10 May 2020

Mom's Day in Pandemic Poem

My Antique Rose - Blooming for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my Readers!
I'm sharing this lovely touching poem my son wrote for me this year. 
I pray your day is special!

Mom's Day 
(Pandemic 2020)
By Clark Jeffrey Pagels

Is it really solitude, distancing, 
With you and me?
Down the blue and green way,
In the red brick house, 
Snuggling together, 
Telling stories and talk to pass the time.
I love you and you love me.
That we need, that we have. 


  1. Mama Carrie I know you gave Clark a huge hug for this beauty. He's such a sweet young man!! Good job Clark!!

  2. Oh, Carrie! I got tears in my eyes. So sweet and right to the point. Happy Mother's Day! 💗

  3. Beautiful poem, Clark! Carrie, you have raised a wonderful young man.

  4. What a beautiful tribute and heart-felt wish from your boy--may God richly bless you both!

  5. What an absolutely wonderful poem your son wrote, Carrie!


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