08 November 2011

Diana's Corner - Book Review by Diana Flowers A Lancaster Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher

A Lancaster County Christmas 

Suzanne Woods Fisher

5 stars *****

Heartwarming Christmas Tale!

From the pen of Suzanne Woods Fisher comes a heartwarming tale, destined to become a Yuletide classic, A Lancaster County Christmas! A chance meeting at a doctor's office forever changes the destiny of two very different families...one Amish and the other English.

As the story opens, a heartbroken Mattie Riehl finds herself at the doctor's office following a miscarriage, accompanied by her only son, six year old Danny. She had hoped to give her husband, Sol, the perfect Christmas gift...news that a baby was on the way, but as usual is disappointed. There she meets, Jaime Fitzpatrick, a young woman disillusioned with her career, her life, AND her marriage.

As Jaime and her husband, C.J., embark on a trip with Jaime's father, who has never been there for her, they stop by the Riehl's farmhouse on the way to drop off Danny's whistle that he had left at the doctor's office. A "chance" snowstorm forces the two families together, and both of their lives are forever changed. Mattie and Jaime soon realize they are not so different after all, for they both carry an empty vacuum inside that can't seem be filled. 

As a near tragedy brings them all closer together, will these ladies from two different worlds help each other with their bitterness towards God and find peace for their troubled souls? Will C.J. and Jaime learn to value what's truly important in life, and find love with one another all over again...and more importantly give their lives over to God?

This was a very heartwarming tear-jerker guaranteed to keep the reader turning those pages for the outcome! I have read every one of Suzanne's fiction books, and she certainly knows how to write a story containing realistic characters with human faults, an exciting storyline, and a very satisfying conclusion! 

Grab the eggnog, a box of kleenex, throw another log on the fireplace, and "Have Yourself a Merry Lancaster Christmas Now!" 

This new book is available many places, e.g., through CBD and Amazon, including for Kindle.

Readers:  Leave your comment and your email address for a chance to win a copy of this wonderful book!  


  1. Wow, Carrie, am stunned by that cover! What a beautiful job! I read this on Kindle so I didn't get to see the cover like this. Makes me want to hop on my private jet and go to Lancaster County...uh,that is if I had one.:)

  2. I would love to get my hands on this book - The cover is beautiful. Please include me in your giveaway.

  3. The cover is very beautiful! As is the review! Diana, you know how to write reviews so that readers of your reviews want to read the book too! You're always doing a great job on reviews!

    I spoke to my preacher's wife today and she just finished The Choice and asked me to order the other books in this series too. So I just did that. Now the book is on my book pile, so I hope to get to know Suzanne's work too!
    I'm sure my preacher's wife will love this book. If I win it I'll give it to her for Christmas :)

  4. Deb, and Marian, I so agree about that lovely cover, but I guess you already know that! lol

    Thank you, Marian, for your kind words. I really love all of Suzanne's books, so I can certainly relate to your preacher's wife, and it's so special of you to order the rest of the series for her. I am also planning on ordering a few copies of this book for Christmas gifts. My sister in Arizona will love it!

  5. Me, me, me! How's that for enthusiastic? I love Christmas stories and Amish stories. Put the two together and you get AWESOME!!!

    Diana, Thanks for the warning...tissue alert noted!

  6. Good morning, Anne! I hope your enthusiasm is catching this morning! LOL! I totally agree...I LOVE Amish Christmas stories, and this one was extraordinary!

  7. I love Amish stories but when you add Christmas in the mix, it is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the review. tsmathews61@gmail.com

  8. Love, love, love Amish stories. It's a world I know little to nothing about except from books, and seeing the beautiful farms and buggies at a distance while traveling through Kentucky one summer. Thanks, Diana, for the review, and (to my financial detriment) I trust your judgment on good books, so sign me up!!!!

  9. Wow I would love to win this book. I enjoy read about the Amish. My husband and I go to Lancaster for our Anniversary, just love it their.

  10. I would love to win this book, Suzanne does a wonderful job.


  11. Hey, my buddy, Teresa! Is not that cover just gorgeous! I'm with you; love Amish and Christmas. I love the way they celebrate it too, so simple and spiritual. Lots of homemade gifts and simple decor.

  12. Joleen, I know another lady who would blame me for causing her TBR stack to grow. Won't mention any names, but her initials are C.P. LOL!

    Cindy, wonderful! and Happy Anniversary! You will have to come back and tell us about your trip. Right now all I can do is read the book, look at the cover and wish.:(

  13. Hi, Wendy! I agree! I think Suzanne's Amish books are among the best; more realistic and great storylines!

  14. Diana, I've read a few books by Suzanne, she is an awesome Amish fiction author. It would be really nice to win this book,since I have not read it yet.
    Your review of the book is great,I like what you say,"Grab the eggnog, a box of kleenex, throw another log on the fireplace, and "Have Yourself a Merry Lancaster Christmas Now!"

  15. Thank you, Janie, and welcome to Overcoming Through Time! I'm glad you liked that line...I come up with some pretty off the wall stuff sometimes. LOL! I have you entered, Janie, and thank you for your kind words.

  16. I would love to win this book.I love Suzanne's books.I love Amish books,they are wonderful.Thanks....jackie_tessnair@yahoo.com

  17. Hey, Jackie, it's good to see you here! Amish books are wonderful, Suzanne is wonderful, and it would be wonderful to see you win! haha Lot's of luck!

  18. thanks for the chance to read suzanne's novel :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  19. Throwing your name in the hat, Karen!

  20. Love the cover, would love to be in the carrage.


  21. I know you would, Joan, being from Michigan, I'm sure you miss the snow! The Amish carry blankets and battery operated heaters in their buggies to keep warm and of course, I'm sure snuggling helps!:)

  22. You know I love a good Amish book!
    tattiem @ ymail dot com

  23. Entering a comment for my sis-in-law, Barbara, who can't enter one.

    I would love to win this beautiful book! Thanks for the opportunity!

    ~Barbara Smith

  24. Diana, I think Barbara and I have a similar tongue-in-cheek attitude. Wondering what would happen if thatoldgal and tiredoldmommy got together? Bet we'd show 'em what God can do in His strength through our weakness!

  25. Indeed, I do, Tattie! Welcome to Overcoming Through Time. I wanted to let everyone know that Tattie does such a wonderful job on Christian Fiction For Your Kindle! Kindle owners be sure and "like" her page! Tattie posts the latest deals on great Christian ebooks, inexpensive ones and freebies...all different genres, but all Christian! Thanks for that, Tattie, and here's hoping for a win for you!

  26. Carrie, I have absolutely no doubt of that! You both are two tough cookies! Besides having a generous dose of that good ole Southern humor that keeps us all laughing, Barbara has alot of spiritual and sound wisdom, and encourages me alot, as do you as well, Carrie. Both of you are PERFECT examples of what God can do in his strength through weakness!

  27. I absolutely love the cover as well. This book sounds like it is going to be so good. Please enter me.


  28. Suzanne's books are wonderful, Jo. If you haven't read any you have been missing out!:) The Christmas books are a little bit shorter, but her series, starting with The Choice is a thicker book, with alot of substance. One good thing about starting her series now, is that you can read one right after another...I had to wait a year in between.:(

  29. Pick me!!! Pick me!!! LOL ncmom@att.net


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