08 April 2012

Mary's Lament, an Easter Poem by Teresa Mathews

Mary’s Lament
How can I ever forget this sight?
The horror, the pain, the agony
This is all too much for me.

Dear God how can it be?
My first born Son
He has always been the *Special One*

He was always perfect in every way.
My beautiful son
Your "Only Begotten One".

This pain within my heart cries out.
How will I ever bear this loss?
My son, Your Only One upon a cross.

I knew my son had to die.
I knew this day had to come
But how can I bear to lose my son?
The perfect Son of God.
Can this be the only way,
Does He really have to die to take our sins away?

My God as before when I bore your Son
I put my trust in you
Now I do the same and know, I’ll somehow make it through.

*Father, forgive them for they know not what they do*
Those words I heard my Son say.
God give me the strength to say the same today.

As I watch my Son draw his last breath.
I pray I’ll see Him soon
He said he’d only be three days in that cold dark tomb.
The first day of the week has come at last.
Here comes Mary Magdalene and on her face such joy
Could she have good news about my precious boy?

She says that He has Risen.
Thank You God it did come true
He’s now not just my son but the world’s *RISEN SAVIOUR* too!
© Teresa S Mathews


  1. Happer Easter to all of my friends on OTT, what a joy and a blessing it is to "work" with such wonderful ladies as Carrie, Teresa, and Marian! And a blessed Resurrection Sunday to all or our followers, encouragers, and supporters, who give of their time to come visit with us here, with their wise, wonderful, wacky, and witty comments! lol

    TERESA, what a beautiful poem! Thank you so much for sharing that with all of us on this special day!

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  3. Happy Easter to all!

    Teresa, this poem is beautiful!!

  4. THANK YOU DIANA and MARIAN. I wrote this a few years ago when I was thinking about Easter. All my life I had been taught about Christ's death and resurrection, but I started thinking about how Mary must have felt.

    Being a mother I can't stand to think about one of my sons dying in such a terrible way. Even though I'm sure Mary must have known what was going to happen in Jesus' life, she was proabably not prepared for it. I know she had to be crushed to watch him while he was dying and then to hear him cry out "MY GOD MY GOD WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME???" How heart breaking!

    Then on first day of the week, the joy that must have filled Mary's heart. HER SON WAS ALIVE!!! HALLELUJAH!! HE HAD TRIUMPHED OVER DEATH!!

  5. I read this to my MIL Joan, Teresa, this is so beautiful. We both started crying. How touching!

  6. That's beautiful, Teresa! I was just talking to my husband tonight about the crucifixion from a mom's POV. Then come home and read your lovely poem...Thank you for sharing with us.

    I hope y'all have had a blessed Resurrection Day!

  7. It's nice to reread this. Thanks again. You have such a gift. I'm glad you shared it.

  8. What a lovely poem Teressa, and great way to bring our thoughts to Christ for Easter. Thank you for sharing.


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