30 November 2010

Simple Elegance Cookbook

Book Review

Author: Angela Breidenbach

Westbow Press, A Division of Thomas Nelson Publishing



Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance: How to Create Simple, Elegant, & Inexpensive Meals


This is Angie Breidenbach's second cookbook. I have not read the first, but she indicated in the introduction that she wrote Simple Elegance in response to readers' requests for an easy way to make wonderful meals for their families in a reasonable amount of time. That sounds like everyone's wish to me! Not only did Ms. Breidenbach deliver on that front, but she also includes what I find to be the most important feature of this book – suggestions and management for people with inflammatory conditions such as celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome. There are many people with other autoimmune conditions, such as arthritis, who suffer periodic issues with their digestive systems, e.g., during a flare up, and they would do well to pick up a copy of this book, also.

What makes this book different is the "Angie factor". Ms. Breidenbach has the ability to distill complex information down into digestible chunks that are easily understood. This is not an easy feat. Psychologists look at this as the ability to both analyze and synthesize information. Some people are gifted in one area but it is rare to see both abilities be so strong. But I digress. Why is that important in this book? She includes information in the front and back of the book that is worth the cost of it ($20.95, per the cover) even if there were no recipes included!


Summarized in the front are five pages of tips on simple, elegant cooking. Prior to any holiday baking, it would be a great idea to whip this book out and review those. Every recipe is also coded for IBS, gluten intolerance/celiac, and weight loss. In the back of the book there are seven pages/twenty five tips for managing inflammatory bowel conditions, and a page of "difficult" foods to avoid, as well as a section citing helpful websites.


Summary: Strongly recommend for people with inflammatory conditions (of all types) that, either periodically or regularly, affect their digestive systems.




Disclosure: I received this cookbook as part of a wonderful gift package I won through a Facebook online Simple Elegance party I "attended" last month. Psst! I also have one in my Amazon cart, though!


  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! My goal is to really help people with Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance and make this cookbook something that brings freedom and joy back into people's lives. I am excited you feel it is able to do that!
    May your table and life overflow with joy!

  2. Wonderful review, Carrie. I truly enjoyed the first cookbook and look forward to owning this one as well!

  3. Missy, thank you. I'm thrilled to hear you like it!

  4. Thanks, Missy, What is your favorite recipe from the first book?

  5. Wow!!! I love the whole concept of this cookbook. I collect cookbooks and this is truly unique. I love to cook and cooking meals that are simple, elegant, & inexpensive is right up my alley.

  6. Hey Carrie,

    As far as I'm concerned the "Angie factor" alone is worth the price of the book, but tips on "Simple, Elegant, & Inexpensive Meals"??? I'm SO there ...


  7. Angie's cookbook sounds excellent and so important for so many people to check out. Inflammation seems to be so common in people these days. It also seems like so many have Celiac and IBS and haven't realized it.


  8. Jo, You are so right. This is a timely book. Lanita, I usually get either old cookbooks or something specific to my allergies and for health management. Julie, good to see you over here - yes, how can you not love Angie? I wish I could synthesize info like she does!

  9. Great review. Oh my I'd love to try some of these recipes :) Pleas enter me.


  10. Please throw my name in the hat for this tasty book!

    Blessings -
    andrealschultz at gmail dot com

  11. Well, I have a winner, using Random.org, but there is a little confusion as I had two people who emailed me because of the way I rearranged the blog and have my most popular posts at the top now.

  12. This sounds like a great addition for my cookbook collection. I look forward to reading it and trying some of the recipes. I will especially look at those for arthritis!

  13. The winner of Angela Breidenbach's Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance is Pat Rowland. Despite my blog tinkering and blogger sputterings, Pat hung in there! Congratulations, Pat!

  14. Are you my blog follower? Leave a comment on any of my blog posts now through Christmas eve. Three of my followers (except my one family member who follows me!) will be entered to win a new Christian fiction book.


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