05 March 2017

Dyslexia Overcomer Molly Noble Bull Shares

Author Molly Noble Bull
Molly Noble Bull and I are both represented by Joyce Hart, CEO of Hartline Literary Agency, so I get to keep track of her busy writing life via our email loop. But this is our first time having her visit with us! Welcome to Overcoming With God, Molly! We appreciate your willingness to share your testimony of overcoming with our readers.

Molly: Thanks, and it’s great to be here. I write novels, and my one and only non-fiction book, so far, has the word Overcomers in the title—The OvercomersChristian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities. (Note: OWG blog included a previous post about this book in 2012, with Margaret Daley. Click here.) 

Yep, I am dyslexic. How did I overcome this disability? Through faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Like many parents, my parents thought I was a genius. I talked early, had a big imagination, made up stories that adults liked, could draw well for a pre-school child, created poems that my mother wrote down and kept for safekeeping, and I could carry a tune at an early age. But after I entered first grade, nobody thought I was a genius. If my classroom had been equipped with a basement, I would have been below ground level, scholastically. 

In the fourth grade, we had those old fashion desks you see in old movies that were nailed to the floor, and we were seated in alphabetical order. My last name was Noble, and I always sat in the middle or at the end of the line of desks, giving my daily panic attacks time to grow as I waited for my name to be called. Even though I read below a First Grade level, I was expected to read my history or geography books on a Fourth Grade level before the entire class. If I could have fallen through the floor, I would have. 
Today, I write books that other people read. God is good. 

They didn’t know much about dyslexia back then. I thank the Lord for two Fourth Grade teachers who told me I was talented at a time when I needed to hear it the most, and God became my best friend. As a Christian wife, mother and grandmother, I believe that one way I can go to all the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to write books. I hope I am writing them right. 

My books come in the form of books and stories for children, scary historical novels, westerns, and none of them are available in large print. However, The Rogue’s Daughter is available in audio but only through The Society for the Blind of Texas, and all my books are available as e-books. You can read the first part of many of my books by visiting my website, clicking on the address listed at the end of this interview and clicking Molly’s Free Downloads. If you are a home-school parent or guardian, you can also download a sample of two study guides for teachers and students connected with two of my novels—Gatehaven and When the Cowboy Rides Away.  

Parents and others can learn a lot about learning problems from the point of view of those who experienced such problems by reading, The OvercomersChristian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities. I wrote it with four other published novelists, including Margaret Daley. I would also like to suggest The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis. According to Davis, dyslexics are talented and gifted people. 

I have a Texas cattle ranch background, and I write Inspirational historical novels that sometimes win contests. When the Cowboy Rides Away won the 2016 Texas Association of Authors contest in the Christian Western category and was a finalist in the 2016 Will Rogers Awards for western writers in the Inspirational category. 

When the Cowboy Rides Away
(Set on a cattle ranch in South Texas—1880) 
 Maggie Gallagher, twenty-one, runs the Gallagher Ranch in South Texas and has raised her little sister and orphaned nephew since her parents and older sister died. The novel opens two years after Maggie loses her family members.

Out for a ride, horseback, she discovers Alexander Lancaster, a handsome cowboy, shot and seriously wounded on her land. Kindhearted and a Christian, Maggie nurses him back to health despite her other chores. How could she know that Alex had a secret that could break her heart? 

My western novella, Too Many Secrets, will appear in The Secret Admirer Romance Collection to be published by Barbour Publishing on May 1, 2017. But it can be pre-ordered at Amazon and other places now.    

My novella, Too Many Secrets, is one of eight novellas in The Secret Admirer Romance Collection, May 1, 2017. 
Too Many Secrets by Molly Noble Bull
Frio-Corners, Texas—1895 
Abigail Willoughby hides her feelings for Luke Conquest, the handsome cowboy who introduced her to her mail-order husband. How could she have guessed that her future husband was a ninety-years-old man?  

Contact information: 
Twitter: Mollyauthor
Pinterest: Molly Noble Bull 
Goodreads: Molly Noble Bull  

GIVEAWAY: We're giving away an ebook copy of When the Cowboy Rides awayMolly’s question to the reader: How important is the first sentence of a novel to you? How about page one?


  1. Thanks for being with us and sharing your wonderful testimony, Molly!! I love for the first sentence and page in a book to WOW me - encouraging my interest in reading further. I'm looking forward to becoming acquainted with your writing, Molly!!

    1. Thanks for writing, Bonnie, and I agree with you completely. I want the first page of a book to WOW me, and try hard to make that happen in all my novels.

