04 November 2011

Friend on Friday - Review of Highland Blessings

Highland Blessings
by Jennifer Hudson Taylor (Goodreads Author) 
Sheri Salatin's review 
Oct 10, 11
Read from October 08 to 09, 2011

Scottish lass, Clan chief and an arranged marriage between two feuding clans. Is this an overdone storyline? Perhaps, but if you like these kinds of stories and I do, the book is excellent. Is it predictable? Yes, but what romance novel isn't? Doesn't the guy always get the girl in the end. Ah, yes, but it's the journey that makes it fun and entertaining.

A very enjoyable read and a book that I will probably read again when I'm in that "want to read something light and romantic" mood.
Thanks Sheri for sharing your review from GoodReads with us!

Here's a link to a video clip from Jennifer's blog: 


  1. Thanks, Sheri, for being our Friend on Friday and for sharing your review with us on OTT! I'm reading something light and romantic right now just to give my brain a rest...well that, and I need to do a review on it.:) And, yes, I know how it's going to end, but can't wait to see how it's going to get there. Bless you, Sheri!

  2. Thanks for the review, Sheri! I hope to read this book soon.
    Right now I really want to read something light and romantic too! I'm reading manuscripts for the Dutch publisher right now and it's all about murders etc. Not fun if you love to read historical romantic books.
    I sure have something to look forward to when I finally get to this book. :)

  3. I don't like reading about murders, either, Marian! But I would not describe Highland Blessings as light and romantic because there are all kinds of nefarious activities in this, including murders. But they way they are written it is not like reading a murder mystery.

  4. I am going to put my own late review up today and appreciate Sheri letting me put hers up, too! Diana, there is an Amish Christmas novella series I am listening to that is light and romantic. Will spill on that later.

  5. Am reading a light romantic Amish one now, and I like it for a change of pace...I don't have to concentrate so hard with this mushy brain right now. It's delightful! Will spill on that later, too.:)


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