18 October 2016

How to Catch a Prince by Rachel Hauck - Audiobook Review

How to Catch a Prince - Royal Wedding Series, Book 3
(Print book from Zondervan.)
by Rachel Hauck 
Oasis Audio
Audiobook Review

Five Stars *****

How to Catch a GREAT Listen!!! 

By Carrie Fancett Pagels

How I missed this audiobook when it released in 2015, I do not know! But I think it is because it came out right before I had major emergency surgery that put me in the hospital for a while. But, was I ever happy to discover that I had this title in my Audible.com library collection!!! I just listened to it this past weekend.

This is a Christian contemporary romance set initially in America and later abroad in the fictional kingdom of Brighton. I saw one person give a low rating online because the story was Christian. That's what I love about Rachel's books, besides them being so well written -- she doesn't shy away from rock solid faith.  

Spoiler alert: I want to say I love, love, loved two very "special" characters in this book who weren't actually of the earthly realm. Extremely well done use of these angelic characters in the storyline.

Bibliotherapy: Survivor's guilt, PTSD, keeping secrets, loss of a sibling, loss of a friend, parental grieving, and a few more!

Narrator: The narrator did an excellent job. There were a couple of times when I'm pretty sure she mispronounced words, i.e., I don't think those were the British pronunciations either. But she had an enthusiasm for the story that showed.

What a unique twist to have a prince be the survivor of a military attack on his unit. He blames himself for the deaths of his friends. His case of survivor guilt is pretty extreme, but it makes sense in this story. 

The heroine is a beautiful former Miss Georgia from an extremely wealthy family, but Rachel Hauck makes her very likable and relatable. 

Great writing, great story line, fabulous characters, beautiful voice, and nice narration -- all wrapped up in a great Christian fiction listen. What else can you ask for?


  1. I missed it, too! Can't wait to listen to it! This is one of my favorites. Well, now along with A Royal Christmas Wedding!!!

    1. Yes, Becky you need to listen to this book! It is wonderful!

  2. I've read all of them....am currently reading A Royal Christmas Wedding. Love them!

    1. Hi Jackie! I am looking forward to listening to Rachel Hauck's newest release too!

  3. That is truly a great review thank you the book sounds amazing. I just bought it from Amazon. Could still love a copy as a gift. Karen Cavanaugh Caiati

    1. I hope you will enjoy your copy, Karen, of How to Catch a Prince, that you ordered from Amazon! I sure enjoyed my audible listen!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Caryl! I really enjoyed this audiobook by Rachel Hauck!


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