19 January 2013

Sanctity of Life


Wow Oh Wow Where Am I Now?
It’s so nice, warm and cozy, I really like it here.
I wonder what that noise is that I always hear?

I wonder if that’s my Mommy,
Could it really be true?
Jesus told me I would have one, I hope Mommy that’s you.

I like it when I’m rocked,
I wonder why that’s true?
Could it be Mommy I already love you?

From the moment I first came here
With a little beating heart
I knew that I loved you right from the start.

Pretty soon I’ll leave here
From my cozy little place
Then I’ll finally get to see Mommy’s pretty face.

She’ll hold me in her arms
And say she loves me so
It will be so nice, maybe she’ll never let me go.

Mommy I love you with all my heart
I know you love me too
‘Cause you let me stay here and spend this time with  you.

I once heard of a Mommy
Not so very nice
She “threw away” her baby and didn't think twice.

Thank you my sweet Mommy
You cared so much for me
You decided it was great to have me in your tummy.

Dear Jesus thanks so much
For looking out for me
Thank you for my Mommy who decided to keep me.

©Teresa S Mathews 1-20-2008

In honor of Sanctity of Life Sunday tomorrow I wanted to post this poem. I am not trying to condemn anyone so I hope no one is offended by this. I am only sharing what is on my heart. This blog is about Overcoming With God and no matter what we have done in our past we can overcome it with God's help.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9


  1. TERESA, another lovely poem that brought tears to my eyes! Bless you.

  2. DIANA thank you! I hope it touches a lot of people. :)

  3. Very sweet, Teresa, and gives the reader a new perspective of life to appreciate :) Children are a blessing and a gift from God, which your beautiful poem illustrates nicely, and our entire country needs this revelation. Thank you for always sharing your heart and being real in your poetry, you have a beautiful heart that you express perfectly in these words. And by the way, there is never anything but love, an attitude of prayer, and encouragement on this blog. It's such a treat to fellowship here! Love and blessings to you Teresa :)

    1. KARA thank you for your encouragement. I was a little leery of posting this poem, didn't know if anyone would like it or not. So glad we could meet and be friends. You are truly a blessing!

  4. Both the poem and the photo are so sweet!
    I just love babies & baby feet :)

    1. ANNE I do too...when my boys were babies, kissing their little feet and toes was one of my favorite things to do. :)

  5. This is a lovely poem and it put goosebumps on my goosebumps. If I may add something here, that baby inside could be speaking of the person carrying him/her or of the person that will be allowed to be it's mommy. For those girls/women who cannot, for whatever reason, care for the unborn child they are carrying, they need to know that there are options out there. So many couples, who cannot have their own baby, are just waiting to love a child that needs a home. :)
    Thanks for once again sharing your God given talent, Teresa!

    1. CHAPLAINDEBBIE you are exactly right...there are a lot of wonderful mommies out there that are taking care of a baby they choose because they couldn't have one of their own. There is always a second choice when you find that you cannot take care of your child. God will show you a way.

  6. Replies
    1. CARRIE I hope you are having fun, don't over do it! :)

  7. Wow, wow, beautiful touching poem!

    1. MARIAN thank you! I hope it touches someone and doesn't offend anyone. :)

  8. TERESA, thank you for writing and sharing this touching poem! I know this can be an emotive subject, but this is something that is too important to never say anything for God's precious babies. I'm proud of you Sister!!
    I also pray it touches someone. And that EVERYONE knows just how much they're loved by God!

    1. NOELA thank you for your encouragement, I really questioned if I should post it or not. Life should be precious to us because we are precious to God, He loved us enough to create us in His image.


  9. Teresa, I love your poems. This one is so touching. Makes me have teary eyes. I have always loved babies. I was almost 6 when my baby brother was born and got to help momma tend him. Even learned to diaper him. Ha! And, from that time on if there was a baby around I had to hold them. GOD blessed me with 4 babies of my own. But, all anyone would have had to say was this baby is yours, and I would have loved it always. Don't understand when so many say if it isn't their own they could'nt love it the same. Babies are so easy to love. Breaks my heart when I hear of the ones which have been thrown away. Someone, somewhere would have loved to have had it. Thanks, Maxie

    1. MAXIE thank you so much I am glad this one touched your heart. I too love babies, when my hubby and I first married we would go to the store or church or most anywhere and kids would run up to me and give me a hug. It would blow my hubby's mind, he would ask how I knew all these kids and I would giggle and tell him I didn't know them, they just knew I loved them. :D

  10. Congrats to our 3rd winner, JACKIE LAYTON!

    And KATHLEEN (lanehillhouse) you are our fourth and final winner of one of Beth's books! I'll be emailing you shortly!

  11. Very touching poem. Thank you for publishing it. Joan


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