With This Kiss - Historical Collection
With This Kiss -
Historical Collection
April, 2015

Note: I already reviewed Ruth Logan Herne's lovely novella in this collection. In this post I will be reviewing Julie Lessman's novella and Pam Hillman's and Cara Lynn James' novellas.  

GRACE LIKE RAIN by Julie Lessman: The only downside of this novella is that once I had read it, it was over! Loved this story of "Blake the Rake" finally getting his comeuppance via a sweet and reserved secretary who is able to resist his "charming" personality. I'll admit I mostly found him rather funny in Julie's other books--like somebody who thinks he's so "all that" that you know he is bound to get his due, and he does!

Patience is a sweetheart and has her own issues to deal with, much less managing Blake's persistent efforts to get her to go out with him. Julie is known for her high level romantic tension and of course this novella doesn't disappoint!!!

Just when you think maybe, just maybe, things could work out for these two, the other shoe drops. Will they be able to make it past this hurdle? Maybe not. Read and enjoy!!!  Can't wait for Julie's next book!!!

Highly Recommend - 5 Stars!!!

MEETING IN THE MIDDLE by Pam Hillman: Alaina and Curt live next door to each other on farms. But Alana's dad had passed away and so has Curt's wife. Now his sister has left, gotten married, and he's got two little sweeties to take care of by himself. He needs help. BUT Alana knows all the work that has to be done for her crops to be brought it. Yes, Mr. Parker needs his brought in too but his demand that she watch the children and not assist with farm duties grates on her.  Can they find away to work together instead of at odds with one another?

Lovely story!!!

THE INKEEPER’S PROMISE by Cara Lynn James: A family repost in New England is the setting for this charming story. Lydia and her disabled mother are left with a half interest in the fading resort when her step-father dies. He had run the inn and hadn't brought his stepdaughter and wife up to speed on how to manage the place.  Lydia and her mother lived a very marginal life before their move to the resort, which has been like a lifesaver for them.  The other half interest is from the stepfather[s nephew, a young man named Dane, who has spent a lot of time with the loving family over the years and who Lydia has a soft spot in her heart for.  But will his ambition destroy her dream? Will nature and a despicable neighbor destroy all chances of saving the lovely vacation spot?  


CLOSER THAN BROTHERS by Mary Connealy: I did not read this novella as I have visited the site of Andersonville, a confederate prison camp during the Civil War, and I cannot bring myself to read anything about this terribly sad place. If you've ever visited there, you know what I mean.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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23 April 2015

Noela Nancarrow reviews WITH THIS KISS Historical Collection

With This Kiss - Historical Collection
With This Kiss -
Historical Collection
April 10, 2015

Reviewed by Noela Nancarrow
5 Stars *****

Outstanding, original and refreshing, and superbly written! This exceptional collection of novellas from some of the finest Inspirational Historical Romance authors, will give you hours of unsurpassed reading pleasure that lifts your spirit and leaves you smiling!

HIS BELOVED BRIDE by Ruth Logan Herne: This incredibly touching story is dedicated to the courageous pioneers of America. It tells the story of the recently widowed Grace Hawthorne, with a new baby and no shelter or stock. When Phillip Dickerson suddenly discovers he needs a wife and child to receive an inheritance, marrying Grace seems like the perfect solution. Can love grow out of practicality and if so, will it be robust enough to withstand tragedy? This was a truly beautiful, heart-warming tale that had me in tears when I wasn't sighing or smiling. Ruth Logan Herne is an extremely gifted story-teller!

MEETING IN THE MIDDLE by Pam Hillman: An enrapturing story with so much promise and heart that it has you plowing through the pages! Neighbors Alaina Garland and Curt Parker were in a fix. They both needed their cotton crops plowed and hoed in time for harvest but Alaina was hard pressed to do the laborious work by herself and Curt couldn't leave his children alone. He strikes a deal with Alaina to mind his children while he worked both crops. But fulfilling each other’s needs also left them seeing the lack in in their own lives. Could the upcoming harvest bring in more than just cotton? This beautiful romance explores the issues of fear and trust, and delivers the perfect ending!