  2. Thank you Molly for sharing your inspiring testimony with us.
    ....I am not entering the contest as I have your book, When the Cowboy Rides Away. I enjoyed it very much....

    I want that first sentence and page to, as you say, WOW me, really grab my attention.
    Blessing, Tina

    1. Dear Mrs. Tina,
      I am honored that you like my western, and since you have already read When the Cowboy Rides Away, please go to my page at Amazon and choose another book so you can enter the contest. http://bit.ly/mollynoblebull Then come back here and write in the title of the book you like.
      Also, I am so glad you like WOW me book openings. Me too.

    2. Molly, how thoughtful of you. I have a couple of your other books, one I do not have that sounds interesting is The Winter Pearl.
      Blessings, Tina

  3. I like the first sentence to be interesting but I don't base my perception of the entire novel on it. Even though it might take a few chapters for a story to pick up speed, many end on a high note. I've read some that started out with that 'wow' first page and ended up a dud. :)

  4. Dear Anne, Thanks for writing, and I agree with you. Sometimes it does take a few chapters for some books to pick up speed. How wonderful it is when it finally happens.

  5. MOLLY it's so good to have you on OWG! Your testimony is so inspiring, what a Mighty GOD we serve!

    I can't wait to read one of your books! I love a good Western! I grew up watching them on Saturdays with my dad and when I married, my husband loved them too, so I have a special place in my heart for them as both my dad and hubby are now in Heaven.

    In answer to your question; I love for the first page to grab me but I can be pretty patient if it takes a few chapters to fully settle into the story.

    Thanks again for sharing with us!! :-)

    1. Teresa, great to hear from you, and I am so glad you like westerns. When the Cowboy Rides Away, The Rogue's Daughter, and The Winter Pearl are all westerns. Brides and Blessings has a western setting too but in modern times, and my upcoming novella, Too Many Secrets, is a historical western. I'm also glad you like openings that grab you.

  6. Thanks for sharing with us, Molly. You are a new author to me, so I am looking forward to reading one of your stories. I love a good western, so this certainly should be fun. In answer to your question, I do like the first sentences to grab my attention, but it really takes a few chapters for me to get into the book. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Dear Betti, It is so nice to meet readers like you who enjoy westerns and openings that grab you, and I would be so honored if you visited my website at www.mollynoble.com. While you are there, please click on Molly's Free Downloads and sample some of my books. If you do, you can read my openings. Hope they grab you. However, When the Cowboy Rides Away takes a while to download; so prepare to wait a minute or two.

  7. Hello Molly, Nice to meet you on Overcoming With God. So thankful nothing is impossible with God. I appreciate books that Wow me at the beginning, too, but will not stop reading a book if that doesn't happen till several pages or chapters into the story. I look forward to reading your books in the future. My TBR list grows almost daily. marilynridgway78[at]gmail[dot]com

    1. Dear Marilyn, I am glad to meet you too, and thanks for including your email address. Also, you are correct in saying that nothing is impossible with God. How could I have known as a young child that my dyslexia was a hidden blessing?
      I hope my books will be on your TBR list very soon.

  8. A ninety-year-old groom?!?! I love where your Secret Admirer story is going already. I can't wait to get our author copies so I can dig into all the stories. :)

  9. Thanks for leaving a comment, Becca, and like you, I can hardly wait to read all the novellas in The Secret Admirer Romance Collection, including yours.
    Isn't writing and reading books fun? I laughed when I wrote the scene where the heroine learns that the man she has been writing to and promised to marry is ninety-years-old.

  10. Molly, your novella sounds delightful as your heroine can see what she wants, but not touch. Like Becca, I'm another novella author in this collection and I can't wait to read all the stories. I'm always amazed at the variety in a book like this where we all have a common theme but come at it with such diversity.

    Thanks for the info on dyslexia and your non-fiction book. Good to know when I run into someone who needs it.

    1. Thanks for writing, Anita, and like you, I can hardly wait to read your novella and all the others. I read the first two novellas in The Secret Admirer Romance Collection as a pdf file, and the stories were great. The pdf file wasn't. So I will be reading the other stories in a hardcover book that I can hold in my hand. That way, I will not only enjoy the wonderful stories in the collection but also the process of reading, and thanks again for leaving a comment.

  11. MOLLY, It was so wonderful to finally have you visit with us here on OWG blog! Thanks for sharing your testimony of overcoming dyslexia! God bless!

  12. It was a joy to be here, and thanks again for having me.


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