21 May 2012

Diana Flowers' Summer Reading List!

This week our format is different.  Carrie is the ACFW BookClub Discussion Facilitator for MaryLu Tyndall's Surrender the Dawn. Are you a member?  Put "BC" on your comment AND send a comment to the ACFW
Book Club to get counted 5 times for the drawing!  Comment here and on the Bookclub posting for the rest of the week and that gives you, well.... you do the math, lol -- lots of chances!!!

Summer Reads – Consensus

Carrie and Diana both were privileged to read advance copies of Veil of Pearls by MaryLu Tyndall (July 1, 2012) and Marian and Teresa are also reading!!!

DIANA's list: By order of release!
An Uncommon Grace by Serena Miller      (April)
Mary's Blessing by Lena Nelson Dooley is on both Carrie’s and Diana’s lists. Diana will have a review up soon.                    (May, 2012)
Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren      (June 1)
The Forgiven Duke by Jamie Carie             (July 1)

These are Diana’s reads and Carrie’s “eye” reads.  Will post my audiobook listens later in the week. 

We’re not sure if we will receive this for summer but all four of us will read Love’s Reckoning by Laura Frantz (September 1, 2012 – CBD says they have it available 8-15, though.)

Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of one MaryLu Tyndall’s books! Are any of your summer reads on Diana's list?   


  1. Love Diana's reading list for the summer, I'm interested in Jamie Carie's The Forgiven Duke :)

    Thanks so much for the chance to win one of MaryLu Tyndall's books, LOVE her books!!
    Veil of Pearls is DEFINITELY on my TBR list and one I have my eye on, that's so great you got advanced copies!!!

    My summer reads so far will be:
    A Familiar Shore by Jennifer Fromke
    The Ride of Her Life by Lorna Seilstad
    Torn by Ellyn Gibbs
    The Grimoire: Lichgates by S.M. Boyce
    When the Smoke Clears by Lynette Eason
    Golden by Cameron Dokey
    Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey
    The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick
    and this is not including others I'll be reviewing :) I also started a wishlist on my blog- of books I don't have yet that I'm going for.....karathewriter.blogspot.com
    Thanks again for the giveaway and for sharing your reading list, very nice :)
    Blessings, Kara

  2. KARA, you have quite a list there! Awesome! I will be reviewing Maggie's Journey, btw, CARRIE, and Teresa will review Mary's Blessing for the blog, but of course my review of Mary's Blessing will be up on Amazon and CBD. A wonderful series!!

  3. LOL Diana, yes my list is extensive :) I just recently caught up on all my reviews and the above mentioned list are books that were put aside so I'm looking forward to finally reading them.
    Looking forward to your reviews, sounds like a good summer plan :)

  4. I wish I could say I have caught up on all my reviews, KARA! Especially, Net Galley. But I'm pretty much up to date on N G, coinciding with release date of books. So I'm good!

  5. Never thought about having a summer list of books to read. I think I should start one! Veil of Pearls by MaryLu Tyndall will definitely be one of them! :)

  6. I've already read The Forgiven Duke... it was very good!! Just waiting on the last one now!!

    Veil of Pearls is definitely on my summer reading list!

  7. Hi Diana, I love your list! I already entered yesterday and I couldn't tell if we're supposed to enter everyday to increase our chances of winning or if it's a one time entry. Thanks again for the giveaway and I love seeing what everyone is reading! Megan S.

  8. TRACY, that was easily one of my all time favorite books! Best ever by ML Tyndall IMO.

  9. *sigh* I'm not a member. I have wanted to read ANYTHING by MaryLu Tyndall!!! Everyone I know says she's a great author, and I have yet to read anything by her.

  10. PWNMOM, I have the last one on my kindle-can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  11. I'm definitely excited for Love's Reckoning! I just bought Short-Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer today and can't wait to get started on my summer reading list!


  12. MEGAN, you may come over and comment as much as you like. We love having you here!

  13. THEINTERVIEWGIRL, you have been missing out! I hope you win one here, but please come back and leave an email so we can find you. :)

  14. LIZ, I'm with you! I always wait with bated breath on Laura Frantz's books!

  15. Veil of Pearls is on my list, I wanted to get Serena Miller's but haven't been able to.
    I haven't read any of Tyndall's others, but I probably will!

    Others to be read soon:
    Wildflowers from Winter by Katie Ganshert
    Hunter's Prize by Mrcia Gruver
    The River Rose by Gilbert Morris

    marieburton2004 at yahoo dot com

  16. Liz, Short-Straw Bride is another one I'm looking forward to, thanks for mentioning it!

    InterviewGirl, I'm not a member either, but at least we can enter here. Have you tried the library? My library allows suggestions for purchase so if they don't carry it, they can order what you request. Hope you get to read Tyndall's books this summer, they are a treat :) I think netgalley also has it available if you're a blogger, but I'm going for the print edition :)

  17. MARIE, I love Marcia Gruver's books as well, and am expecting an arc soon of Hunter's Prize. We have got to get a copy of one of MaryLu's in your hands. Once you read one, you have to read the rest. You are sure to love Veil of Pearls!

  18. "An Uncommon Grace" and "Mary's Blessing" are on my summer reading list. I'd love an opportunity to win MaryLu's new book. Thank you for offering this contest!

  19. Hi, NANCEE! Extra entries for you, dear follower! :) Here's hoping for a win for you.

  20. I would love to win a copy of Veil of Pearls.

  21. LENA, you will love it! MaryLu's best book to date. Thank you for stopping by, and we are looking forward to our Lena Nelson Dooley week here on OTT soon!

  22. I didn't know Serena Miller had a new book out, will have to add it to my list!


  23. I'm looking forward to Veil of Perls as well.
    I just (3 books ago) finished Surrender the Heart. I LOVE MaryLu's style of writing!

  24. PATTY, I'm convinced you will love Serena's new book!

  25. ANGELA, I agree. We all love MaryLu's books over here at OTT! Also, ANGELA, you can enter again on my review (see newer post) and put BC for another chance to win.

  26. Nancee is our first winner this week!

    NANCEE - random.org, and GOD!, loves you! You are a winner again! CONGRATS! Pick any of MaryLu's ebooks! Would like to suggest Surrender the Dawn, this week ACFW Book Club discussion! Blessings!

  27. I can't wait for Veil of Pearls to come out!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. MIRANDA, IMO Marylu's best to date! Thanks for stopping by!

  30. Congrats Nancee!! Get ready for a great adventure with MaryLu's story, enjoy it :)

    Diana, ALL the reviews I've seen around facebook and the blogosphere say the same thing....Veil of Pearls is her best yet!! Go MaryLu :)

  31. Thank you so much for including An Uncommon Grace. I'm honored to be on your list!

  32. SERENA, I would highly recommend An Uncommon Grace to all Amish fiction lovers, but to everyone, really. Really a nice read! Thanks for stopping by!


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