12 January 2014

What's New on OWG for 2014!!!


For 2014, we've instituted some new changes and kept some of our old ways, too! We hope we'll be your "cup of tea" in 2014!!!

The American OWG members met in South Carolina and discussed our new modus operandi. In 2014, the main four reviewers, Diana Flowers (our Senior Reviewer), Teresa Mathews (our poetess), Noela Nancarrow (Australian reviewer), and Marian Baay (Netherlands reviewer, international editor, and author) will choose the books they wish to read and review and will invite other OWG reviewers to also review the book. Carrie will be doing very few book reviews because of her writing schedule. Marian, also, will be doing fewer reviews and has begun her own blog.  So, for instance, Diana may choose to read an author's novel and will set up that week, so authors will begin to hear more from our individual reviewers as they take more direction of the blog posts.

Author interviews: In 2014 interview numbers will decrease because the list of authors, whose books will be reviewed, have had interviews within the past year or two. Authors recently featured will be invited to do a post on overcoming, rather than an interview. As per previous guidelines, we expect featured authors to respond back to our commenters.

The Angel's Heart Award:  In 2014 we began our first every OWG blog award for Book of the Year (had to have made 4 of the 5 lists or better) combined with the author graciously responding to our Followers when they comment.  This year's first recipient was Julie Lessman, as previously announced.

Favorites:  We will continue to have our Favorites of the Year, Summer recommended reading lists, and other lists of our favorites dependent upon the time of year.

We've begun an Author List for our 2014 Books to be reviewed. All the OWG reviewers contributed the names of those whose books we plan to read this year.  Some of those names: Tamera Alexander, Julie Klassen, Julie Lessman, Laura Frantz, Kelly Long, Murray Pura, and MaryLu Tyndall. We'll be posting our list here later or we'll be adding a Page to the Blog that lists our 2014 schedule.

Same: We want to ENGAGE with our readers--that means you!!!  So we plan to continue spending time with our Followers and visitings who comment.  We also want this to be a place where authors feel comfortable.  We will continue to give away a book, from OWG, one per week unless otherwise noted, and authors can add to the giveaways each week if they choose to do so.

Different with Giveaways: We are trying to find a way so commenters do not have to leave their email addresses.  If you are a "regular" visitor here, do not leave your email address--we will find you.  Same thing goes if you are FB friends with any of the OWG members--we can contact you that way.  OR you can check the top right column on the blog to check to see if your name was drawn. Also, gifts will in general not be mailed until the end of the month.  If possible, they will go out earlier.

Many blessings and we hope you'll enjoy the year ahead with OWG.

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