10 September 2017

Eyes on the Hurricane -- Divert Them to God

Hurricane Hugo image from NOAA Library
All eyes have been on devastating Hurricane Harvey in Texas and now on Hurricane Iris as it bears down on Florida. All the images on television bring back memories of living in Charleston, South Carolina, during Hurricane Hugo. Anyone who has gone through a hurricane knows how devastating they can be.  We'd evacuated our home and gone inland to Columbia, South Carolina, to a friend's house -- but even there they had very high winds that were frightening. My husband returned home to find most roads into our subdivision blocked. By the time I and our sick baby daughter returned to Charleston, trees had been chainsawed and moved out the way -- mostly by neighbors. The entire area looked like a giant had come in and snapped trees like pencils and tossed them on the ground. We had thirteen trees down on our property. One large tree came down on our neighbor's home and a couple came down on ours. Thankfully, we were able to return to our home. When I went to my office, my private practice as a psychologist on Ashley Phosphate Road, there was a sign on the building saying it was condemned (temporarily) due to structural damage.

In Virginia, we've had hurricanes and threats of hurricanes pretty much every other year since we've been here, almost twenty years. By the time Hurricane Isabel hit shore, when our son was a toddler, it had been downgraded but did unbelievable massive damage. We lost power for even longer than Hurricane Hugo -- I believe nine days for us. No land line phone. Cell towers were down so very minimal cell phone use. The trees and debris stacked in the street were as tall as a man.

Our loved ones who are going through the devastation of hurricanes will not only need our support in tangible ways, donations, bringing them needed items (my inlaws came all the way from Chicago to bring us a generator and help with clean up after Hugo), but they will also need our ongoing prayer support.

Let's lift our eyes to God and beseech him to bring help. And if He has led you to be one of those responders stepping into the breech, God go with you and bless you!

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