24 May 2010

Camy Tang’s Street Team

Look through the majority of writer's blogs or websites to see their links to favorite blogs/sites and you will see one person's sites listed repeatedly – Camy Tang's. There is a reason for that! Her Story Sensei (http://www.storysensei.com/) and Camy's Loft (http://www.camys-loft.com/) sites are among the top Christian Fiction sites on the web. They are my favorites, too. Camy's first three books are described as Asian chick lit or something silly like that, contemporary women's fiction if being more generic, but truly should be considered some of the best character-driven contemporaries out there. BTW, Camy Tang is a very humble person and may be mortified by what I wrote so if you are Camy Tang, STOP READING THIS! When I first read a sample of her writing on the Genesis (a contest) site through American C hristian Fiction Writers, I was floored by her characterization and writing ability. I thought if her writing is an example of what they were looking for then why am I bothering? I have persevered, however. Ms. Tang not only writes books, and blogs about the writing life, serves as coordinator of the Genesis contest, offers phone consultations, and also teaches some awesome classes (you can register via her websites).

Camy recently started a "Street Team" who are supporters, to distribute her lovely bookmarks. There is a contest, too, for the group. If you are one of those persons who utilizes her websites and have not read her books – you need to! Also, consider signing up for her street team, through the following link. See you on the street!



  1. Carrie you are so sweet! Thanks for blogging about my Street Team! :)

  2. Carrie, Glad to see you spreading the word about Camy. I love her posts over at Seekerville. What an inventive way to share bookmarks! Wish I'd thought of that:) Bless you both!

  3. Camy, didn't you see those words in caps? Laura, you can still try Camy's method. It occured to me after I wrote this blog that it sounded like a was a "street woman" - sure hope my dad isn't turning over in his grave!


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