05 November 2011

Book Review – Highland Blessings by Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Holt Medallion Winner for 2011 for Best First Book!

Highland Blessings
Abingdon 2010

Five Stars *****

Reviewed by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Akira has prophetic dreams.  And that makes her suspect in 14th century Scotland.  When her Highland warrior bridegroom comes to claim his bride, she is quite taken by surprise – he kidnaps her!  Lots of romantic tension early on when she is taken to her new clan and new village.  Bryce MacPhearson takes Akira on the day she is to wed another.There has been bad blood between the two clans for a long time. Bryce gave his father a promise as he was dying.  Despite her strong faith, Akira rages against Bryce’s determination to make her his wife.  He finally gives her an agreement that although wed, they will not act as husband and wife until she has come to know him. 

One murder after another occurs, stirring up the rivalry between their two clans.  Akira’s own family begins to turn against her.  God warns her of trouble in her dreams. Bryce isn’t sure what to think.  Akira’s life is endangered and her husband must rescue her. 

Available in paperback and in ebook formats.

This was a really good read and a page turner (Kindle page!) with strong suspense and lots of twists and turns in it. 

BIBLIOTHERAPY: Trust, betrayal, grief, and rivalries.

GIVEAWAY:  Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of either Highland Blessings or Highland Sanctuary – your choice and choice of format.


  1. WOW! Carrie that is a very thought provoking review...the minute I read the first few lines I thought I have to read this! :) Marvelous job!

  2. Thanks for this review Carrie!
    You know I want to read this book :)

  3. I'm with Teresa, except my first thought was, why haven't I read this yet? It's on my Kindle, I'm just trying to squeeze all these TBR books in, and sometimes I just have to close my eyes and point to which one I'm going to read next, unless it's one I need to read first for a review. Great review, Carrie, I love Scottish books, and this sounds great! Good luck, Maid Marian, and Mother Teresa...ooops I mean Sister Teresa. LOL!

  4. I tell you, if you put a castle on a book's cover, I'll buy it. :) And I have, it's already on my kindle so don't enter me. Just thought it was amusing that I saw the castle and thought--I always buy castle covers, so do I already have it? And sure enough, Amazon says I purchased it already. Evidently, my TBR pile on my kindle doesn't scream at me as loudly as the ones stacked sideways on my shelves that the kids use for stepping stones since I'd forgotten I have it--I love that Amazon informs me of my own forgetfulness.

  5. Marian, You need to read this book. Teresa and Diana I pray this coming week is a much better one at your church, too, for that grieving family.

  6. Melissa, well a castle would appeal to someone as lovely as a princess! (I bought Cassandra a tiara at Disney last year!) I have had the same thing happen to me and my latest goof up is to order on Kindle then purchase on Audible and discover I already had on Kindle so I loan it out to two people and that is all it allows!

  7. This is what Jennifer said on Facebook this morning: Celina woke up feeling a little better this morning. They unhooked her IV for a while so we were able to take a stroll. We ended up at the Starbucks for my morning charge and she got a treat of hot chocolate. Then we visited the window to see the newborns.

    Praying Celina has full healing!


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