30 July 2017

Jaime Jo Wright -- Overcoming Multiple Miscarriages with God's Help

Author Jaime Jo Wright

Jaime, welcome to Overcoming With God.  We appreciate your willingness to share your testimony of overcoming with our readers. 

Would you tell us about the one of the most difficult things in your life you have had to overcome, with God’s help? 
Losing 3 children through miscarriage. I call it the “silent grief”. Miscarriage is something that seems to be overlooked on the tragedy scale. Because they are relatively “common” people move past very quickly. There is no funeral or memorial (usually) to mark the grieving process, so often, the parents tend to grieve in silence. Definitely, it was the most difficult thing I’ve had to walk through.

CFP: I am so sorry you went through this, Jaime. I agree with the way you characterize this. 

What passages in the Bible have been most helpful to you in those times?
Really not one specific. I drew comfort in the promises of eternity, in the Scriptures where we’re promised a home, perfection, no more grief. It was comforting to know my babies had skirted a world of sin and entered ultimate perfection and unity with Christ.

What helped you get through or helped you cope with this difficulty?
Definitely my husband. He was very strong, when I wasn’t. His faith boosted my own and made forging ahead without our three children possible.

Disability friendliness: Is this latest release available in audio format or do you have any other works available on audio?  Do your e-books have audio capability? Do you have any in large print? 
This current release is available in Kindle. The Kindle does have an option to be read-aloud. My upcoming release, The House On Foster Hill (December, 2017) will also have an audiobook edition along with an e-book option. I’ve not heard yet whether large print will be offered.

CFP: Congrats Jaime!!! Looking forward to your first full-length novel! Will be watching for the audiobook.

In this latest work, do you have any topics useful for bibliotherapy, or therapeutic influence through reading about a disorder or situation?  
I do not.
CFP: Actually, you do -- you have issues of trust, of aging, and of overcoming differences in social status. Very enjoyable novella! We reviewed this on OWG blog two weeks ago.

Question you’d like to ask readers:
What bolsters you in times of challenge?

ECPA/Publisher's Weekly best-selling author Jaime Jo Wright, pens spirited romantic suspense stained with the shadows of history. Coffee drinker by day and coffee drinker by night. Www.jaimejowright.com

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"Of Rags and Riches" Romance Collection (Barbour, July 2017) 
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The Fisherman’s Nymph by Jaime Jo Wright - Flambeau River, Wisconsin, 1890
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  1. Thank you for sharing Jamie,So sorry you went through that. Hopefully others will be comforted by your testimony. God bless you ! As for the question: Prayer,family,and friends have helped me through rough times.

    1. Amen to those three factors!! They do make ALL the difference!

  2. Jamie, I have loved all your novellas and look forward to your novel!
    I'm sorry you have experienced the loss of babies through miscarriage. You are so right when you say it is a "silent grief". I suffered through many such losses, sadly mostly alone. It got to the point where people didn't want to hear about it so I stopped letting people know, even my husband, that I was pregnant. I was angry at God for allowing it to happen, but through it all, I knew He could handle my anger and ultimately be my comforter. In the middle of the losses, I was blessed to have one semi-healthy child and can look back now and say "God knew what He was doing by only letting me have one baby" she needed some extra care and was quite a handful at times. I wouldn't change it for anything though.

    1. Awww thank you so much, Andrea!!! Yes, I so hear your story. You're a good momma!! <3

  3. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us, Jaime - it will be a comfort and inspiration to others!! I'm so sorry you experienced these tragedies, but happy that with the help of God and your husband - you were able to "forge ahead" and eventually find new peace and joy. I'm glad God also blessed you with two healthy children. Blessings and hugs!!

    1. me too!! Blessings and hugs back, sweet Bonnie!

  4. Thank you for sharing her personal testimony even though painful, Jamie. I'm sure it will be an encouragement and strength to others going through the valley of a miscarriage. Thankful God was always there and blessed you and husband with two children.

  5. Thanks,Jaime and Carrie. Prayer and my family have gotten me through the tough times. I had two sisters and both my parents pass away within 18 months. Knowing I'll be able to see them and be together again in the afterlife gives me great comfort.

  6. Thank you for sharing Jaime. I've only known one person personally who lost a baby, though since she was 20 something weeks, they did have a funeral. So glad you had your husbands support to work through the grief. As for who I turn to, prayer, my husband and close friends.

  7. Thank you for sharing such a personal journey, Jaime. When I go through difficult times, I find such a comfort in the Scriptures, esp. the Psalms. David certainly runs the gamut of emotions in his life and the Psalms just seem to speak to my heart.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Jaime. I experienced a miscarriage with our first child. In that situation, letting others know what we were going through really helped. We had the love and support of family and friends which made all the difference. Around the time that child would have been born, we found out that I was pregnant again. Our daughter will be 27 in a few weeks. I have to wonder what it would have been like to have 2 children. I am so grateful to those who helped us through that time of sorrow.

  9. Thank you for sharing.. Family & prayer keeps me going :)

    1. Hi Deanna! Congrats on winning a copy of ECPA bestseller Of Rags and Riches which includes Jaime's lovely story!

  10. My mother in law miscarried two children. They did have a funeral and are buried. We go to their graves every year at Christmas to put a grave blanket. I'm so sorry to her about your loss. My husband told me that Lucy Ball miscarried three babies before she had Her other children.

  11. JAIME, thank you for sharing your testimony. I'm covering you and your family in prayer! Blessings and ((((HUGS))))

  12. Thanks so much! So ready to read these :)
    dkstevensne AT outlook dot(com)


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