12 October 2017

To the Farthest Shores by Elizabeth Camden -- Audiobook Review by Carrie Fancett Pagels

To the Farthest Shores by Elizabeth Camden
Narrator Angela Brazil

A Pearl of a Story!
Audiobook Review by Carrie Fancett Pagels

It broke Jenny Bennett's heart when Ryan suddenly left her six years ago with no explanation. Now he abruptly reappears at the Presidio Army base without explanation. Lt. Ryan Gallagher had accepted a highly classified overseas assignment at great personal cost. Bound by honor, he must never reveal where he was during those years. Will she forgive him when he can't be honest with her?

I listened to this book as a download from Audible.com. As with other stories by Elizabeth Camden this novel offers a complex intellectual plot full of historical information. With a backdrop of the early development of the cultured pearl industry and of the presence of US spies needed in Japan.

Jenny is a bitter young woman who takes a very long time to soften up in the story. She's a little hard to listen to sometimes and the narrator doesn't help her out too much. And Ryan doesn't realize love takes sacrifice and one's significant other must have priority. Will either of these two overcome their own backgrounds and foibles to be able to have a happily ever after together or not?

This is a long slow listen heavy with information. The narrator, Angela Brazil, plays the downtrodden Jenny a bit too heavy. I think she could have lightened up more. But the story was worth the listen. The novel is available in multiple formats, which is always nice. 


  1. Carrie,
    Thank you again for your honest review of an audio book. I've started listening to this book a couple of times but haven't been able to finish. I think I'll try again this winter when I don't have so many distractions.

  2. Thanks for your review, Carrie. The story sounds very interesting.

  3. Carrie, thank you for the wonderful review!


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