13 April 2017

Audiobook of Renee Ryan's " Journey's End: Gilded Promises"

Renee Ryan's Journey's End: Gilded Promises
I listened to this as an Audible.com download.

Loved this Gilded Age story set in New York City.
Five Stars *****
Five Stars ***** for Narration, also -- the narration was stellar.  Loved this narrator - Karen Peake

This is my first book of Renee Ryan's that I have read and it was lovely and won't be the last. According to her website book page, she has over twenty books to choose from!  I ordered the second book in this series, through Audible, and am listening to the sequel so watch for an upcoming review! 

The narrator, for this novel, Karen Peakes, was fantastic. I loved her narration and it was perfect for enhancing this beautiful story. Renee and Karen should get an audiobook award, (they are called Audies) for this fantastic job they did. 

The story: Caroline St. James comes to New York to bring what she believes is justice to her grandfather, who she believes is responsible for abandoning her mother when she sought his aid.  Although from a  wealthy family, Caroline has grown up in a terrible section of London, always fighting for survival. 

Jackson Montgomery's life is going great. He's brought his family out of scandal, is successful in business, and hopes to soon be engage.  But then a young Englishwoman arrives and impacts his world. 

Sizzling romance and tension throughout  this story. Two alphas butting heads and growing in their spiritual arcs. A sigh-worthy story. But can Caroline disrupt her cousin Elizabeth's life by falling in love with the man everyone has thought would become Elizabeth's husband? You'll have to read to find out if they can get past their obstacles -- and will they be willing to face the consequences for all?


  1. Enjoyed your review! This sounds like a good story. I haven't heard of the author but will look at her website.

    1. Thanks, Anne! I've heard about Renee's writing but this was the first time I'd been able to read one -- this being on audiobook. What a treat! You will love Renee Ryan's novel!

  2. Wonderful review Carrie! I have not read anything by Renee Ryan yet, but this book sounds very interesting.
    Blessings, Tina

    1. You would love this book and this series, TINA! I'm listening to the sequel, which is a lovely book, too! Journey's End: Gilded Promises kicks this series off with a bang!


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