01 October 2017

A War Within by Guest Andrea Boeshaar

Author Andrea Boeshaar
A War Within
By Andrea Boeshaar

 When I began researching my novel Lily’s Dilemma, for the “My Heart Belongs” series from Barbour Publishing, I was surprised to learn that the War of 1812 is often referred to as the Second War of Independence. During this conflict, we were fighting against British constraints on American trade so the war was largely fought at sea, although our Capitol was burned and harbors in Baltimore and Alexandria were attacked. Moreover British ships were attacking American vessels and impressing Americans into serving in His Majesty’s Royal Navy—an act that enraged Americans all the more.
            But as much as I love history, I wanted my novel to address Atychiphobia (the fear of failure). I won’t lie: I struggle with it from time to time. I believe everyone does.
            Before writing Lily I all but believed that God took away my ability to write because of a bad experience with an editor who erased my voice out of my book and inserted her own. Her comments throughout my manuscript demoralized me and left me feeling unsure. The publisher then let me know just how disappointed the higher-ups were with me and that was all I could take. My literary agent stepped in to defend me and negotiations ensued regarding ending my relationship with that particular publisher. At that point, I was certain I’d never write another book.

            But then while reading a novel that touched my heart, I decided to reach out to the author. We corresponded and I confided in her about what was going on. I further explained that I had a contract to fufill (Lily’s Dilemma). We decided to become critique partners and my prayers, her encouragement, along with other friends’ kind words helped me to see that God hadn’t pulled His gracious gift from me. In fact, God had never given up on me even if a Christian publishing house did. I believe God used my sweet critique partner to help me move forward, both in my writing and in my spiritual life. I soon realized it was my fear of failure that hindered me from writing, so I decided to address it – Atychiphobia – in my story. You’ll find my character Mac struggling with the fear of failing as he sets out to make a life for himself in the Shenandoah Valley.
 To date, Lily’s Dilemma has gotten wonderful reviews on Amazon. Readers have stated, “Excellent Story,” “I love historical novels and this one did not disappoint…” and “this story was amazing and was brilliantly written.” 
What? Really? Such encouragement has been like salve to my wounded heart.
What about you? Are you your own worst enemy? Is your fear holding you back from accomplishing great things for the kingdom of God? If so, face your fears by acknowledging them in prayer. Do a search in the Bible and find out how many times God says, “Fear not…”

Then strap on your spiritual seatbelt because the Lord has a wild and wonderful ride ahead!

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  1. Andrea, I'm sorry you had that experience with an editor and publisher. As a reader, I like to hear the author's voice in their work, it is the reason I will pick up their other books. I know that an editor is involved but we should not be hearing them. I'm so glad you were able Overcome that and get Lily's Dilemma out into the world.

  2. ANDREA, thank you for sharing! I'm so glad you persevered and Lily's Dilemma is here!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story with us Andrea. I really enjoy your books and look forward to reading this one.

    wfnren at aol dot com

  4. I have new life in my seventies as I volunteer with Proverbs 31 Ministries as a small Facebook group leader for their online Bible studies. I am able to reach many ladies with my love of Christ.

  5. Wow, Andrea! That's so sad! Isn't it amazing how the Lord lets us go through some very hard trials only to come out better off in the end?!?!?!? We serve an awesome God! Thanks for sharing your story with Carrie & the rest of us. Also, thanks for sharing a giveaway of this wonderful book. rw620 AT aol DOT com

  6. Oh, that's so sad! Sometimes people don't realize what they say will have such an impact on the person they're say it to. I'm so glad your now over your fear. Keep spreading the good word.

    1. You are correct Karen. In fact that's a lesson I needed to learn myself --that my words can really affect another person, positively or negatively.

  7. I am glad you persevered. Thank you for sharing.


  8. Ah, yes. Fear indeed is my worst enemy, as is for all of my children. Praying for all of us to fear not!


  9. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post. Fear is definitely no fun!

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  10. I had opportunity to read & review this book through Barbour Review Crew. I chose to because I love all the "My Heart Belongs" stories and haven't been disappointed in any of them! Even though I'm not entering my name for this, I will gladly share this giveaway :-)

  11. Thank you for this inspiring post Andrea! I suffer with this fear .too! It has sometimes kept me from things like going for a new career or trying new things in general. With the help of God I've conquered it in some ways,but still struggle with it. It really helps to know I'm not the only one who has this fear. Also want to thank you for your stories and this giveaway! lynnefeuerstein(at)aol(dot)com

  12. I'm glad you kept writing! I enjoy your books and look forward to reading Lily! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. It is hard to overcome such criticism and disappointment. I am so glad that you found your critique partner. It must have felt like a much needed tonic. God does provide and your book sounds lovely. I have read another in the My Heart Belongs series and I would love to read Lily's story. I love historical fiction.

  14. So sorry for all you went through Andrea to get Lily's Lily’s Dilemma published. Thankful to hear their are amazing reviews from readers. Fear is something, I believe we all struggle with, even though God tells us to trust Him and not fear.

  15. Looks great, I'm glad it was published. Thank you 😁

  16. Thank you for sharing such a sensitive story with us, Andrea! I can't imagine how frustrating that must have been for someone to suck the life out of your story like that. I'm so glad that God blessed you in the whole process and enabled you to bring Lily's Dilemma to us, though!

  17. So glad you brought Lily's Dilemma to us in spite of all those difficulties. It is a wonderful story!!


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