THE INKEEPER’S PROMISE by Cara Lynn James: The picturesque and tranquil scenery surrounding The Mountain View Inn at Shadow Lake, New Hampshire, seizes your imagination as does the captivating story about this beloved inn and its owners. Lydia and her mother desperately want to keep their inn operating, but when the ambitious co-owner Dane turns up and sees the mess it’s in both physically and financially, the only viable solution is to sell. Can the growing affection between Lydia and Dane be enough for him to give up on his own determined ambitions and find a resolution? Cara is a new author to me, but I so enjoyed this beautiful story on faith and seeking God’s will, that I’ll be seeking out more from this author!

GRACE LIKE RAIN by Julie Lessman: Invigorating and brilliantly witty, this novella excels in saturating your senses with sigh-inducing, lip-curving, and heart-hammering romance, while merging with a spiritually uplifting message of God’s overflowing grace. San Francisco’s most notorious bachelor Blake McClare takes everyone by surprise, including himself when his prim and proper receptionist Patience Peabody captures his elusive heart. How will he ever be able to persuade her to give this ‘rogue’ a chance? The romantic tension was powerful and achingly beautiful, and Julie’s trademark paralyzing twist takes you by surprise once again!

CLOSER THAN BROTHERS by Mary Connealy: This was a real change in pace, and is a riveting and compelling read. ‘Closer than Brothers’ is a prequel to the intriguing and entertaining ‘The Kincaid Brides’ series of books, and I’m sure upon reading this novella you’ll want to grab those too! ‘Closer than Brothers’ predominantly takes place at Andersonville, a confederate prison camp during the Civil War. We see what the characters from Mary Connealy’s later books, endured during this horrific chapter of their lives that had shaped their futures so profoundly. This heart-rending story was remarkably inspiring in watching these men band together in the fight for their lives. And yes, you can still expect kisses in this poignant and stirring tale!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

You will find this delightful Collection on Amazon!

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21 April 2015

Bonnie Roof Reviews 'Grace Like Rain' By Julie Lessman

Grace Like Rain

Reviewed by Bonnie Roof
~5 stars~*****

From the pen of award-winning author Julie Lessman comes the beautiful novella sequel to The Heart of San Francisco series of the McClare family: "Grace Like Rain". The story that many readers have been waiting for, that of son Blake, "the Rake", McClare - Jr. Associate Counsel in his uncle Logan McClare's law firm, and Blake's assistant, Patience Grace "Gracie" Peabody. 

Set in 1905 San Francisco, "Grace Like Rain" begins with a literal bang - of thunder - prompting Patience's spill of hot coffee on Blake,  who is attired in a white shirt. The recurring episodes of spilled coffee, between the two, are but one touch of humor in this delightful story: you'll laugh at the antics of Miss Behave, the parrot; the articulate manner and bottle-thick glasses of 7 year old Eugene Horatio Templeton - a blind "old soul in a child's body" - will make you smile and steal your heart. All of your favorite McClare family members are back: Uncle Logan and wife Caitlyn (Blake's mother), sisters Alli and Meg with their mates, Nick and Bram, cousin Cassie and mate, Jamie, baby sis Maddy and housekeeper Rosie.

While Blake becomes more aware of the beauty and wonderful qualities of his assistant, of 2 years, in "Grace Like Rain", Patience has carried a "hidden" torch for him for some time - yet not letting herself think in terms of a romance due to his lack of faith in God. His playboy reputation is another deterrent to a romantic relationship, especially in the eyes of her grandfather/guardian, Arthur Peabody, retired judge and Logan's former Board of Supervisor peer.

