22 April 2012

Interview with Nancy Herriman - Breast Cancer Overcomer

Nancy Herriman is the author of The Irish HealerI met Nancy through Facebook and fellow ACFW members.

Nancy, welcome to Overcoming Through Time.  Would you share either the most difficult thing in your life you have had to overcome, with God’s help, or the most tragic situation or circumstance one of your character’s has had to get past?
 - Easily the most difficult thing I have recently had to overcome was a diagnosis of breast cancer, which was received shortly after The Irish Healer was bought by Worthy Publishing. A bittersweet time, for certain, where the jubilation of finally selling--after more than 10 years of hard work and numerous rejections--was tempered by the shock of a life-threatening illness. Without the support of prayer and my wonderful church family, it would have been a much more difficult ordeal. Because of this support, though, and the amazing folks at Worthy who have been a true blessing, I have been able to face this trial with (I hope!) a measure of equanimity.

What is your favorite bible verse and why?
- Although this has changed over time, I would say my current favorite is Phil 4:13 ‘I can do all this through him who gives me strength.’ Beautiful, encouraging and very timely for my current life situation.

Disability friendliness:
Is this release available in audio format? Will it be released in large print?  (Thank you – we offer this information to our readers with difficulty reading books in regular print format.)
- Indeed yes, The Irish Healer is available in audio format. It is also available in e-book form (both on Kindle and Nook, as well as directly from Worthy), which permits folks to adjust the size of the font and make reading more comfortable and legible. The wonders of technology! At this time, I’m not aware if the book will become available as a large print in paper.

What is the most important thing you hope your readers will get from your books and why?
- I hope that my readers will find encouragement to persist through difficulties and to know that they aren’t alone, since God is always with us. Understanding why troubles occur does not come easily, but God--if we ask--can give us the grace to persevere and hopefully overcome.

As you researched your book, did you learn anything that particularly touched your heart?
- As I was doing research on the cholera epidemic, I think I was most touched by the fear people of the time must have felt as they dealt with a disease that had a cause they didn’t understand and that they also didn’t know how to cure. Talk about the need for pure and strong faith! Medical solutions of the day were more likely to harm and possibly kill them than heal.

In this latest work, do you have any topics useful for bibliotherapy, or therapeutic influence through reading about a disorder or situation?
- In that regard, readers who feel themselves to be outsiders or outcasts (in the book, my heroine is an Irish immigrant in a time when they were despised in England) will encounter a story sympathetic to their situation. Also, the two central characters must attempt to heal others when they have lost their confidence or their courage to do so, a topic that not just people who work in a medical field might find therapeutic to read.

Thank you Nancy for agreeing to answer these questions.  Have a blessed day and keep on writing!!

The Irish Healer is available for purchase on Amazon, as well as on Christian Book Distributors,  and on Barnes and Noble as well as in other fine book stores. And The Irish Healer is available for download on Audible.com!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for the interview, CARRIE and NANCY. I believe that is among the most dreaded news a woman can receive, NANCY, and I'm thankful you had the great news of your book selling, and the support of family and church friends to help you through.

    I can't tell you how many times a week I quote Phil 4:13 myself, and the more I say it, the more I believe it; the more I believe it, the more I can do...through His strength. I am looking forward to your next book with anticipation! Any hints? :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Diana.
    And the next book is set in 1880s San Francisco and involves a dangerous rumor of hidden gold....won't say any more! ;-)

  3. I being a breast cancer survivor felt an instant bond with Nancy. Nancy is right in saying without the support of family and church family it would have been a more difficult ordeal. I know first hand what she is talking about.

    Thank you Carrie and Nancy for this interview. God is most assuredly blessing Nancy through her writing. It is such an inspiration to read and hear that authors like Nancy use their talent to glorify our God!


  4. Thanks for sharing your story with us Nancy. I always love Carrie's interviews with authors.

    Phil. 4:13 is one of my favorite bible verses too.

    I'm very curious about your next book. Do you know when it will release, or is it too soon to tell?

  5. Such a great story Nancy! I can't wait to read The Irish Healer!


  6. My two BFFs battled with breast cancer in the last 18 months. Praise God, both are doing well now. I am so glad the Lord brought Nancy through this ordeal as well. I am listening to her AMAZING book on audible.com.

  7. DIANA, bless you for being such an amazing woman of God! I love how He gives you words and verses and how you share those, too!

  8. JUDY, you know how hard this diagnosis and recovery are, then! I know for my two friends it is difficult to talk about so I appreciate NANCY sharing with us.

  9. Thank you, CARRIE, for your kind words. He is the amazing one!

  10. MARIAN, thank you! The next story sounds an ocean away from this one!

  11. Thanks for the interview ladies! This is a book I look forward to reading soon.


  12. PATTY, I have really enjoyed the listen. It started out dark and I thought, oh no.... But I hung in there and it has gotten really good.

  13. Nancy-
    Irish Healer is on my to-read list (along with many other wonderful books I have recently discovered). I will be praying for you as cancer slammed its way through my family in 2010. Philippians 4:13 was a verse I clung to in the midst of all the sleepless nights, driving back and forth between everything, and unanswered questions. I sincerely wish the best for you in life, family, and your writing endeavors.

    Thanks for facilitating this interview. You are an amazing ACFW coordinator!


  14. SUZANNE thanks for coming by! So sorry you had to go through this. But God never forsakes us.

  15. SUZANNE thanks for coming by! So sorry you had to go through this. But God never forsakes us.

  16. blessings to you, nancy....enjoyed this posting very much...and thanks for the chance to read your novel...it sounds like a beautiful story :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  17. It really is a wonderful book, and NANCY is an extraordinary author, KARENK. Thank you for stopping by, and good luck in the drawing!

  18. Thanks, ladies, for your prayers and kind thoughts. I have been blessed by a wonderful support group which this ordeal has allowed me appreciate as never before.

    And Marian, as to my next book, if all goes to plan, it should be out in about a year.

  19. NANCY AND CARRIE ... SO sorry I'm late to the party, but what an interview!!!

    Nancy, I SO admire your grace and calm under the pressure of such a heart-wrenching time in your life. I know it's God's grace that held you steady in the palm of His hand, but even so, if it were me, I would have been flopping around in that very hand, I'm sure!! SOOOO glad it's all behind you, with His path for you ahead!!

    LOVED the book, as you know, and I know others will too!!


  20. Nancy, Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking news, and also for sharing your walk with the Lord through such a difficult time. I'm a firm believer that with Him, we can absolutely do all things! That's one of my favorite verses and is quoted on a paper weight I have.

    I look forward to reading your book!


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