24 November 2011

Thankful Thoughts - And Link to Marcia Gruver Review

Diana Flowers at Home by her bookcase!

By Carrie Fancett Pagels
I am thankful that I had a fabulous guest poster on my blog last March.  Her name was Diana Flowers and she reviewed a Marcia Gruver book Raider’s Heart, (Backwoods Brides)that she loved! Now she's a contributor on this blog!  So be careful when you read and review those Marcia Gruver books, you never know what might happen!

Here is the link to Diana's review of Marcia's earlier release. Click here.
Diana Flowers at home.
What about you?  Do you have friends you are thankful for?  Special authors you are glad are out there?  Give us your links to your favorite friends' blogs or websites!  

I want to also express thanks to all the Colonial American Christian Writers and especially those who blog on Colonial Quills!  What a difference even a few months have made for that blog!  

Giveaway:  Leave a comment for a chance to win beaded jewelry that Carrie misses making now that she's writing so much!  Also a giveaway for a copy of Marcia Gruver's new release.


  1. You & Diana are at the top of my favorites list along with Roseanna White, Casey @ Writing for Christ, Nora @ Finding Hope Through Fiction, and Diane Estrella :o)

    Sincerely hoping y'all had a blessed day with your families! I know I did. Loved having my children and grandchildren here. I cooked and cooked and they ate and ate! Makes a Nonna happy :) Only sad part was realizing my camera didn't get charged so I couldn't take pictures.

  2. Awww, Carrie, thank you so much. I am so touched I just don't what to say. Can you believe you have rendered me speechless? There's a first time for everything, they say. LOL!

    I am so thankful for a wonderful lady named Carrie, who gave a greenhorn like me a chance to do something I love...read Christian books and tell others about them. I wasn't a writer, was basically computer illiterate (still am that:)), had never done reviews, and she asked me to be a contributor to her fabulous blog. Even though we later met (which was such a joy to me), she didn't know me at all when she graciously opened up a place for me on her blog, and I have loved every minute of it. I will always be thankful for her friendship, her obedience to God, her generosity, and for all the wonderful friends I have made on OTT! AND I owe Marcia Gruver a special thanks since hers was the first review I did on here!:)

    Anne Payne, thank you for that sweet comment. You are one of my favorite people as well, and are certainly counted among one of those wonderful friends I have met on OTT. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving; I did too, and this was the icing on the cake. Or the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie, I should say. Well, I didn't stay silent for long, did I?

    Super big hug to you, Carrie. This just made my day. Thank you again so very much.

  3. I'm thankful for all y'all too! Carrie for the wonderful opportunity you created for a place we Colonial ladies can gather. Diana for your from-the-heart reviews, yes, but also because you're such an encouragement to me--shine, sister! And hi to Anne, too, who's one of the sweetest ladies I've met online. =) (And my kids call my hubby's mom Nonna too!)

  4. I would love to read this book.. sounds awesome.. Please enter me as well thanks


  5. I am thankful for all my wonderful Christian Writers! Getting lost in one of these wonderful books is soothing to my soul!
    Diana you are one busy lady!!
    Love the name Carrie....used a variation for my Daughter Kerri....!!

  6. Thank you, Roseanna, you are so special and I am so thankful for you, too! I love reading your blog, even though I may not always have time to post a comment, and your witty and funny comments on FB concerning your children are such a delight! Anne is such a blessing, isn't she?

    @Julie-Thanks for coming by Julie and you are officially entered!

  7. Maureen, That was my Grandmother's middle name. Maude Carrie Williams was born in 1895! I think most people of my generation that is a family name but then it got popular again as a name which is fun.

  8. Yikes, Diana, and Anne, my comment from earlier did not post from earlier. Google was being weird. Thanks so much Anne that you linked us in with such a great group of gals and their blogs! And Diana, God is so good. I am so grateful He gave us an online place to minister to others! Big hugs to both of you!

  9. Roseanna, Thank you - I am SO glad we have our colonial group. It has been an incredible blessing to me and I am loving that we are seeing more 18th and early 19th century American stories coming out now.

  10. Carrie and Diana I am thankful for both of you...I LOVE this blog, it's so fun to see the different people it has brought together, all with the same love of reading great books. I am especially thankful for all the writers that have been on here...so glad they have stayed true to the Lord in their writing, they have made the world a better place! :)


  11. Teresa, We hope you are gonna LOVE being a review on this blog, too, joining Ms. Diana and me for 2011! We have so enjoyed having you on as a guest poster. Thanks for your kind words. Welcome to the OTT-WGH staff!

  12. Thank you Carrie, I feel so excited and blest beyond words to know that I am going to be a part of OTT-WGH. I am always amazed at what wonderful surprises our Heavenly Father gives us when we least expect it. :)

  13. ..."So be careful when you read and review those Marcia Gruver books, you never know what might happen!"...

    Carrie, was there a special reason you asked me to review the Texas Fortunes Series?? LOL

    It's good to see Teresa around here. Looking forward to read her reviews too!

    Blessings to you all!

  14. Marian, in a word - YES!!! And as Teresa mentioned, you never know what surprises God will send your way! Blessings!


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