Julie's trademark writing style with it's beautiful family scenes and endearing flawed characters - redeemed by a loving God, abundant passion, heart-throbbing twists, humor and romance, are each present in "Grace Like Rain". It will entertain and inspire, prompt laughter and tears, an unexpected story twist will have you on the edge of your seat - the novella's only downside: I didn't want it to end. Another winner for Julie - with a touching connection to it's title, in the ending - "Grace Like Rain" receives much more than a 5 star rating from me!!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ 
This lovely novella may be purchased through Amazon.
In addition to an ebook giveaway of With This Kiss collection from OWG, Julie Lessman has generously offered a choice of any ONE of her books (choice of format) to one blessed commenter this week!

19 April 2015

Ruth Logan Herne's Novella, "His Beloved Bride," Reviewed by Carrie Fancett Pagels

With This Kiss Historical Collection

His Beloved Bride
April, 2015

5 Stars *****

Loved this story!

With ladies pursuing, him, practical Phillip Dickerson hasn't claimed a bride because he's been too busy!!! BUT he needs a wife and child as a condition to claim his inheritance. Grace Hawthorne is DESPERATE!!! She's likely dying, after losing her husband and having just born a child. She's called on God, alone in the little soddy she's in, when Phillip finds her! SWOON! He rescues her and brings her to his own home to recover. Thank God he listen to that still small voice of God and went after the Grace to check on her and her baby!

I read this story right during the time before I got really ill and had to have gall bladder surgery. I can just imagine how horrid Grace felt and then to have a big strong man come help her (like my hubs did--love you, Jeffrey!) well, it was a fantastic read.

BUT...these two hard-headed people have ISSUES to deal with from their past. I will be honest in that something happens that normally would have stopped me cold, completely, from finishing this story. It is something authors are told never to do in their stories. But it is so organic to the plot and you can see if coming. This is a deep story of overcoming, masterfully told.

Highly recommended!!

Note: We'll be reviewing more novellas from this collection in the weeks ahead on OWG blog!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

You can find this beautiful collection of stories here on Amazon!

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18 April 2015

Noela Nancarrow reviews THE LUMBERJACKS' BALL by Carrie Fancett Pagels

The Lumberjacks’ Ball (The Christy Lumber Camp Series, Book 2)

Reviewed by Noela Nancarrow
5 Stars *****

 In ‘The Lumberjacks Ball’ you’ll be swept off your feet as you read about the lives surrounding the men and women in and around the lumber camps, in the yesteryear of logging and Balls. This is a beautiful, inspiring story of choosing hope, love, and faith, over fear, and in following God’s signposts along life’s pathways, as these wonderful characters embark on new beginnings.

The community of St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is beginning to pulse with talk of the upcoming Lumberjacks' Ball. Along with a new name, the pretty but very drably-dressed Rebecca Hart yearns to make a new and safe life for herself in this small, scenic city. After narrowly surviving an unimaginable horror visited upon her a decade ago, she still jumps at every shadow. Can Rebecca find liberty from fear and a relationship she can trust, in order to attend this Ball? When lumberman and gifted craftsman Garrett Christy chips away at her barriers, Rebecca finds herself in uncharted territory. Can she let go of the past and brave the future? But what happens when the past she’s running from threatens the present?

This sweet, romantic tale captured my imagination, and my time, with the charming, authentic, and very relatable characters of Rebecca and Garrett. The picturesque landscapes of Michigan and Mackinac Island offered the perfect backdrop to this irresistible love story, and further enhanced by the inspiring message of following God’s leading. Highly recommended!  

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

You can find this wonderful story on AMAZON for a bargain!

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17 April 2015

Diana's Review Of The Lumberjacks' Ball By Carrie Fancett Pagels & Bachelors in Springtime Event!!

