20 May 2011

Friend on Friday

Laurie Alice Eakes with her father and stepmother and sister in Virginia!

Today Laurie Alice Eakes posts about research on the internet.  Laurie Alice is known as our "go to" lady with historical questions when we get stuck in both the HisWriters (European fiction group) and our Colonial American Christian Writers group.  

NOTE - Special EXTRA GIVEAWAY:  When you leave a comment at Colonial Quills

AND you put "OTT" (quote marks not needed)  at the end of your post, you earn a chance for a second drawing that I am going to do for my followers who post comments on CQ.  OTT readers get a drawing and CQ readers get a drawing for a copy of one of Laurie Alice's books.


  1. Naomi Musch came over to CQ and left a couple of comments and she has won a copy of one of Laurie Alice Eakes' books. Congrats Naomi!!!

  2. I love Naomi. She's such a wonderful person! Congrats to her!!


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