03 May 2018

Grace & the Preacher by Kim Vogel Sawyer -- Audiobook Review

Grace and the Preacher
by Kim Vogel Sawyer
(Recorded Books, 2017)

I purchased my audiobook as a download from Audible.com. This novel is also available in other formats. I'm not sure how I missed this book when it released but I know another reviewer has also posted a review this week, over a year after release. This was the perfect time for me to listen, though, and I enjoyed every bit of it!

You'll Enjoy This Story!!!


Master novelist, Kim Vogel Sawyer, creates another beautiful story. This is a smooth story with multiple layers of storytelling and characterization. Grace has been expecting the arrival of a new preacher, who will take her uncle's place at their church. Meanwhile, Theo Garrison is facing calamity. Decisions must be made.  Difficult decisions.

You'll love Grace and Theo. There's another character in the story, Theo's cousin, who gets a really wide story arc. I'm hoping he has his own story. He's someone you'll surprise yourself in rooting for at some point.

I was going to include the Publisher's summary but I felt there were too many spoilers in there. I'd advise you do not read the summary but get this book and read it ASAP! This is really a great listen. Highly Recommend!

I'm having cataract surgery on my right eye today, May 3rd. I've still got seven Audible.com credits to use. What other audiobooks would you highly recommend to me? Thanks!


  1. This is on my To be listened to pile....thanks for encouraging me to move it to the top of the list. I have enjoyed Kim Sawyer Vogel's books in the past so....this sounds appealing.

  2. I loved this story! I too rooted for the cousin! How exciting for your new vision. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  3. I read Grace and the Preacher and enjoyed it. Any of Kim Sawyer Vogel's books on audio are nice.

  4. Andrea StephensMay 3, 2018 at 7:59 PM

    I know you reviewed Out of The Ordinary by Jen Turano. I love the audible version. I've listened to it multiple times.
    I'm currently listening to A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Ann Hunter.

  5. Noela NancarrowMay 5, 2018 at 4:03 AM

    Thanks Carrie, I'll add this one to my wish list. Sounds like a great one for Audible! I finished my gift subscription but haven't joined up yet as I've been able to hold my Kindle and I have a ton of unread books there. :) Prayers for a quick recovery. x


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