Hearts Overcoming Press, Apr. 2015

Reviewed by Diana Flowers
~5 stars~
Romance Among The Pines!
From the massive pines of the Michigan lumber camps to the seagulls gathering crumbs near the docks in Mackinaw City, comes another endearing romance from the pen of author Carrie Fancett Pagels.
Rebecca Hart has taken on a new identity and a dowdy appearance as she endeavors to run her father's mercantile in St. Ignace, Michigan, vowing never to marry or even get close to any man - ever. However, the devastating trauma that occurred to her many years prior, draws her to the handsome lumberjack turned cabinet maker when they surprisingly realize the incident connects them. Garrett aka Ox, feels the need to protect Rebecca and rightfully so, as a sinister force seeks to wind its way around her once again. Can Rebecca ever learn to trust Garrett and God's plans for her life in time for the Lumberjacks' Ball?
In this wonderful sequel to The Fruitcake Challenge, Ms. Pagels has artfully written a lovely story of overcoming tragedy and learning to trust again. With an utterly charming cast of characters, a bit of suspense, and a whole lot of romantic tension, readers everywhere will be enchanted by The Lumberjacks' Ball! In my mind's eye I could hear the squawking of the seagulls, and see the majestic beauty of the pine forests and the quaint town of St. Ignace, as the author's research permeated my senses. With a lump in my throat and tears beginning to form at the satisfying conclusion, I sighed...and knew once again I had read a powerfully anointed story by Carrie Fancett Pagels. 
This book may be purchased through Amazon for a meager 99 cents so order your copy today!
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Join the Bachelors in Springtime!!! A Multi-Author Event! today from 10-6 featuring our own Carrie Fancett Pagels and other talented authors! MEET the authors and hear about their new books! Giveaways! Games! Recipes! Pictures related to stories! Sample scenes from books!

16 April 2015

Bonnie Roof reviews 'THE LUMBERJACKS' BALL' by Carrie Fancett Pagels

The Lumberjacks' Ball
The Lumberjacks' Ball
by Carrie Fancett Pagels
Hearts Overcoming Press (April 4, 2015)

Reviewed by Bonnie Roof
5 Stars *****

"The Lumberjacks' Ball", book 2 in The Christy Lumber Camp series by Carrie Fancett Pagels, is a beautiful story of forgiveness, hope, and inspiration - wrought through faith in a loving God.

In this continuation of the 1891 story of Garrett "Ox" Christy from book 1, "The Fruitcake Challenge" - readers also have the pleasure of revisiting his sister Jo and fiance' Tom Jeffries, and brother Richard "Moose" Christy. When Garrett ventures from working in his father's lumber camp - into the town of St. Ignace, Michigan - in favor of work focusing on his woodworking talents, he is reconnected with a friend from his past, when he applies for a job at her fathers' newly opened mercantile store, at which she is the proprietress. He is later surprised to find his friend is also a new boarder of the same hotel - owned by Tom's mother, Cordelia - as he.

Rebecca Jane "Janie" Daggenhart, now using the name, Rebecca Hart, was rescued 10 years prior, from a brutal assault, by Garrett and Richard. Garrett is a reminder of the past she is unwilling to face, bringing up unwelcome memories, and discouraging the opening of her heart to a friendship with any male. Hiding behind drab clothing and a severe hairstyle, since her attack, she has recently relocated to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to escape the hold of her money-hungry, controlling father. Garrett has been attracted to Janie since he was a child, tagging along with his brother and father to shop at her fathers' other mercantile store. As Janie slowly starts to warm to Garrett's protective, gentle nature - ominous events point to the possibility of the re-emergence of Janie's attacker.

"The Lumberjacks' Ball" has enjoyable elements for every reader: romance, suspense, humor, lovable characters, inspiration, and an engaging plot. You'll fall in love with kind, sensitive Garrett, lumber camp driver - Frenchie Brevort - will put a smile on your face and young Amy will steal your heart. So much to love about "The Lumberjacks' Ball", I'm looking forward to book 3 in the series - "Lilacs For the Lumber Camp"!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can pick up a copy of this fabulous story from Amazon!

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15 April 2015

Noela Nancarrow reviews HIS BELOVED BRIDE by Ruth Logan Herne

With This Kiss Historical Collection

His Beloved Bride
(With This Kiss Historical Collection)
April 10, 2015

Reviewed by Noela Nancarrow
5 Stars *****

A truly beautiful love story..

