19 January 2012

Teresa Mathews Reviews MaryLu Tyndall's The Restitution

The Restitution
Legacy of the Kings Pirates Book 3
Review by Teresa Mathews

Five Stars~ *****

The story of Lady Isabel Ashton and Captain Kent Carlton continues in this third and last book of Legacy of the King’s Pirates. In ‘The Reliance” book two in the series we were introduced to Lady Ashton who was taken captive and ravished by Captain Carlton as a young innocent girl during one of his drunken moments. Captain Carlton kept her for months on his ship and this is where she meets Lady Charlisse, wife of Captain Merrick. Lady Ashton did not want her terrible secret known but Lady Charlisse has guessed she is with child. After being rescued by Captain Merrick and left with a loving minister, Rev. Thomas in the town of Port Royal, Jamaica, Lady Ashton has her son, Frederick.

As the story unfolds we find Lady Ashton is still in Port Royal, she wants badly to go home to be with her parents, but she has been told under no circumstances would her son be welcomed. Terribly distressed by this news, she longs to be home restored to her place as a true lady but she knows she could never live without her son. Isabel is having a hard time adjusting to the chores that the minister has asked her to do; she sees these things as beneath her station. Little does she know that the things that are coming will be much worse than she has ever imagined and soon she will not be worrying about trivial chores.

Lady Ashton has been having nightmares about something happening to Frederick; Rev. Thomas tries to sooth her fears with prayer and scripture. Will these dreams come true? Is there really an enemy ready to pounce on her and steal her son away and forever change the course of her life? Will she ever be able to forgive Captain Carlton for what he did to her and trust him to help her find their son?

Captain Kent Carlton is a miserable man, as the months go by he feels as though his life will never be the same, he doesn’t know if he can go on without Lady Ashton. He spent weeks searching for her after she was taken from him. He knows what he did to Isabel was wrong and he would give anything to go back and change things. When a man Kent cannot bear to be near shows up and tells him about Lady Ashton having his son and that Frederick has been taken captive by a feared pirate, he is shocked. Kent then hopes that if he finds the babe and brings him back to Isabel this will be a way to make up for his past sins. Is he walking into a trap laid by people who want to see him destroyed? Or will he be able to make Restitution to Isabel for what he did to her. Will she find it in her heart to forgive him? Will he come to know the God that Captain Merrick told him about and Isabel serves?

I had read the previous two books in this series so I knew that this one was going to be amazing. This was a wonderfully exciting story and all the way through I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. It’s spellbinding and it’s action-packed until the end and you will not want to put it down. There are twists and turns that you won’t expect, and you will love every one of them. You will finish it with a smile on your face and the love for a Pirate in your heart! Well done MaryLu.    

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  1. Sounds like I need to read this trilogy!

  2. Good review Carrie, makes you want to know the rest of the story...
    Paula O

  3. Pegg and Paula, you will love this book. MaryLu is an excellent writer, all three books were absolutely wonderful!

  4. Thanks for yet another awesome review, Teresa! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed the book. My publisher thought this was the best of the three, but I'm torn between them all. I enjoyed transforming the evil pirate Kent into a God-fearing man.. not an easy task!

  5. I have Number 1 already on my shelf waiting for me to read it.

  6. Great review. I love MaryLu Tyndall's books.

  7. MaryLu you did a wonderful job showing what the power of God can do. It is hard to say if I have a favorite but I will say when Charlisse took over as captain and made them all listen to her reading the Bible and take baths, that was one of my favorite parts of all. LOL!

  8. Melissa I know you are going to enjoy reading it. HURRY! Don't wait any longer! :)

  9. LOL. Yes Teresa.. I had a blast writing Charlisse as the captain of a bunch of miscreant pirates! Bathing is a must!! LOL. But I loved making them listen to the Bible. ;-) And it changed some of them. Go figure!

  10. Lovely review! I'm very excited to get my hands on this series :) It's definitely going in my TBR list :)

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  11. Thanks you Faye, I've read these twice now and loved every minute of them. :)

  12. This sounds like a great series! I'd love to see how it turns out!

  13. Wonderful job, T, and I want to read it, too!

  14. And I thought the previous reviews were wetting my appetite for this series! I have GOT to read these books :) Excellent job, Teresa!!!

  15. Great review of "The Restitution"! I'm intrigued!



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