23 December 2020

Have a Covid-free Christmas Lyrics by Carrie Fancett Pagels

New Lyrics for Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
By Carrie Fancett Pagels

(Sung to Have a Holly Jolly Christmas)

Have a Covid-free Christmas
In this really lousy year
I don't know if there'll be snow
We never get out of here

Have a Covid-free Christmas
And when you walk down the street
Wear your mask upon your face
Social distance when you meet

Oh, ho the mistletoe
High up in the trees
If somebody shoots it down
Don't call the cops on me

Have a Covid-free Christmas
And in case you didn't hear
Oh by golly have a Covid-free Christmas
This year

Wishing all my readers a safe Christmas this year! I couldn't resist writing this tongue-in-cheek version of one of my favorite Christmas songs! BTW my sweet neighbor, who went to heaven some years back, told me about how when she first lived in my neighborhood, people would shoot the balls of mistletoe down from out of the tall trees in our other neighbor's yard! She pointed them out to me one year, and I was pretty surprised to see them up there (and we have a bunch of very nice policemen in our neighborhood who I'm pretty sure wouldn't want us trying that these days!) We have a really tall American holly tree in our back yard and we also have a massive holly in front that flowers in the autumn, and three more holly bushes, one which gives red berries.

Do you have a special Christmas song that you think should be made into a Pandemic version? Leave a comment below to enter to win one of my twenty published books. Drawing will be held near Epiphany which is, BTW, a day after my birthday (hint! hint!) 


  1. I have a couple favorites, but have no idea how they could be put words and music like this.

    1. TY! Praying your Christmas and all of ours in 2021 is much better!

  2. What a great job. I don't know if any of my favorites could be adapted.

    1. TY Susan! Per you are my winner! Have a blessed 2021~

  3. What fun.

    I do love Oh, Holy Night, but I'd rather not have it adapted.


    1. I totally agree about O Holy Night! What I'd wish for is to get my vocal range back again to hit those high notes!

  4. That's very cute. I was thinking someone (not me) could probably change the words to Rockin Around the Christmas Tree or Frosty the Snowman.


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