25 March 2010

Pediatric Bipolar Disorder – DSM Revision Omits

The revision of the DSM-IV does not, again, include a diagnostic category for Pediatric Bipolar Disorder. Instead, it has been proposed that a Temper Dysregulation Disorder with Dysphoria (TDD) be added, which will bring a number of young people out from the Bipolar Disorder umbrella. TDD is being mocked in the media by people who believe that children throwing temper tantrums will now have their own DSM diagnosis! (I am sure that is not the intention of those who offered this diagnostic category – what I take exception with is that there are still no pediatric BPD guidelines). This means that for likely another decade, until the next revision of the DSM, psychiatrists and psychologists working with, and diagnosing, children and adolescents with bipolar disorder will be left with no adequate guidelines. Current guidelines are for adult onset Bipolar Disorder and do not meet the specific characteristics seen with children and teens. Many practitioners end up using the diagnostic category of Mood Disorder.

For a radio interview that highlights what is happening with the DSM revisions and pediatric BPD: http://www.whyy.org/91FM/voices.html Scroll down to the MP3 download for the DSM revision.


Dr. and Mrs. Demetri Papolos are the premier couple addressing pediatric Bipolar Disorder. Their book, The Bipolar Child, clearly outlines the types of behaviors and emotions manifested by children who are on their way to a diagnosis of BPD. The Papolos' website is: www.bipolarchild.com





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