06 September 2011

Diana's Corner - Book Review Waterfall

River of Time Series

Waterfall:The River of Time Series by Lisa Tawn Bergren
41/2 stars~

Reviewed by Diana Flowers

Exciting Dive Into Waterfall!

Lisa T. Bergren takes us on an exciting whimsical journey back in time, beginning in modern day Tuscany and ending up in 14th century Italy! Gabi and Lia Betarrini have spent every summer with their archaelogist parents amongst the ruins of medieval castles, ancient tombs, and dusty sites. However, on this particular summer day, something happens to change the course of both of these sisters' lives, when they place their hands atop a handprint in an ancient tomb, and find themselves in 14th century Italy.

Gabi instantly finds herself without Lia, in the midst of lords and ladies, warring knights and one handsome lord...Marcello Forelli! Gabi enlists Marcello and his friend, Luca, to help her find her sister, without divulging her secret that she has traveled back in time.

Difficulties arise when Marcello's fiance, Lady Rossi, starts to see an attraction develop between him and Gabi...and when she also finds herself caught between two opposing forces in many a life or death situation. Did God send her there to help change the course of history? Where is Lia and can they save her before it is too late, and how can Gabi allow herself to fall in love, knowing somehow she must return to the present and leave Marcello behind?

There is so much to this plot that I cannot say more without spoilers, but this is a delightful read for young adults everywhere! I have to admit I had a hard time putting it down myself and I'm certainly not in that age group! Lisa T. Bergren's writing style is impeccable, as is her research, and her characters were well developed and charming. I am looking forward to Cascade which is the next book in The River of Time Series, where Gabi's journey continues!  

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  1. Thanks for posting, Carrie, and ooh, those book covers are marvelous! Can't wait to read the comments!

  2. Thanks so much for diving into the River! I appreciate the review and hope you get to CASCADE soon... :-)

  3. Diana, sounds good.



  4. Diana thanks for the review...it's a little diffrerent from what I usually read but it does sound intriguing. Would love to win it. Thanks again. tsmathews61@gmail.com

  5. Hey, Teresa! My friend, Marian, from Holland was so impressed with this book that she ordered it for me from CBD...that was so sweet. Soooo different than anything I normally read and I loved it! It was so fun to break out of my rut and read something different. And I want to remind everyone that there's absolutely no witchcraft or sorcery involved, just good, fun fantasy!

  6. How nice you did the review for Waterfall!
    I hope there will come a lot of comments. This is a MUST read :)

  7. That sweet lady above is my friend from Holland who sent me Waterfall; thanks again, Marian! Have you read Torrent yet?

  8. Torrent is somewhere between the US and the Netherlands. I hope it'll get here soon.
    Meanwhile I'm reading another book that came from An Ocean Away. :)

  9. Great review! Sure makes me want to read it and I am long past YA years :) Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.


  10. Marian, perhaps you'll be our "Friend on Friday" sometime, and do a review for us on Cascade and Torrent! I plan on reading them, but I have some others I have to get to first...so far behind on my reading since my daughter and gson moved in, but now since she's working again (Praise The Lord!) maybe I can do some catching up!

  11. Thank you, Anne! I was sceptical, because I too, am waaaay past YA years, but just like Melanie Dickerson's YA books, Lisa writes in such a way that any age group will enjoy these books...from 14- 90!

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  13. So happy to hear that your daughter found work!
    I'd love to be your Friend on Friday sometime. But... you must get the mistakes in language out of my review before you put it online. *grin*

    *I hoped I could edit my comment, but I removed it. Sorry for that.*

  14. Diana, you always do such great reviews! Thanks for this one!

  15. Great review. I saw the notice on ACFW and want to read it.


  16. Thanks, Jo! There's only one thing that disappointed me about Waterfall...that I didn't have the sequel Cascade to pick up and read when I finished it.:( Can't wait to see what happens next!

  17. I have not read anything by this author-it sure sounds like a good book. I would love the chance to win a copy. Thanks so much for the opportunity!


  18. Great review! I have heard such wonderful things about this series, but have not read any of them yet. Would love to win so I could. Thanks for the opportunity.

    lovetoread205 [at] gmail [dot] com

  19. Thank you for the hosting this giveaway! I finished the book and posted a review for it on my blog at http://wrensthoughts.blogspot.com and at amazon.com stating that I won the book here.

    It was a great book and I appreciate all the contests you host.

    Thank you,


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