11 June 2019

Empty Nests & New Release!

When we returned from Europe recently, we soon found that a mother Robin had made a nest atop our front entryway light! An unconventional place for our yard (we have lots of nests in various huge mature trees we have in our yard) and I wasn't real happy with mama bird!
She had already deposited three beautiful blue eggs into her nest. I gave a big sigh and told my husband. We ordinarily go out the back of our house. Now going out our own front door was an issue because it scared mama bird off the nest. Another big sigh.
And if I accidentally came out the front door they started squawking as if I was mama bird and gonna give them some yummy worms to eat. Ummmm, not!!! The one on the right always had his or her little beak open when I accidentally exited through my very own front door.
Then I got this rather sweet sigh-worthy shot! The baby robins were maturing! They were getting ready to fly on their own! This was so cool!  Meanwhile, I had my very own book baby trying to make its way finally into the world.

Mercy in a Red Cloak is a story I worked on for almost a decade. Unlike these robins, the hatched notion for my baby took a long time from egg to flight! I feel like my hero, Shadrach Clark, has finally flown off on his own!

Then, one day recently when I took a picture of the nest with my iPhone, look what I found! The nest was empty! I told my husband. Shortly thereafter, my own book baby took flight off to Kindle world. I don't know where the robins are, but I do know that my story is now out there ready to fly all over the world!
Giveaway: A Kindle copy of Mercy in a Red Cloak to one of my readers. Answer this question: Have you had a transition or a nest that has emptied recently? What kind of situation was it?


  1. I have had the opposite pleasure. My eldest daughter and her husband, who have been living in Mexico came home to stay with me for a while. (I have a guest apartment on my property, so they still have their privacy and I have mine). It is so much fun to have them here. I am blessed.

  2. Congratulations on your release Carrie! I really enjoyed Mercy in a Red Cloak.
    Blessings, Tina

  3. I love your robin's nest pictures. We always had a robin's nest (in viewing distance) until the tree was infected and the town cut it down.
    I'm happy you will get to use your door now. I was also very happy to read Shad and Mercy's story.

  4. Our 25 year old daughter is in the process of buying her first home. She is excited and we are for her as well. She went to college across the country for 4 years so it has been nice to have her home for a bit. We have one other daughter at home who is also transitioning to spreading her wings as well. I know this is the beginning of moving towards 'empty nesters'. I am looking forward to this stage in life with mixed emotions. I am so thankful both of our girls love Jesus and are seeking to follow His direction. It makes transition much easier.

    Congratulations, Carrie, on your new book, Mercy in a Red Cloak! Love the cover and the story-line sounds great!! Thank you for the chance to win a Kindle copy! :) ~Alison Boss

  5. Carrie, Congratulations on your release of Mercy in a Red Cloak! I loved this story.

  6. Congratulations on the birthday of your new book ,especially after all this time! Like the robins I'm sure the story will bring beauty and inspiration to many!

  7. Two years ago, when we left Colorado, the hardest thing ever was saying goodbye to our oldest son. He chose to stay in Colorado. While I think it was a good decision for him, because he felt he needed to prove to himself that he could live on his own, it was still hard to drive away. We are so proud of him for carving out his own life. He is now making plans to move back east, closer to us, in the next year or so.

  8. Hi Carrie, I'm 68 and experiencing transitions ALL THE TIME, from people I know dying to beloved celebrities to something as mundane as Sears closing. My sister is selling our family home, and that is bringing up all kinds of emotion, things I thought I was done with. AND technology. We live in New England and we can't even get paper Red Sox tickets any more, it is all on the phone. And what am I going to do with all those VCR tapes. My children live nearby and I see them often, but I know how I'd feel if I didn't. At this time in my life I am clinging to Christ, the only constant in my life.
    But I still have my health and I'm starting over at the bottom of a brand-new profession, so there's that.
    Please enter me in the drawing.
    Kathy Bailey
    "A Home For the Heart"


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