26 January 2013

God's Image by Teresa Mathews

     Before the world was, I was there
And in my heart you were.
I could see the child that you would be
And the things that would occur.

I made you in my image

So you are precious in my sight.
Your very being I gave to you
When into your body I breathed life.

No matter where you go

I will always be there.
Watching out for you
Keeping you in my care.

No one will ever harm you

I will keep you near.
My angels will watch over you
To make your pathway clear.

You are my dear beloved

I will hold you in my hand.
Until that day in Heaven
Before me you will stand.

Teresa S Mathews 01/20/2013


  1. Another beautiful poem, Teresa! You are truly blessed with a poetic soul. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you CHAPLAIN DEBBIE I am so glad to be able to share what God shares with me. :)

  2. Gorgeous poem, Teresa! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. CARRIE thank you for providing a place for me to share! :)

  4. TERESA, your poem really touched me this morning! As I've shared personally, there's a few things on my mind today... and then I read your poem and now I'm tearing up but in a good way. I know God is reminding me that He is in control and He is always there for me, just as He's always been.
    Thank you for being His instrument, and CARRIE for making it possible! Love you guys!!

  5. NOELA I am so glad you enjoyed the poem. I love it when we get those sweet little reminders from the Lord that lets us know how much He loves us. :)

  6. TERESA, what a beautiful poem! Sorry I'm just getting over here but had to go to to the grocery store, cook dinner for tomorrow in crockpot, and still have gson. He just fell asleep! Now my turn...ZZZZZzzzzzz

  7. Very touching Teresa. Keep them coming. GOD bless you. Maxie Anderson

  8. Okay, this made me cry, Teresa ... I know, I know, admittedly not a difficult thing to do, but then not everybody can do it to me, but you always do. Like Marian said, absolutely beautiful, this gift of yours and how God uses it!

    Love you!

  9. Teresa, it's obvious from your beautiful poems that you definitely have a precious connection to God's throne :) This one brought tears to my eyes and reminded me that I'm always safe with Him, really needed that reminder today. I'm so grateful for you and your lovely poems, hugs and blessings!


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