27 January 2012

Guest Review of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Susan May Warren

Baby, It's Cold Outside cover, Summerside Press

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" 
By: Susan May Warren 
Summerside Press, 2011

Reviewed by: Julie Lippo 

I had never read a book by Susan May Warren before.  I read it on Nook color. Before I received the book I had attended a chat party hosted by Author Susan May Warren and was intrigued by the storyline. 

Susan May Warren's book "Baby It's Cold Outside", is a book that I really can relate to. I grew up in Northern Minnesota where blizzards are very common. In the book it talks about having a storm shelter, which I had never heard of. We did have something similar in the 1970's - we would put a "helping hand" poster/picture on our window letting children know that this was a safe house if they needed help just the same as having a Storm Shelter. Children walking to and from school could find shelter if there was a blizzard or other people if the temperatures were extremely cold and needed to come in out of the dangerous weather.

In this story Dottie's home becomes the Shelter from The Storm where four others have managed to come in out of the blizzard. Will Dottie believe in Christmas again, will she learn to let go of the past? Will Violet learn the true meaning of why Jake is really there to see her? Will Gordon who is Dottie's neighbor finally tell her the truth? And Arnie, the little boy who comes in from the storm, learns something as well. Will all of them learn to believe in miracles, love, and to learn to let go of the past? Will these broken hearted strangers learn to trust and love again and to believe in the spirt of Christmas?  Find out in Baby It's Cold Outside!! 

Susan has written a story that is so vivid I felt like I was in Dottie's home with all of them and feeling God's love all around me from His loving arms and with Jake, Gordon, Violet, Arnie as well as Dottie herself. Susan truly has a gift from God to bring us such a heartwarming story!! This is an author that you will not want to miss reading. I am so glad that I found her.

Thanks for the guest post, Julie!  This book is available as a paperback or Kindle through Amazon and paperback through Christian Book Distributors as well as other vendors. 

GIVEAWAY: We are giving away a copy of one of Susan's books this week. Leave a comment to enter in the drawing. 


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  2. Thank you, Julie, for being our guest reviewer today on OTT, and for the great review! I love the cover on this book; it's so warm and inviting (in spite of the snow), and cozy looking!

    We have no need of storm shelters here in SC, although one might think so. We are having some 70 degree weather here in Jan., which means we are probably in for a long, HOT summer!

    This sounds like a wonderful story, and thanks again, Julie, for the great review!

  3. I wish we had some of that snow that's on the cover here in NC! These balmy temps in Jan are NOT cool...pun intended ;)
    Enjoyed the review! I enjoy reading Susan's contemporary books.

  4. Julie thanks for the interview, I just read my first book by Susan and I enjoyed it immensely. This one sounds like a good one too.

  5. Great review. I really like the concept of a safe house for snow (not that we get much here in NC!) as well as hurricanes, tornados and other natural disasters. It's a neat concept to wonder what happens when people are stranded together. This sounds like a great book!

  6. I read "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and really enjoyed it. I would be happy to win one of Susan's other books. She is a very versatile writer.


  7. Anne, NC always has snow even if we don't! What's up with that?

    Jen and Pam K., it's great to see you gals here...dropping your names in my hat here. :)

  8. Rebecca, I agree it's a great concept, however, there are some people I would definitely not want to be stranded with! lol Good luck in the giveaway!

  9. Lovely review, Julie. The winter are definitely hard up here in the midwest! I'm enjoying this week of Susan May Warren :)

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  10. Thanks Faye, for coming by! So glad you are enjoying our SM Warren week...it's been fun for us as well! Stay warm!

  11. Entering a comment for my sis in law who can't enter a comment:

    This sounds wonderful...love the cover! Please enter me! Thank you.

    ~Barbara Smith


  12. Thank you so much everyone!! I am not a writer but I sure love to read !! This is a must read!! Loved Loved it!!

    have a blessed weekend

    Julie Lippo

  13. Congrats to Pam K. who won her choice of a great book by S M Warren! What a fabulous week this has been and thanks to all of you who stopped by and made it so!


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