30 May 2016

MEMORIAL DAY by Teresa S. Mathews

Memorial Day

Your memory will be forever honored in my heart
You understood the risk right from the start.

Giving your pledge to protect and serve,
You never once from this honor swerved.

Protecting others was your heart-felt call;
Mothers, Fathers children, you protected them all.

When that moment came, your life you freely gave,
Because of your sacrifice Old Glory still proudly waves.

May the memory of your valor live on in our hearts and lives today,
May we be forever thankful for your love of the USA.

© Teresa S. Mathews 2016 


  1. Teresa, thank you for this beautiful poem. What a lovely tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. This is truly a day that means so much more than cookout and beach parties...

    1. AMEN DIANA. May we always remember that their sacrifice, and their brothers and sisters in arms that still fight,are the reason we can live our lives in peace here at home!

  2. Beautiful, Teresa - thank you!! A special thanks to those in my own family who serve or have served!!

    1. Thank you BONNIE. No one in my immediate family served but mom's brothers and my dad's brothers did.

  3. Teresa, such a beautiful poem!

  4. Replies
    1. MELANIE thank you for coming by! :-)

  5. This is beautiful, Teresa! Thank you for sharing your gift of poetry with us. Hugs!


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