28 January 2012

Carrie Fancett Pagels' Reviews "The Great Christmas Bowl" by Susan May Warren

The Great Christmas Bowl
The Great Christmas Bowl by Susan May Warren

(Tyndale House, 2009)
Review by Carrie Fancett Pagels

This is the review I posted on CBD:
I would strongly suggest that you pick up a copy of this book and hide somewhere and read it without interruption. A great read! This will get you into the Christmas spirit and help you focus on the real reason for the season. Ms. Warren has a great author's voice and a wonderful style. A good example of why she is an award-winning author. I was trying to stay away from the CBD box where this book was waiting but I grabbed it and stayed up late and read this book all the way through. Order it now!

I loved this book and would re-read it.  The setting is great because it is in what I call the “frozen tundra” of northern Minnesota.  A place where football is almost a religion. No, that would be hockey, sorry!  Susan May Warren is an unabashed football freak with an almost empty nest.  This wonderful and funny book makes me wonder if it is somewhat autobiographical.  

I loved loved loved the trout costume that the heroine, a mother whose family seems to have left her hanging in the wind, ends up wearing when the gentleman who is the mascot is unable to continue his duties.  Susie totally captures the fanaticism for sports and the “feel” of living up north.  I felt like I had gone home for Christmas when I read this (instead of being in bed very ill unable to go to the grocery store much less travel anywhere.)   And if you are dealing with “church ladies” who overstep their bounds and the staff who interprets your “maybe” as “YES!!!! I WILL DO IT ALL!!!” then you will recognize some of the characters in this book.  I ended up mailing this to a bunch of people I enjoyed it so much.

The Great Christmas Bowl is available through Amazon, CBD, and other vendors.

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  1. Great review Carrie...sounds like another one to add to my list. :)

  2. This sounds like a great book, thank you for the review.


  3. Cute sounding book and a fun cover!

  4. This is one of those "must reads" for women who either live up north or are from there - or for people who really want a good insight into some of the local flavor! TERESA, let me know if you ever get room in your pile of TBRs!!! WREN, thanks! ANNE, moms from anywhere can relate to the heroine and will love her sweet hero hubby in this!!!

  5. What a wonderful review, Carrie! This sounds delightful and I would love to read it...perhaps next Christmas? I love reading Christmas books, and the cover and title of this book is amusing!

  6. DIANA, yes, and then you will have a better idea what all that frozen air up there does to us ladies! CONGRATS to PAM K who was drawn by Diana as the winner for Susan May Warren week on Overcoming Through Time - With God's Help.

  7. Our book club read "The Great Christmas Bowl" this past December and loved it! Everyone could relate to a person or circumstance in the book.

  8. SHARON, that is so FUN!!! Where do you live?

  9. Carrie - Sorry it took so long to post again. A few family emergencies took me away from the blogs. We live in the Twin Cities, about 190 south of Susan May Warren. But many of the book club members grew up in small town in Minnesota and could relate to the church ladies and traditions. And of course we all think there is quite a bit of Susie in the main character of the book!

  10. Sharon, I could totally relate to this book! Yes, it does seem like it is a tad autobiographical lol! Thanks for coming by!


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