31 January 2012

Diana's Review of Before the Scarlet Dawn Colonial Quills

Cover for Before the Scarlet Dawn

Click here to go to Diana Flowers' review on Colonial Quills.

Before the Scarlet Dawn is available for purchase through CBD, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other venues.

Comments left on the CQ review will count in this week's drawing!


  1. Thank you, Carrie. Everyone should know how to do this, but for those who don't, click on to link under pic of book cover and then leave a comment here for a chance to win! Good luck everyone!

  2. I love your review Diana! Someday I'm going to read this book. You make it sound sooo good!

  3. Thank you, Marian! You are a wonderful friend!

  4. Diana when are you going to stop making me want to read all these books?! NEVER!! I hope! LOL! I think my TBR stack has fallen on me and I can't get up! Oh well what a way to go! LOL!

  5. Hehe! I agree, Teresa, what a way to go! LOL!

  6. Another winning review!
    I'm liking the idea of an unexpected conclusion :)

    Teresa, Give it up, girl! Diana just loves to torture us with these reviews ;)

  7. Would I do that to such beautiful ladies as y'all?? Well, maybe....lol!

    Anne, oh boy, is it ever an unexpected conclusion!!

  8. DIANA, MARIAN,TERESA, and ANNE, so good to see you here! Diana is so right - the ending is not at all what you would expect. Very different from Rita's other books, too.


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