03 January 2012

Review by Carrie Fancett Pagels of The Chamomile by Susan Craft

(Ingalls Publishing Group, 2011)
Five Stars *****

“A Treasure Trove of Colonial History”

I am going to gush. I just finished reading Susan Craft's book.  It is not a CBA book, but this is an amazing inspirational book.  It is a historical with strong romantic elements, not a historical romance.  Susan has a command of South Carolina history that is remarkable and it shows on every page.  

This book is like a treasure trove of American Revolution and colonial history relevant to South Carolina and unlike anything I have ever read.  The closest thing might be The Frontiersman’s Daughter, Laura Frantz's labor of love which is set in Kentucke.  Laura spent years researching The Frontiersman’s Daughter as did Susan in her  research for The Chamomile. You simply must read it and if you have not read The Frontiersman’s Daughter you need to read that, too.
I was thinking that Susan might be the Liz Curtis Higgs of South Carolina historical (American Revolution) fiction – she gives that much attention to detail.  Just a treasure trove of information along with a tight story and excellent charactertization.  Loved it and did not want to finish this book. 

Bravo Susan!!!

Giveaway: Copy of The Chamomile to one commenter - will do the giveaway on my birthday, January 5th.  This book was like a gift to me.


  1. Susan Craft said...
    Thank you, Carrie. I'm so pleased that you like The Chamomile and very thankful for your encouragement. This week, I'm starting the editing process with Susan Lohrer on the sequel to The Chamomile, entitled Laurel. I'm actually looking forward to it as Susan is a delight to work with--great insight, sound suggestions, a gentle way of offering criticism.

  2. Great review Carrie, since I live in SC I really want to read this book. Susan thank you for all the hard work that went into it. :)

  3. Happy Birthday...a wonderful review...thanks for the chance to read this story :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  4. Susan is a new author for me but I know I will love her book. I am from Georgia but remember vacations at the beach in South Carolina. Thanks for the great review and opportunity to enter giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com


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