17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Commentary on Relationships
By Carrie Fancett Pagels

In our Dan Walsh week, Dan shared about broken relationships being one of the most difficult things he has overcome. That despite him having been horribly sick and hospitalized near Christmastime.  There are things that make us sick and situations that make us heart sick.  Being our of fellowship with each other, and particularly with our parents, is not biblical.  

I want to encourage any readers today who are harboring unforgiveness against their fathers to let that go.  Ask God to remove the hurt and pain.  Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting. An abusive parent, still living, may still be abusive.  Forgiving does not mean you need to be around them.  But you do need to follow biblical guidelines about how we are to treat our parents with respect.  You can be respectful in a way that doesn't allow the abuse to continue. (I am speaking of adults who no longer live with their parents.) Get in the Word and pray about what God would have you do to show your respect toward your father without being a target or a doormat.  

Many people who suffered insults from their fathers have married Christian men who are wonderful fathers to their own children. What a blessing! 

Dear Father God, our ultimate Father, we ask you to remove the hurts of earthly fathers.  And we thank you for the wonderful godly earthly fathers out there.  May you bless them and their families.  
In Jesus's name, Amen.



  1. What an awesome post, Carrie. As I was looking at pics to put up in my cover pic for Father's Day, there were so many that didn't apply to me, and I skipped over them. Even though as I shared in my testimony earlier on about forgiving my father's abuse, I can't post a pic about you were the greatest Dad kind of thing, with a little girl sitting in her dad's lap.

    Many adults don't have fond memories of their childhood, but I am living proof that one CAN forgive their father and not be bitter, with God's help and the Biblical guidelines you stated above in your commentary.

    Father's Day doesn't always bring up good memories for all male adults, but all Fathers can rejoice in the marvelous gift God gave them...the gift of a child of their own to love and cherish.

  2. Thanks for sharing your post today on Fathers Day, My father was not a loving touchy person but he was not a cruel man either. He was a hard worker and we always had roof over our heads and food on the table so I think he felt that he fulfilled his role by doing this, He had 9 children and we are all responsible adults with families of our own now so he must have done something right.
    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)

  3. DIANA, I was thinking of you when I wrote this post, dear friend! Thanks so much for sharing. I always love your God-given wisdom! Big hugs! And give Paul a ginormous hug from me, too. God bless him for coming and rescuing a lost lady last year so she could find her way to you!!! Looking forward to DIANA WEEK!!!

  4. PAULA, my dad was affectionate to us a littler kids but once we got mouthy I think he didn't really know what to do with these new baby boomer type kids. He was born in 1918 and married a tad later in life, having served in WWII for the duration of American involvement so he was almost 26 by the time he even got back home again. Wow, 9 kids--your dad was probably exhausted from working to take care of all of you, Paula. Hey, CONGRATS again, on being WINNER for DAN Walsh week, PAULA!!! Hugs!

  5. Congrats, PAULA!! Enjoy your book!

    I just gave Paul his ginormous hug, CARRIE--he looked like he enjoyed it too much. lol! It was his pleasure to rescue a damsel in distress.:)

    Thank you for thinking of me when writing this post---it was a wonderful, thought provoking, compassionate article.

  6. Carrie thanks for this post, I feel badly for anyone that doesn't have a loving father. My heart breaks for them.

    I had one of the most godly dad's that ever lived. I am so thankful for him and for my mom. I had a previledged childhood, no, not riches but rich in love. My dad didn't just tell me what to do when it came to going to church and living for Christ...he showed me by the way he lived his life.

    I want to thank God once again for my dad. :)Julian Rudolph Sharpe.

  7. LOL DIANA!!!! I bet Paul did enjoy his hug!!! Glad you liked my post. I try t do all those things. Especially provoke, lol!

  8. TERESA, What a wonderful acknowledgement of your father! If only every girl got a daddy like him! Big hugs!


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