28 February 2012

Marian Baay reviews Brandilyn Collins's Over the Edge

Dutch Translation Copy of Over the Edge
DUTCH Readers - Scroll down for the Dutch version of this review, thank you!

Over the Edge 
by Brandilyn Collins
(B&H Books, 2011)
5 stars *****
Reviewed by Marian Baay
On the Edge... of My Seat!

Janessa is married to a highly respected research physician named Brock McNeil. He’s a Lyme Disease researcher. He doesn’t believe in chronic Lyme  Disease. He believes that patients should be healed after four weeks of antibiotics.

When Janessa is not feeling well for three weeks, she asks Brock if she could be infected with Lyme Disease. He thinks it’s nonsense. They haven’t been in the woods or anywhere else where ticks can be found.

What Janessa and Brock don’t know is that a couple of months earlier a man broke into their house and left three ticks in Janessa’s hair. Janessa will soon learn what the man did when he calls her on her cell phone. He explains what he did and that now she is infected with Lyme Disease and coinfections too.

In a couple of days Janessa must convince Brock to make a statement that chronic Lyme Disease does exist, or else the secret man will infect their 9-year old daughter too.

A race against time! Brock does not believe Janessa. She’s on her own. Her body is hurting terribly. She is immensly tired. She can not think clear. Can not find the right words. But she must convince Brock. Or is there another way to make a public statement?

  Over the Edge    -     
        By: Brandilyn Collins

This book is full of valuable information about Lyme Disease. You get a good idea how Janessa must be feeling. Lyme Disease is the subject of this book, but this wouldn’t be a Brandilyn Collins novel if there wasn’t suspense and mystery. I literally sat on the edge of my seat a good couple of times.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know what it’s like to live with Lyme Disease, or to anyone who knows someone with this disease.

Brandilyn Collins books available on Amazon as well as Christian Book Distributors and other bookstores.


Op het randje... van mijn stoel!
Janessa is getrouwd met de vooraanstaande arts onderzoeker Brock McNeil. Hij onderzoekt de ziekte van Lyme. Hij gelooft niet in de chronische variant van de ziekte van Lyme. Hij denkt dat patienten binnen vier weken genezen moeten zijn als ze antibiotica innemen.
Wanneer Janessa zich als drie weken niet goed voelt, vraagt ze aan Brock of ze geinfecteerd zou kunnen zijn met de ziekte van Lyme. Hij denkt dat het onzin is. Ze zijn niet in het bos geweest of op andere plaatsen waar teken zijn.
Wat Janessa en Brock niet weten is dat er een paar maanden eerder iemand in hun huis heeft ingebroken. Hij heeft drie teken in Janessa’s haar achtergelaten. Janessa komt er snel genoeg achter wat de man gedaan heeft als hij haar op haar mobiele telefoon belt. Hij legt haar uit wat hij gedaan heeft en vertelt dat ze nu geinfecteerd is met de ziekte van Lyme en dat ze ook nog coinfecties heeft.
Binnen een paar dagen moet Janessa Brock overtuigen om een publieke verklaring af te leggen dat chronische Lyme weldegelijk bestaat. Zo niet, dan zal de geheime man ook hun 9-jarige dochter infecteren.
Een race tegen de klok begint! Brock gelooft Janessa niet. Ze staat helemaal alleen. Haar lichaam doet vreselijk veel pijn. Ze is ontzettend vermoeid. Ze kan niet helder nadenken. Kan niet de juiste woorden vinden. Maar ze moet Brock overtuigen. Of is er een andere manier om een publieke verklaring af te leggen?
Dit boek staat vol met waardevolle informatie over de ziekte van Lyme. Je krijgt een heel goed idee hoe Janessa zich moet voelen. De ziekte van Lyme is dan wel het onderwerp van dit boek, maar dit zou geen Brandilyn Collins boek zijn als er geen spanning en mysterie zou zijn. Ik zat regelmatig letterlijk op het randje van mijn stoel.
Ik beveel dit boek van harte aan voor iedereen die wil weten hoe het is om met de ziekte van Lyme te leven, of voor een ieder die iemand kent met deze ziekte.

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  1. Marian, Thanks so much for this review! That Dutch cover looks awesome!

  2. Great review, Marian! Brandilyn suggested I read this book, and now after reading your review I believe I will try to squeeze it in...somewhere! I'm trying to broaden my reading horizons, and read different genres. How'd you like that sentence, Marian? lol Thanks for the great review, and that IS such a neat cover, Carrie!

  3. I enjoyed your review, Marian! It sounds like another good book I'll be adding to my TBR pile. Where, oh where, will I find the time? But I will :)

    To me, the Dutch cover conveys the distraught and tired feelings of Janessa, where as the other cover has a more suspenseful feel to it. That's just my take on it, though.

  4. Thanks Carrie and Diana!
    I also like the Dutch cover. The book will be in bookstores in the Netherlands in March.

    Diana, I honestly think you might like this book. Just give it a try. :)) And yes, I like that sentence!

  5. I agree with you, Anne, about the covers. The Dutch one looks like me...well, a way younger me, who didn't feel like this all of the time.:(

  6. Anne and Diana, you will not easily find a cover like the original in the Netherlands. And I think you won't find so easily a cover like the Dutch one in the US, right? It seems that Dutch people have their own tastes in book covers. LOL

  7. Wonderful job Marian, I can't wait to read this. My husband has a friend that almost lost his daughter to Lyme Diease. She is around 28 and the mother of two small children. This is a very scary disease.

  8. Carrie, since I'm half Dutch I understood a little of the Dutch translation. Janessa, Brock Mcneil, Brandilyn Collins, and Lyme...really impressive I know! lol!

  9. Thanks Teresa. And yes it is a scary disease. I have a friend who has chronic lyme. She has lost so much.

    Diana, I'm impressed!! :))

  10. Oh, count me in on this giveaway, I can't wait to read more books from her!

    Great review Marian!

  11. Thank you Jen! Good luck in the drawing.

  12. Would love to win a copy of this book - a couple of my friends read it this month and agree it was a page turner.
    smoore at tcq dot net

  13. Looks like an interesting read! Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Hi, Sharon, and Deb! Hope you both get your hands on a copy...sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

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