03 January 2012

The Chamomile by Susan Craft

The Chamomile by Susan Craft

Adventure in the Colonies!
Review by Diana L. Flowers

Susan sweeps us away on a colonial journey to British-occupied Charlestown, SC. in the year 1780, a time of danger and mixed loyalities. Even though the British require Lilyan Cameron and her brother Andrew to sign a document of loyalty to the British Crown, they are true-blue patriots...willing to give their lives if necessary, for freedom from oppressive British rule. Andrew ends up a prisoner on a notorious British ship, and Lilyan must somehow find a way to rescue him...with the help of one handsome, charming Nicholas Xanthakos, a scout with Francis Marian.

Lilyan becomes a spy, putting her life and those around her in much danger, including her life-long Cherokee friend, Elizabeth, who is almost raped by a British officer. Will she be able to rescue Andrew from the ship where starvation and deprivation rule?...and what huge role does the "chamomile" play in helping the Patriot spies to communicate one with another? As Lilyan escapes to the wilderness to avoid bounty hunters, will she be reunited with the one she loves?

I was truly impressed with Susan's knowledge of colonial-era history, and I feel like this book would appeal to Heartsong historical fiction lovers everywhere! I admit to being disappointed in the fact that Lilyan and Nicholas had barely had a conversation, and he was already addressing her in terms of endearment. The romance happened too quickly and appeared a bit rushed, but there is indeed such a thing as love at first sight! Nice job, Susan Craft!

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