11 July 2017

Karen Witemeyer's "Heart on the Line" Audiobook

Karen Witemeyer's "Heart on the Line" Audiobook (Recorded Books, June 2017)
Ladies of Harper Station Series
Narrated by Stephanie Cozart

Review by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Purchased through audible.com. I have a monthly membership.

So Much to Love!

4 1/2 Stars
I took off 1/2 star because of the violence.

Spoiler alert: there is torture of the heroine in the story and although edgier readers might not mind this really bothered me.

This was a fantastic story save for the torture. I don't think it was necessary to the story. Also, someone was killed in the story who would then never have a chance at redemption. In CBA market, I've been advised that killing off a "bad guy" when it means they are going to hell (yes it is just a character but if you are in story world then that person seems real) and then there is no chance of salvation.  Granted, in real life, some people consistently refuse God even when they are given one last chance. But I've heard so many stories of last moment conversions that I always hope someone will repent.

The plucky heroine and her sweet beau, both telegraph operators were really fun. I enjoyed this listen a lot. There is so much to recommend this well-written story!

If you're like me and don't want torture and a lot of violence in your stories, get the paperback or ebook version and skip over the bad parts. It is hard to find a good Christian audiobook of historical romance so don't pass this one by if that is what you need for your reading enjoyment -- just set the speed on 3X and have it rush through some portions!

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  1. I love Karen's books and am looking foward to the opportunity to read "Hearts on the Line"!! Thanks for the review, Carrie!! It was such a pleasure to meet Karen in Nashville during the ACFW conference last year - such a sweet lady!!

    1. Isn't Karen Witemeyer a sweetheart, Angel Bonnie? Glad most of her books are on audio!

  2. Interesting to find someone else who had the same thought as I did. Always enjoy books by this author and have read all of them, but I thought the strong violence was not necessary for the story. It made me uncomfortable, lessening my enjoyment.

    1. I agree. But I think each author has to gauge what the story needs and it is up to the publisher to determine if that content is ok for its audience.


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