This incredibly charming story is dedicated to the courageous pioneers who helped settle and shape America, perhaps never realizing the great cost that would often be debited from their lives. ‘His Beloved Bride’ poignantly portrays the laudable bravery found in these folk, but then also shows the crushing heartbreak that’s just as much a part of this challenging time in history.

The likable, straight-talking, no-nonsense Phillip Dickerson needs a wife and child so he’s able to claim his inheritance. What with working so hard on his large land claim, he’s had no time to even think about courting. So when he overhears that Grace Hawthorne is widowed and alone with an infant and is lacking proper shelter, food, and fuel, Phillip naturally sees marriage as a solution to both their dilemmas. Can love grow out of practicality and if so, will it be robust enough to withstand tragedy?

I don’t know that I've ever smiled so often or for so long while reading before! Those smiles were provoked by the entertaining story-telling, the sigh-worthy devotion and love... Then moments later, I was in tears! Author Ruth Logan Herne has truly done a masterful job of evoking emotions for her characters. She also effortlessly inspires and uplifts the reader with this deeply beautiful and heart-warming tale, reminding us to always trust in God’s goodness and grace. Highly recommended!!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

You can find this beautiful collection of stories here on Amazon!

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14 April 2015

Carrie's review of Ruth Logan Herne's Novella All Dressed Up in Love, A March Wedding

All Dressed Up in Love by Ruth Logan Herne
Zondervan Publishing, Feb. 2015

This was such a sweet read! I completed it in an evening. The setting is Elena's Bridal shop in Old City Philadelphia. (BTW, I have an upcoming release set partially in colonial Philly!) Tara Simonetti strides into the store and takes attorney Greg Elizondo by surprise when she proposes to work in the shop. She's an answer to prayer, but he doesn't understand that at first!  His mother has owned the exclusive Elena's Bridal for decades but when his mother passes away he realizes the store hasn't been keeping up with changes in the industry in order to keep competitive.

The bibliotherapy element I got out of this novella was how to face up to the fact that God has other plans for your life even when you think you've invested too much time and money to change. In this case, the heroine is a third year law student but clearly is best-suited for running a bridal shop. Lucky for her, the hero owns one. He has to realize that his plans for a big city job in NYC might not be best. But will they realize these things in time? Do they really have a chance together?

* * * * *

Find this beautiful book at any of these places - Amazon, CBD, Barnes & Noble 
And here is the link to Ruthy's website: 

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12 April 2015

Ruth Logan Herne Interview by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Author Ruth Logan Herne

Ruthy, welcome to Overcoming With God.  We appreciate your willingness to share your testimony of overcoming with our readers. 

Would you tell us about the most difficult thing in your life you have had to overcome, with God’s help?
Hmm… well I’m never big into degrees of difficulty! Life issues chances and challenges and I’ve always believed that using everything God gave me to the best of my ability was the expectation, you know? I’ve got a great story about dealing with my parents’ alcoholism in “The Power of Forgiveness”, in December’s “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. I love that they grabbed that story and featured it because forgiveness is the key to so much. We weigh ourselves down with a lot of baggage when we hold onto grudges and angers. Resentment anchors us in darkness and I’ve always preferred the light of joy for that very reason! My faith sustained me as a child, I was blessed by the kindness and high expectations of a great Catholic school, and I knew that if I could hang on… become an adult… I could carve my own paths, my own way, with God’s help. And I did!

