23 November 2010

My Characters' Thanksgiving Dinner

My Story World characters, who live on the frontier of Virginia in the 18th century might have a pretty good Thanksgiving feast.

Sarah and Suzanne would likely serve up:

-Root vegetables, possibly roasted, seasoned with salt and rosemary
-Squash/pumpkin with molasses, ginger and cloves, baked like a casserole with some milk and eggs beat into it

-Roasted venison, smoked and baked ham with honey

-Journey cake baked with cornmeal

-Suzanne, who is French, would make an apple pastry with a flaky crust

-Johan, German, would ask for sausages

-William, Indian/French/English wants succotash

Sarah, who has very poor vision and has mostly lived on the frontier, just wants her ten brothers to do all the carrying and cleaning up and could care less what will be served as long as she can sit down and enjoy it! Hmm, I guess I relate most to her!


  1. Wonderful post, Carrie. I think Lael would be quite at home at your table! Am wondering who she would enjoy sitting by? Maybe William, I'm guessing:) I'm a fan of succotash myself. This is such a fun, creative idea that I wish I'd thought of it myself! Bless you and yours this holiday season. You are a huge blessing to me!

  2. Thanks for the post, Laura, and you and Lael are welcome any time! Captain Jack would probably slip in and she'd pass him some food. He could even join them. Sarah would be very taken with him and William might make sure he sat between her and Captain Jack!

  3. LOL:) It sure is fun to imagine, Carrie:) But then you make everything fun!


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