16 March 2010

Why Do You?

If you have ever been seriously ill or spent any kind of prolonged time in bed, you surely spent some time thinking about what you would do once you got well. Those things that are focused on probably ought to be what you do once you are on your feet (after being filtered through our God-ordained activities). I bet you weren't thinking about going to a committee meeting, volunteering for more activities, baking up a boatload of unneeded calories, or running all over creation shopping! Maybe being flat on your back even helped you, once well, to answer a resounding "No, thanks!", when asked if you would like to do something that God has not called you to do. If you're like me, you can easily create your own distractions from the goals God has given you to complete. The advantage to having had repeat episodes in the bed this past winter is that it is much easier to ask myself, "Why do you…" want to do that thing, start that project, do stuff that conflicts with what you know you need to do. How about you today? Why do you?


Dear God, May we all submit our goals and our wills to Yours. May we put You first and set up our lives so that we can minister to our spouse and our children today and to all those you have ordained for us to help. Bless our prayer life and make us fruitful for You. Amen.

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