25 July 2010

For My Mother

Birthday in Heaven


This would have been my mother's 80th birthday, but God brought her up there for a bigger and better bash than I could ever have thrown. Streets of gold, gates of pearls, angels singing, the incense of the saints wafting up, and the very presence of our Lord and God. Wow! Much sweeter than the birthday cake would have been. My Palm Pilot had me leaving earlier this week to get up to Michigan for her party. When my brother got my mom home to Michigan in early June, she was in the hospital within two days. Friends and relatives began dropping by daily, sometimes so many that some had to leave and come back (even for a large private room). I know she loved that they came despite how bad she felt. I am so grateful she was able to see so many loved ones. It wasn't long after that when instead of some minor problems they found that there were spots on her liver. An oncologist, who was supposed to have begun her chemo after she got to the Upper Peninsula, was expected to look at her scan and meet with her and my brother the following week. She had already slipped into a form of coma by the time he arrived, and left this earth only days later. Shocking, but what a kind God to not let her suffer any further. She always said she wanted to go quickly, in her sleep, which is like most of us would wish, I believe. What a trooper she was to have gone through that horrible whipple procedure (which she since shared she would recommend that no one ever have to go through), hospitalized for far longer than was expected, then rallied enough after our nine day visit to California to get to a nursing home and then back with my brother in my sister's guest house in California, then to suffer months of repeated trips to the hospital and doctors when things kept going wrong. Whew! So glad she got home and is now home forever with our mighty God. One day I will join her and I, too, will get to know the joy and beauty of heaven.


Dear Lord, there are many today who grieve the loss of loved ones. Help us in our sadness. We trust in you and your sovereign wisdom to take us when is best and right. Give those of us left behind the peace and comfort that only comes from you. In Jesus' name, Amen.


  1. Beautiful words and I will keep your family in prayer today.

  2. Julia, Thanks so much for those prayers. I think that is what has kept me going. God bless you!

  3. Carrie, The way you describe your mom's first heavenly party is wonderful. My heart has gone out to you so much lately. It's just like you to turn your sorrow into a beautiful prayer for others. That is so like your loving heart. Bless you so much and may the Lord continue to comfort and bless you in manifold ways.

  4. Praying for you and your family, Carrie. Sudden loss is no easier than a long and drawn out illness, as I've lost family members through both, and both were hard.

    Had a friend who had the Whipple Procedure done when he had pancreatic cancer. It was successful but he was on heavy pain meds for a long time after. It IS a pretty radical procedure.

    Oddly, he dodged the cancer bullet and died a few years later of a massive heart attack.


  5. May the Lord be with your family as you grieve. Beautiful words.

  6. Laura, Chris, Melanie and Ryan, Thanks so much for your lovely thoughts and wishes. Chris, I am sorry about your friend surviving that terrifically hard fight to then have a heart attack. I do believe God has a time and date for us but boy is it hard for those of us still here. Laura, thank you for being a prayer warrior for me!


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