What passages in the Bible have been most helpful to you in those times?
Ecclesiastes 3 is my mainstay for everyday living. I believe that for everything there is a season, and God wants us to identify those seasons/times and live peacefully while benefitting others. Pope Francis recently tweeted (I love that the Pope tweets!!!) that charity is the best way to evangelize. Simple words, a great truth. Actions speak louder than words. Have you guys ever heard the beautiful hymn “Make My Life an Alleluia”?
I love it, here’s a link to a quartet of girls from the Philippines who do an amazingly sweet version of this beautiful song. These words are how I want to live my life, being the best example I can be in everyday things. We all know that old saying “Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words.” I love that! I’m smiling, just thinking of those sage words! I’m a Martha type, and we like to act first, beg forgiveness later! J
I have two favorite New Testament verses, both rally around forgiveness. When Jesus challenges the crowd to throw the first stone and no one dares lift a hand to curse the accused woman… How powerful is that image? To have the mirror held to our own faces? And then the command to forgive seventy times seven. Oh my stars, we get so up in arms over perceived slights. Little things. We’re kind of ridiculous really, from time to time, so I love keeping that image of warmth and forgiveness front and center.

Disability friendliness: Is this latest release available in audio format or do you have any other works available on audio?  Do your e-books have audio capability? Do you have any in large print? 
This is an interesting question! All of my Love Inspired books are available in large print version when they’re on the sale shelves of stores, or for a few months online, but once those are gone… They’re gone! Which is why I’m so blessed to have e-copies of all of my work now. It’s so easy to increase the font size, enjoy the story with little or no eye strain, and the new generation e-readers are just plain fun. None of my books have been brought out in audio as yet!

In this latest work, do you have any topics useful for bibliotherapy, or therapeutic influence through reading about a disorder or situation?  

It’s hard for me to specify a “latest work” right now, and I’ll happily tell you why! We had two delightful holiday collections release in November (Hope for the Holidays Contemporary and Hope for the Holidays Historical collections on Amazon) and I had a 4-Star reviewed Love Inspired release in December and I’m part of a historical novella collection that just released from Barbour Publishing “Homestead Brides”… Just delightful!
I have a charming Zondervan novella releasing in three weeks, set in Old City, Philadelphia, a place I love. I love the rich history of Philadelphia, the image of how many people fought and sacrificed for our freedom. 

“All Dressed Up in Love” is funny, charming and heart-warming and shows the difficulties of obeying two masters, God and money…. But also that we need to keep our hearts and souls open to God’s direction!

In “Her Holiday Family” Tina Martinelli is part of an angry, dysfunctional family. Estranged from the few local members of her family, and with her parents deceased and her popular cafĂ© burned to the ground by arsonists, Tina is ready to wipe the dust of her hometown off her sassy boots. But timing is everything in God’s world, and when her dear friends need her to help run their family hardware business while the owner fights cancer, she agrees. And when their son realizes it’s time to lay the guilt of the past to rest and come home to help his parents, they realize they’re meant for each other… but Tina doesn’t think she can stay and Max knows he can’t leave…. Resentment, guilt, anger and assumptions played a big role in messing up Tina’s family, but can she be strong enough to break the cycle?
Of course she can!

Question you’d like to ask readers:
Do you have a to-die-for recipe you should be sharing with me? Because I love to cook and bake and when you’re the mother of six and grandmother of thirteen, you love to try new things!

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09 April 2015

Five Star Reviews for The Lumberjacks' Ball - Angi Griffis, Ann Ellison,and Britney Adams

Love Those Christy's
Angi Griffis
Another sweet story from Carrie Fancett Pagels! Book Two in The Christy Lumber Camp Series, The Lumberjacks’ Ball follows the budding romance between Garrett Christy and Rebecca Daggenhart and takes us beyond the lumber camp and into the town of St Ignace, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Garrett and Rebecca have something in common…a terrible event from Rebecca’s past. Garrett wants to court her, but trust doesn’t come easy for Rebecca, especially when her past threatens to haunt her again. In each of their circumstances, Rebecca and Garrett must learn how to place their trust in God. If you enjoy sweet Christian romance stories, you won’t want to miss this!

Britney Adams

The Lumberjacks’ Ball is a wonderful short novel! Carrie Fancett Pagels is a terrific wordsmith, evoking imagery and emotion from the first words until the last. She skillfully brings her beautiful setting, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to life, as well as her endearing characters. Brimming with drama, intrigue, and romance, Rebecca and Garrett’s story is captivating!

