23 May 2011

Light in the Darkness

Old Holland Snuffer Candlestick, Pewter

What a beautiful pewter candlestick this is!  I am awfully grateful to have electric lights.

We are to be light in the darkness. God calls us to that.  At my daughter's graduation from UVA this past weekend, our governor, who gave the address, advised the students well.  He told them:

"Don't curse the darkness, light a candle."  My paraphrase, by the way, as I was not taking notes!!  Shine your light today.  God's light.  That which comes only from Jesus.

Have you done something today that was evidence of Jesus's existence inside of you?  Care to share?

God bless and keep you today!  


  1. What a wonderful reminder. I praised Him in my darkness today, but even so, I am humbled that even that comes from Him.

  2. He helped me understand something last night, to "see" something in a dark situation. You are right. That is a blessing!


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