26 May 2015

The Story 2014 Anthology Available in Print!


The Story 2014 Anthology Available in Print! Includes Carrie Fancett Pagels' Award Winning Story For Historical Fiction,  "The Quilting Contest," and many other wonderful fiction stories by well-known authors such as Carrie Turansky.  Newcomer Amy Green, the publicist from Bethany House, was the overall Grand Prize winner with her compelling story set during WWII!

The Salem Publications book also includes excerpts from one of Karen Kingsbury's books. All fifty stories from the contest are included in the book. So if you enjoy short stories and Christian fiction, don't miss out on this book!

You can read The Quilting Contest FREE online (click here.)


  1. This sounds like a fantastic anthology.

    1. Yes, that collection of short stories is really great! It's hard to find such anthologies, Mary!

  2. Sounds awesome!! I loved your story 'The Quilting Contest', Carrie!! :)


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