Loved It!
Ann Ellison

I loved the first book in this series (The Fruitcake Challenge) and I loved this one every bit as much. It is a wonderful combination of faith and romance combined with some suspense that makes for a very enjoyable read.. I was caught up in the lives of Rebecca and Garrett from the first pages as they tried to overcome the tragic events of the past to find their future together. I certainly recommend this to anyone who enjoys good Christian historical fiction. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series (Lilacs for the Lumber Camp).

CFP:  Thanks so much Ann, Angi, and Britney!!!

Guess what, The Fruitcake Challenge cover is getting a makeover! It will look more like The Lumberjacks’ Ball's cover. What do you think of the new cover? Right now, due to a glitch, The Fruitcake Challenge is on sale for only 99 cents and also made its way back onto the Bestselling list this past week, Praise the Lord! Although the books are stand alones, I think you'll enjoy The Lumberjacks’ Ball better if you first read book one, The Fruitcake Challenge.

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New upcoming cover for The Fruitcake Challenge by Carrie Fancett Pagels, Book One in The Christy Lumber Camp Series

07 April 2015

They Call Her Mrs. Sheriff by Cynthia Hickey - Reviewed by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Mrs Sheriff final
They Call Her Mrs. Sheriff by Cynthia Hickey

My Review
When a part-native American sheriff's widow sees the opportunity to restart her life, she hauls her two small children and her mother to a small town known for driving off their lawmen. And I do mean, lawMEN. Because they were not expecting a lady. But a woman is what they got. I love how Cynthia sets up the story so you can see exactly why there is the potential for a "Mrs. Sheriff," as they call her, to her chagrin.

Wilhemina was a delightful heroine full of spunk and the hero was her match! I love spunky heroines and I think they are kind of hard to write so I admire what Cynthia did in developing Willie.

I really enjoyed this ebook! I kept reading this engaging story every night to see what would happen. It was hard to stop reading because there was action in every chapter and great hooks. I kept carving time from my evenings so I could return to the story. So when you buy this book make sure you set aside time to read it through that next week!

Highly recommend!! This book will be on my Best of 2015 List!!!

Wilhemina Jackson, widowed mother of two, answers an advertisement in the newspaper for a sheriff in Wild Horse Pass, Montana. She uses the name Willie Jack in order to disguise her identity as a woman and soon receives a telegram saying she’s hired for the job. Along with her children, mother, and a giant of a dog, she loads up the wagon and makes the long ride from Kansas.

Wild Horse Pass is a picturesque town in the mountains with high standards and no law. The people are surprised to see a woman arrive as their sheriff, but are so desperate for someone to enforce the law, they decide to let her stay after she proves to them what a good shot she is with a rifle. All the former male sheriffs have always moved on to bigger and better pastures: especially since the town’s people consider the sheriff’s business their own and have no qualms about saying so.

Thomas Miller, livery owner and blacksmith, is ready for a sheriff to step in and take over law enforcement for the vigilantes, but he’s not excited about the arrival of a leather-wearing, split-skirt, woman sheriff. Especially one pretty enough to grace a tea room back east.

No matter how quaint the town looks, Wild Horse Pass is a wild and dangerous place with many secrets. The folks may seem quirky, eccentric, and God-fearing, but their nosiness causes plenty of problems and feuds, despite the local pastor’s and Tom’s attempts to lead them down the right path.

Can Willie and Tom lay aside their differences to find out what really matters?

Cynthia Hickey made The Lumberjacks' Ball cover  
By the way, Cynthia created the covers for my books The Fruitcake Challenge and The Lumberjacks' Ball (just released, praise God!) and did a great job!

Cynthia is a busy lady with lots of other great books to check out, too, like her Christmas Traditions novella, Handcarved Christmas, which I also loved. I'm looking forward to reading more of Cynthia's books on Amazon! Also check out her website.

GIVEAWAYS: An e-book copy of They Call Her Mrs. Sheriff  PLUS a copy of The Lumberjacks' Ball.

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