16 June 2012

Audiobook review of “The Homecoming” by Dan Walsh

(Revell, 2010)

I listened to this book as a download through audible.com where I have a platinum membership.  Like I said about “The Unfinished Gift” I consider these books as nostalgic fiction, i.e., not set long enough ago to be a historical nor recently enough to be a contemporary.  This second book in the series is a romance.  I believe I would have benefitted from having read the first book prior to listening to this one. 

WWII pilot, Shawn Collins, whose wife just died, is downed behind enemy lines. The story of his escape is a great start to the book. His son, Patrick, is stateside with his grandfather, Ian Collins.  While Shawn was struggling to survive, his father had his own epiphany and is working hard to provide a stable home for his grandson.

Meanwhile social worker, Katherine Townsend,  who is emotionally involved with Patrick, loses her job.  The Collinses need her help. The romance between Katherine and Shawn is handled very tastefully.  A tiny bit disconcerting to read this from a man’s perspective.

A very nice audiobook.  It is an easy listen. The plot struck me as rather simplistic.  It was still very well done. I kept thinking that perhaps the author, Dan Walsh, was deliberately keeping the wording simple to add to the nostalgic tone. But that very wondering pulled me from the story.  I think that is a fine balance to keep.  Tension in the story was good and the characters very engaging.  If I had listened to the first book prior, I would also not have wondered so much about what Katherine looked like, etc. 

I loved the whole twist about the USO tour--that was so neat!  The train scenes were awesome and I enjoyed the tension built in because Shawn's wife has died, he has gotten free, and now the military "thanks" him by sending him away from his family. Also super job with incorporating the romantic rival and making it believable. Very interesting reading a romance from a man's viewpoint but sometimes I just wanted Shawn to get a clue about Katherine.   Dan did a nice job of balancing out the grieving by the hero over his wife before allowing him to become emotionally involved with the heroine. 

There are so few Christian audiobooks out there and I am so glad I found this one. Very enjoyable.

Giveaway: Last day to leave a comment to be entered in the Dan Walsh giveaway. This week we are offering an ebook or paperback, maybe even CD, to our winner.  


  1. Very nice and insightful review, CARRIE, as always! It has been a pleasure reading all these reviews this week on Dan Walsh's books. I had heard of Dan Walsh (I have so many author/reviewer friends online), but he basically is a new to me author, not having read any of his novels. It has been nice getting acquainted with the man and his work this week. :)

  2. Thanks, Diana! I accidentally put this one up last Sunday and took it down. I met Dan two years ago at conference and he seemed like a very nice fellow. He won those Carol awards that year. I had not read any of his books until this winter when I heard how sick he was and hospitalized. So I listened to the first one, which was actually this--the second, lol!

    Time to clean up from the Father's Day weekend cooking!

  3. I still have to go to the store, and get my ingredients, then the cooking starts. Please pray for me, as I'm not feeling too well...very weak and stomach is upset. :(

  4. Poor DAN is having problems, ulnar nerve, in his arm, DIANA. Sorry you are feeling puny, too. My tummy unhappy the past few days, too. Praying you and DAN are all better soon and me, too!

  5. I hope everyone in the above posts gets to feeling well quickly.

    Nice review. I love to listen to audio books. When my son was homeschooling we did a good bit of that. I need to listen to some Christian fiction and this would be a good one to start out with. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Blessings, Janice jsmithg(at)hotmail(dot)com

  6. JANICE, Glad we have your email now. I don't think it was up earlier in the week. I really prefer audiobooks. But I am so forgetful. My agent asked me to read a series and I bought the download and it turned out I had already listened to the middle book! Oh well...

    THANKS for visiting!!!

  7. Loved your review, CARRIE.
    Praying for you all to feel better soon!

  8. Prayers going up for you, DAN and CARRIE!

    Thanks, MARIAN and JANICE.

  9. Another wonderful review of another of Dan's books. You girls are killing me here! I need all of them now! Diana, Carrie and Dan, I hope you are all feeling better soon! Looking forward to seeing who the winners of Dan's books are..... my fingers are crossed, and my toes too.

  10. thanks for chance to win one of Dan's books. I just received The Discovery in mail this week. love to win this one thanks

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  11. NANCEE, haha! Hey it is fab here in VA today, almost as beautiful as MI summer weather!!! Hey, don't trip if you walk with your toes crossed!


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