01 March 2013

Announcing Serial Historical Romance: "A Vow Fulfilled" for March

A Vow Fulfilled serial story

You can follow this serial story "A Vow Fulfilled" beginning March 11th right here on OWG and in our blog hops on the following authors' blogs:

               Blog                             Serial section author
3/11         Carrie Fancett Pagels OWG      MaryLu Tyndall
3/12         Laurie Alice Eakes        Roseanna White
3/13         MaryLu Tyndall             Debbie Lynne Costello
3/14         Patty Smith Hall    Gina Welborn
3/15         Roseanna  White       Carrie Fancett Pagels
3/18         Gina Welborn                 Patty Smith Hall
3/19         Debbie Lynne Costello Laurie Alice Eakes

I was very pleased to participate in this serial project two years ago. Glad we are now putting the story out there for public consumption.  We all hope you will enjoy the story very much.  It is set in Charleston, South Carolina, my old stomping grounds!

Mark your calendars for some free good reading!!!

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